uploading an old comic


I’m visiting my sister over the weekend which means that I won’t be able to upload a new comic. But fear not, I found this old drawings for a coloring book (which sadly never came true) I made some months ago.

Grab your favorite crayons and hide them away because they are definitive too good for this and pull out that ugly little stub of a pencil and complete the floor puzzle or try to solve the astrarium and HAVE FUN! If you are very good, try to spell BUTTS with the astrarium, Sera would be so proud of you.

Happy Clone Appreciation Day! Here’s some older Rex and Cody to cry over celebrate!

I love thinking about the different ways clones would age. Like, since Cody’s face is probably pulled into a permanent grimace under the stormtrooper bucket. Rex has more crow’s feet from squinting around a sunny desert for so long.


sam & cait acting like adorable 5-year-olds while accepting their best. ever. tv. awards

anonymous asked:

Why are you uploading the old pages of comic to your tumblr? If you change something in them sorry i cannot see it :p

The same reason as other people publish their content on other platforms. To allow others to see and read the story. xD 


(do not repost) uploading this super old comic based on my all-time favorite commercial ever in case you guys need something to cheer you up! also still digging the idea that iwa-chan and ushi becomes good buddies…..


I’m sorry I was super sick till Wednesday and had to go camping with my family in the weekend, so couldn’t upload as many pages…. But here they are! The other main character of this story….. Happstablook! Boy that name is long.. Unfortunately no bloopers this week. Stay tuned for Happstablook’s great battle(?)

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