uploading again because i accidentally deleted it


I have to upload this again because I accidentally deleted it 😭😂 That’s Day 7 of Studying and i so love how the color of this notes please my eyes like… 👀 I COULD STARE AT YOUR FOREVER!! jk, anyways, I’m saying hi to all the studyblrs, hope you could give me a ‘hiya back’ 🐱

okay, so, I made a terrible mistake

There’s this request of Rohan trying to draw while he’s being fucked or having a vibrator inside AND I FINISHED IT BUT I DELETED THE ASK because accidentally queued it BUT I DON’T KNOW HOW DOES THAT WORK AND I PANICKED AND DELETED IT AND UGHGHHGHHHHH

 so if that b l e s s e d anon who sent me that is reading this, I’d love it if they could send it again. If not I’m still posting later it (?) but I’d still like to upload it as an answer.

anonymous asked:

I just receive a notification, that kikoxjackie have upload LLS EP17. But i can't find it here.. did u deleted it😢

Yeah because I accidentally posted episode 16 again haha. I’m getting old sorry. Just reposted it now though :)