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BBC Radio 1 has uploaded the cover of David Bowie’s ‘Fame’ that The Killers performed earlier today in the Live Lounge.

You can also view The Killers’ Live Lounge performances of ‘The Man’ and ‘Mr. Brightside’.

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I do not have a simblr so I can't ask o your other blog. But I have a question. Your two toned eyes don't work? Is there something you have to do with them?

Make sure that the package is in your mods folder. Then when you go into CAS you will want to start off picking your sims main eye color. 

The main eye color will be the color on the left side (your right) of the eye. You will need to use a default or non default eye color for this one. While the two toned eyes work with any kind of eye, they match with my eyes.

Then go into facepaint under makeup and that is where the two toned eyes are. You can find them by the thumbnail of an eye with color on the (your) left side and gray on the right. The thumbnails on my computer are acting up so you may need to double check what’s in your catalog. Choose the color you want on the (your) left side of the eye and it should look like this. If you’re still having problems, please let me know!

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about I uploaded a new form of two toned eyes earlier today. 


mangus & alec - befour

wayhaught kiss

unpopular opinion: i don’t think this kiss-

will happen tonight. just because nicole is in hospital scrubs doesn’t mean that this happens tonight.

in this spoiler tv article posted earlier this week was heartbreaking and extremely informational, but this section was very important for this explanation.

if most of the episode is spent in the hospital, then it’s obvious that mercedes is not the only one in the hospital.

if nicole is in the hospital (she is) and has that dream from the sdcc sizzle reel-

that would make us assume that she is probably in a coma/very bad unconscious state, which would make it very hard for those two to somehow be in the barn making out in the same episode that nicole is in the hospital. also, i don’t think “scrambling in desperation” includes making out in the barn.

but the biggest piece of proof that works for this theory is the “inside: wynonna earp” that was uploaded earlier today. when describing the last few episodes of this episode, emily said “It’s kind of the breath before the rocket ship of 10, 11, 12. And it is a rocket ship. Mark my words.”

this quote makes me assume that similar to the season 1 “two-part” finale, the time in between each of this episode will not be a lot. which means that nicole could get out of the hospital next episode and it would still seem correct that she is still in the scrubs.

also, does anyone actually think that waverly would leave nicole’s bedside when she is in the hospital. this scene-

would have to happen for the barn kiss to happen.

enjoy tonight’s episode. i’ll be sobbing and just tweeting kermit memes the entire time.

I’m Okay

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Request: Can you write a Barry imagine where you work for a really corporate business place and you have to go to a business party for your boss and Barry is your best friend and just got out of the coma and surprises you at the party and everyone thinks he’s your boyfriend? And lots off fluff and maybe some spice?? Thank you so much!

Notes: So, my first fic after my trip! I was going to upload this last night/earlier today but unfortunately I got sick so I’ve just been in bed reading fics instead. Anyways, I did have Y/N and Barry end up together, but still as best friends, you know how it gets. Anyways, I hope you like it!

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This is the Instagram Story The Killers uploaded earlier today to celebrate ‘Wonderful Wonderful’’s release day, Friday September 22, 2017.

You can follow The Killers on Instagram here.

I believe that Giorgio Testi compiled the story.

Mweh heh hehing at the speed of sound.
Mweh heh hehing at the speed of sound.

Confirmed that Sans can’t handle his sugar levels.
And it’s weaknesses like this, that are perfect for pranking Papyrus.

I found this stashed in my audio files earlier today, so might as well upload it.

Sans, Papyrus, and Undertale belong to Toby Fox. - (@)
Underswap AU belongs to @underswapped
Underfell AU belongs to @underfellgame
Comic done by @min-play

I own nothing except the use of my voice!

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Apparently the photo of leaving Phil was from earlier today?? Before the video was uploaded...

when flights from orlando to the bahamas can be less than two hours 😰🤧


Re-uploaded from earlier today.

Yuzuru popped in during ladies’ practice while Elizabet was on ice. Still not sure why Dailymotion rejected the first upload, the music didn’t seem to be something that would get flagged.