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Disappearance of Maura Murray

“At a hairpin turn, she went off the road. Her car hit a tree. At that point, a person came along who was driving a bus. It was a neighbor. He asked her if she needed help. She refused. About 10 minutes later, police showed up to the scene and Maura Murray was gone.”

Maura Murray disappeared in 2004 after she crashed her car. She has never been seen or heard from since but this creepy video was uploaded by someone who is believed to be her killer/kidnapper.

At first, this just appears to be a video of a creepy old man laughing hysterically, but his username eerily mirrors a few things about this case. It was originally uploaded by a user called “112dirtbag.” and is titled “Happy Anniversary,”- it was posted on the anniversary of Murray’s disappearance. Furthermore, Maura’s father had just been on the news, telling everyone that his daughter was abducted by some “dirtbag” on Route 112 in New Hampshire. Coincidence?

Found online. Uploaded by the Autocratic Doc user that always puts “(©¿©)“ symbol in his videos. This was originally titled “Audition for casting of male physical exam training module Part 3 of 5.″

According to the description, he paid 5 different HS senior friends to audition for a fake training video depicting a physical exam that medical schools typically use. He used it as an opportunity to feel them up. They didn’t know what to expect, so they get a bit surprised as he does stuff like removes their clo.thing and even gets some of them very stimulated. He was paranoid with uploading though and cut out parts, like him fitting up to two  fingers inside them.

would it really kill you (if we kissed) - greenconverses - Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rick Riordan [Archive of Our Own]
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Within minutes of Annabeth leaving the arena that night, a video titled, “EPIC FIGHT: Son of Neptune vs. Daughter of Athena,” is uploaded to YouTube by user KingoftheBrocean4.

KingoftheBrocean4’s entire YouTube channel is dedicated to clips of the son of Neptune in combat or on the training field. It’s quite the collection — most of the recent footage he’s recorded himself — and he’s built up a modest following among the Neptune fanbase and combat enthusiasts for quality vids.

It takes less than an hour for Annabeth and Percy’s fight to become the most viewed on his page.

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