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Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal Rank 55: Yuma Jets!! (final chapter)

[ 35 pages and as said this is the final chapter so major spoilers! ]

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If you have a child, you’re disabled, old, frail, ill, work for the NHS, rely on the NHS, are under the age of 25, live in poor areas or the north, consider yourself apart of the LGBT movement then DO NOT VOTE THE TORIES!

Please, please especially think about friends, loved ones or people you might know who are disabled or ill, people who rely on the NHS, disability help, and disability benefits to survive. I am one of these people, and I’ve had everything taken off me with no consideration to how it can, and has affected my daily living and quality of life. I am struggling to afford prescriptions, treatment, medications, specialist equipment, and to simply just live. I have been taken off waiting lists for specialist treatment that was hopefully going to help with one of my conditions and make living with it a lot easier and less painful. I am in pain every single day, 24/7 both physically and mentally because a none specialist, unqualified “nurse” who has no knowledge or care about any of my illnesses made the decision under a Torie government that I am no longer entitled to anymore help.

Before this happened I was still in a lot of pain most days (as I will be for the rest of my life due to the nature of my conditions) but most of my illnesses was under control and manageable. And most importantly to me and the people who care about me I was at my level of “healthy and happy”. I had just been accepted for University, I rarely needed my wheelchair, I could go out with friends more often, I was looking forward to upcoming events, I could drive, I wasn’t having to be hospitalised as often or fearing going outside incase I caught something and it blowing my immune system. I had my dizziness and passing out under control, it had gone down from happening up to 10 times a day to maybe a couple times a week. And then in that split second when I read those “we have decided you are no longer entitled to..” I had all of those things taken from me and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it. The impact it’s had on my life has been devastating, it’s truly one of the worst things I have ever experienced. And it hasn’t just affected my life, it has affected my family, friends, my doctors, people who have supported me and worked so hard to get me to a good healthy stable place. My health is at rock bottom because of this Torie government we are under, its down to them I have considered suicide rather than live in anymore pain. With my health it’s unfortunately very much a dominos effect. Without going into too much detail here my immune system can’t fight and protect at the same time. I can get a cold, then a chest infection and end up with a collapsed lung, pneumonia and then that is when it can and has become life threatening. Simply just not being able to afford and have access to the help, medication and treatment I need it becomes a vicious circle with my mental and physical health. I have literally tried to end my life because of this decision. Because its a horrible extremely painful battle every day, and this is all because the Torie government couldn’t give two fucks about the disabled, ill, NHS, or YOU.

I am fighting every day for my life and it’s not just me, there are hundreds of people suffering the same way I am because they’ve had their PIP, treatment, help, etc cut or completely taken off them. I am lucky, I have a good support network around me that are fighting my corner and doing their best to support me. But not everyone has this, and it truly breaks my heart to know people are resorting to suicide or self harm because they can’t cope with the pain of every day life when they receive these reckless decisions.

I don’t usually share much of my personal life regarding my illnesses for many reasons. I’ve received a lot of negative comments in the past about it but I couldn’t just sit back and not doing anything any longer. If this only changes one persons views, vote or gets them to actually go out and vote then it will be worth it.

It’s time to fight for this country, OUR country and to fight for your families future, your friends, the disabled old man down the street, the children of this generation and most importantly YOUR future!

I could honestly go on forever about all the reasons why the Conservative party is just an absolute disgrace and all I’ve had to go through these past few months. If anyone wants to message me or have a friendly discussion regarding anything I’ve mentioned please feel free to do so. Also happy to talk, help, or support anyone else who’s going through anything similar.

If you’re wondering what illnesses I have they are: M.E, Fibromyalgia, Severe Chronic Costosternal Syndrome/Costochondritis, PoTs, Asthma, and Lupus. I also suffer with Anxiety and Panic Attacks, BPD, and Severe Depression.

Thank you for reading and listening ☺️
& please share!