uploaded art


Some of you may or may know the guy

Silently uploading them pics for ya when you dont even have the bother to do anything, and actually put effort into doing so, there aint a bad thing you can say about that because uploading to e621 sometimes…can be a very dirty job in my opinion

Like fucking hell i dont even want to talk about it, the things he has to go through each day, man i dont know shit but i can only imagine.

This is well, YOU GUESS IT! His zoosona, yes. And yeah, there is a reason why it’s hard at first to identify the gen- yknow what, doesnt matter.

I appreciatecha jakkie,

Also, i’m going to be cameo-ing all sorts of zoosonas into my upcoming projects! I’ll be doing a lot more of this

I gotta get my shit straight first though, i’m in a bit of a tight spot right now. Heck.

Thats an…idea.

ask-peggy-schuyler-the-pooh  asked:

hEY HEY HEY HEY Can you draw Peggy burning letters if you have the time? Thank you!❤

I don’t know how to draw burning parchment but boy oh boy do I love drawing fire