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the solution is, i see a whole room of these mutant kids,
fused at the wrist, i simply tell them they should shoot at this,
simply suggest my chest and this confused music,
it’s obviously best for them to turn their guns to a fist.

- guns for hands // twenty one pilots


people wanted some more of that chat!nath au sooo heres a sorta continuation to my other comic 

*do not repost


google search: help my ocs are hot (some warm up sketches of a few of my girlies from the past day or so)


Steven Universe/Natsuyuu crossover that nobody asked for. Natsume is the half gem kid of Reiko and someone?? (i dunno how to work his parents into this), the youkai are gems, who are trying to find Reiko after she fucked off to earth. Natsume still lives w/ the fujiwaras tho cause lbr the natsuyuu youkai are not suitable care-givers. Nyanko lives w/ them and the youkai visit sometimes.

Tanuma is p much connie, and Taki and her grandpa run Keep Beach City Weird. Natori and his shiki are the cool kids, and Matoba is either a diamond or Lars, I haven’t decided yet.


♥♥ More amour for your souls ♥♥

The akai ito pic every respectable ship needs. It was must. Also a good hands practice because everybody knows how hard these are.

blargh, what with all that kissing

anyways here we see a dog, a dead bird, a cat troll, a dead dream girl, a boy mashed together with about three magical sprite things kissing. in space.