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texts from last night: the freshman

ok so i used to do recaps of the freshman in a group text with my friends who had no idea what choices was (lol they still don’t) and i figured i would share some of the highlights for y’all since don’t lie we are all TRASH for this book

note: my entire sense of humor is savagely ripping into things i love so don’t get offended b/c like the freshman characters are my children; also this is entirely just screenshots that i cropped so there is virtually no narrative flow, but such is the price we pay for art

first up: gazeb-hoes, or “later days to the dance i’m gonna go do it in my twin bed (with zig)”

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 bin  bole  baatein
 tum se karoon.


This is really interesting actually, ‘cause when we announced you were gonna be on the show all your fans got in touch and tweeted and everything, and a lot of them have been saying this, ‘Don’t ask Louis about his personal life, just ask him about his music and what he plans to do,’ but I know that they’re so protective of you and the other 1D guys.

It’s been months but I’m still not over this.

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a blessed fancam.

since so many ppl are asking hjhkjlklffrgh

the chance of anyone seeing me at cons is 0.001%
becauseeeee –

- im too busy dying at work to attend
- im too busy dying at work to make merch
- idk where/how to get merch made ((too busy dying at work to do research))
- i don’t know anything about conventions ((too busy dying at work to find out))
- can’t afford / no budget for these stuff ((too busy dying at work to live))
- no friends (here in NY; but i have like… 2.. back home… that talk to me regularly…haha…)
- shy
- tired 24/7
- im jaehee