uplifting poems

There are so many types of love.

There’s romantic love, that feeling you get when he reaches out his hand in the car for you to hold or his kiss on your forehead making the world seem so much less chaotic.

There’s platonic love, when you and a friend laugh until you can’t breathe over the stupidest YouTube video or a coworker stops to smile across the room at you. When you look down at your phone to see a “did you get home safely?” text from a friend.

There’s family love, when your mom hugs you when you’re falling apart and you didn’t even have to tell her you were falling apart, or when your dad comes home from a hard day and still asks about yours. When your grandma takes you out to eat, or when your sister saves you the last cookie.

There’s the wanderlust type of love, rolling down your windows to the sound of the ocean or that brand new fascination for an unknown place. The love for the sound of rain on your window pane.

There’s even animal love, when your dog is ecstatic to see you because you haven’t been home all day or when your cat protectively takes a nap on your chest.

There’s self love, taking yourself out for a pedicure, dancing stupidly because you want to or even just making the choice to get out of bed in the morning.

You shouldn’t be sad if one type of love has failed for you right now. You will go in and out of these different loves your entire life. You have an entire lifetime to be a part of the beauty of love, in all its different forms.

—  love is not just romantic
“keep that watch on, even if it doesn’t glow in the dark”

keep that watch on, even if it doesn’t glow in the dark – your eyes will focus soon, and the glow will drop and everything will become clear – you have to believe it or else it won’t happen; you have to have hope or else you’re stuck there between a boulder and a difficult place, praying with broken words to a sky that may or may not be listening.

i don’t know what else to say at this point. as you can see i have my hands tied behind my back and against my will and i’m on the edge of this cliff and this cliff, it’s tall and below is rocks and ocean spray – i don’t know what else i can do at this point, except maybe to remind you to have hope. hope is the most elusive and the most powerful thing we humans can muster. don’t give up on hope.

I found a flower today
Decaying as it lay still
In the soil

Tomorrow, I looked again
Desperate to find it
For I feared I had hallucinated

Poking and Prodding
Searching and Seeing
I finally found where the flower had once been

And now, there was only a seed
because in the death of that flower,
Came a new life

Identical in composition,
But with growth that is full of possibility

—  The Seed of Hope S.G.W
You wanted someone loud in the bedroom but barely audible in arguments.
You wanted someone with
curves to fill out those jeans and a mountain full of chest
but doesn’t take up too much
space when sleeping.
You wanted a trophy, someone to parade around.
I am the complete opposite.
I shrink in the bedroom and my voice is as loud as a mother wailing as she buries her child, in an argument.
I do not fill out my jeans
its just enough for me.
I am enough for me and
I cannot change for you.
I am my own trophy.
—  (128/365) by (KJ)
I Prayed

Last night i had a dream
I asked myself what did it mean
No one answered
As i sat around and tried to figure it out
Trapped in the thoughts of myself
Mentally questioning my brain

I Prayed

I asked, Help Me
For I can’t do this alone
Leave it to me things would go undone
I went to sleep later
Only to have the dream once more
What does this mean
I asked again
No one answered

I Prayed

A voice said to me…
I’ve heard you this whole time
Why did you question me?
Look within
Dreaming again
I looked and seen myself
Asking myself questions i shouldn’t ask myself

I Prayed.


Prayer works. Don’t question the voices, circumstances, or trials in life. Go to the man above and ask him to guide you in the right direction.

someday you will know
your worth
and ask for it;
instead of allowing 
to be tarnished
and accepting less
than what you deserve
you will demand
they meet your value,
your priceless worth—
and that is when
you will finally become
the unstoppable force 
you have always
—  because girl, you are a force of nature // h.j. 
No matter what happens in this world, no matter how many people hurt you or how many times you’ve hurt yourself, no matter how alone and desperate you feel please always trust the stars. Trust the dirt beneath your fingertips, trust the grass beneath your feet. Trust the sunrise and the wind in the trees and the Earth around you. You are here, you are alive, you are free. Trust your laughter and happiness, trust the love you feel in your heart and the smile on your face. Trust the beauty you see in the mirror. Trust the air in your lungs and the heartbeat in your veins. Trust the light behind your eyes. Trust yourself, and you’ll be fine.

mcrswsptv-trash  asked:

Honestly I love the whole Supernatural cast sm. Lo,e, I will go on rants about how fucking adorable Cass is bc HE'S SO FUCKING ADORABLE CJH EDJICNEIJCRHIC. And all my frens are like "Sara shut up about Castiel" and I'm like "NO, NEVER" and I doodled Cass in class some day cuz I was bored af

I KNOW RIGHT??? Cas is a great character, but I also love Misha Collins as a person? He did so many good things in his life, raised so much money for a good cause and seems like a great husband and father. He also makes my day by quoting uplifting poems on snapchat, but most importantly: he clearly states his political views

How could you not love this man????

I want to feel alive again.
Let’s go to the store just to get kicked out. Let’s go to a resturaunt and only order drinks just so we can give a big tip. Let’s get starbucks and tell them to write imaginary names on the cups and then call eachother those things for the rest of the day. Let’s go to a shoe store and try on shoes that are too big for us to remind ourselves that we have so much more growing up to do and this is just the beginning. No one really likes the first chapter anyway.
Let’s tell people how we feel. Let’s not lie for an entire day, we all have secrets. Let’s learn about ourselves by running away but halfway gone let’s turn around and go home and say thank you to our parents and our pets for all the good and the bad things. Let’s call all our friends, old and new, and tell them we remember them because they are unique and how could we forget. Even if it’s been years or only a day since we’ve seen them.
Let’s kiss our own hands and thank ourselves for always being there because when no one is around we have had the strength to pick ourselves up and get out of bed. We are there to cry over our losses and care about ourselves.
Let’s remember that life is unpredictable but that isn’t always a bad thing. I never planned to meet you. You never planned to meet me. Now remember how to feel alive along with me.
A little bit of Sky

I am a kite
flying in your skies
your crisp winds
and rich blue tones
your misty embraces
and soothing moons
I am trying to find, my way
cloud by cloud
I am climbing
your rain,
and thunder

when I am struck and fallen,
caught in the branches of a tree,
fading colors and torn paper
don’t dispair
don’t shed a tear
I will always have
a little bit of
left in me,
I will always have
how to be free.

© SoulReserve 2016