Space is empty, yet is completely beautiful and full at the same time. There is so much to space, how it is utilized, and the light that inhabits it. Space is something, yet is nothing at the same time. It’s beautiful, haunting, and overtaking at the same time.

[QUICK PREVIEW] Of my next project “All About You” (You Don’t Have To Do This On Your Own). It’s a very beautiful song by Birdy, you can listen to it here (but I’m making a 2 minutes 46 seconds version of it): The final piece will have other characters in it too.

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Hey, YOU!

I’ve got two reminders for you…
1. You ARE enough, and don’t let anyone let you think otherwise. You’re beautiful on the inside and the outside, simply because you are you.
2. Everything IS going to be okay… and everyday that feels like it’s not, you’re getting stronger. Keep going.


Nighttime is beautiful. The sun goes dow, everything becomes black but the lights of cars and the signs. Young people crawl out of the woodworks to party, listen to music, or roam the town. When nighttime arrives, the creatures crawl out and begin to make mother nature’s white noise and the beauty all together makes for a lovely time to be awake.


Cats and humans have been making friends with each other for a very long time. There’s nothing new about that. But the Department of Unexpected Interspecies Friendship recognizes that, even an age-old situation, exceptional bonds occur. Such is the case with a Japanese cat names Ryunosuke and his best friend, a kind older gentleman who reminds us of the man in Tokyo who takes walks with his pet tortoise.

However Ryunosuke and his human don’t go for walks. They go out for leisurely motorcycle rides. Ryunosuke likes to perch on his friend’s shoulders and watch the road ahead. He has a comfy basket on the backseat of the bike too.

But that’s not all they do together. This contented pair also like to visit the beach and sometimes the park, where Ryunosuke displays a surprising fondness for riding the swings:

After their outings Ryunosuke gives terrific hamstring massages:

Oh, and he also has great taste in ruffled collars:

But don’t just take our word for it. Watch the heartwarming video to learn more about the special bond between Ryunosuke and his human.

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I am Canadian.


Sit down, meet someone new, and talk for hours. Talk about people. Talk about life. Talk about school. Talk about careers. Talk about family and friends. Talk about strangers. Talk about experiences and talk about social interactions. The more we connect with others, the more we learn and begin to understand individuals.


It’s a sunny day in Brussels and Ammar Dafri, aka Power Beat Box, is performing in a plaza, simultaneously beatboxing and playing a harmonica, when Mme Christel walks past with her dog. She hears the music and begins to dance in the most joyous and uninhibited fashion. Traffic stops. A crowd quickly gathers around them and cheers her on. And now, thanks to the two of them (three if you count Christel’s patient little dog), we’ll all be smiling for the rest of the day.

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