I'm so tired - A Black Girls Ode

I’m tired of the stereotypes
Black girls are
“Too dark”
“Not desirable”

I’m tired of the hair hate
“Wannabe white”

I’m tired of the skin hate
Like we’re on opposing teams…

I’m tired of the hate for liking out of race
“Black guys”(Who sometimes don’t even want us)
“White guys”
“Asian guys”
“Hispanic guys”
And forever wondering if said guy will even like us back

I’m tired of being told I can’t be
“ A geek”
“A nerdy”
“A gamer”
“Good at school”
“A princess”
“Or a Queen”

Or can’t have
“A stable family”
“Good grades”
“Drama free love life”
“Normalcy of any sort”

Or I can’t like
“Comic books”
“Video games”
“Indie music”
“Pop music”
“Rock music”
Anything other than Rap/R&B

I’m tired of the names and things said
“White girl in a black girls body”
“I don’t date black girls”
“You’re pretty for a black girl”
“You talk/act white”
“You’re not like the rest”
“I like chocolate”
“You’re my Nubian princess” (Like we are food or a prize to be won)

I’m so tired
…. Of constantly trying to prove myself
….. Always explaining myself
….. Trying to keep my voice down
….. Being too dark
…… Or too light
…… Steering away from stereotypes
….. Being treated like less than
….. “No I don’t have kids” “Nit currently or planning to be pregnant”
….. “No you cannot touch my hair”
….. Yes I live with both my mom and dad
…… “Nubian princess”
….. Keeping my hands to myself in a store so I don’t get accused of stealing
…… Social media and News representation
…… Being a fetish
…… Being wary of cops when I’ve done nothing wrong
…… Knuckling under
…… Black on black hate

I’m so tired of fighting

My skin color and hair does not, has not, and will not ever represent me.
I am in touch with my black and Haitian roots but none of it defines me unless I say it does.
No matter I do or say people will still see me that way. I’m so tired of people not even seeing who I am but what they perceive me to be solely based on my skin.

I’m so very tired, BUT, too many people (men, women, and people of every race) have fought too long, prayed too hard, and died too often for us to GIVE UP because we’re TIRED! No, this is when we push even harder, because if we’re tired so are they, but now we have one foot in the door ^3^


There is nothing in the world quite like work. Some hate it, others genuinely adore it. Some pursue farther and push the status quo farther, others drag their feet. Work, in reality, is what we make of it. We can go with the flow, or we can change the world.

You wanted someone loud in the bedroom but barely audible in arguments.
You wanted someone with
curves to fill out those jeans and a mountain full of chest
but doesn’t take up too much
space when sleeping.
You wanted a trophy, someone to parade around.
I am the complete opposite.
I shrink in the bedroom and my voice is as loud as a mother wailing as she buries her child, in an argument.
I do not fill out my jeans
its just enough for me.
I am enough for me and
I cannot change for you.
I am my own trophy.
—  (128/365) by (KJ)

I haven’t smiled this big in a while.

Hey, YOU!

I’ve got two reminders for you…
1. You ARE enough, and don’t let anyone let you think otherwise. You’re beautiful on the inside and the outside, simply because you are you.
2. Everything IS going to be okay… and everyday that feels like it’s not, you’re getting stronger. Keep going.

Signs As Uplifting Phrases
  • Aries:You can do it!
  • Taurus:It'll be alright!
  • Gemini:Don't worry too much!
  • Cancer:Please feel better soon!
  • Leo:If you need anything, you can always ask me!
  • Virgo:You are beautiful!
  • Libra:You did the right thing.
  • Scorpio:If anyone hurts you, allow me to unleash hell on them!!
  • Sagittarius:Now might not be your best time, but there are more good days to come!
  • Capricorn:I'm sure you'll succeed!
  • Aquarius:There are people who need you.
  • Pisces:I love you.

The Department of Awesome Parenting is currently enjoying this awesome short video created by Vimeo contributor Chris, who filmed his young son running through a park and the later used VFX to depict what he thought his son might’ve been imagining as he ran along, giggling and speaking little-kid-speak, and wielding a mighty stick.

Suddenly a sunny day in the park becomes a real-life round of Super Mario Bros., that stick become a magic wand, and we can’t stop smiling.

[via Twisted Sifter and Sploid]