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Favorite Red Hot Chili Pepper Album Stereotypes -

Debut - “I knew about the Chili Peppers before you were born! Stop talking about sox on cox - you don’t know anything!”

Freaky Styley - “George Clinton is awesome! Punk/Funk forever! Long live Hillel!” 

Uplift Mofo Party Plan - “Let’s snort some lines and dance!”

Mother’s Milk - “Their last great album before selling out. Flea is God!”

Blood Sugar Sex Magik - *sings Under the Bridge*  “Soooo many memories! Chili Peppers at their prime!”

One Hot Minute - “Why am I so misunderstood?! Nobody loves me! Did you know Tearjerker is written about Kurt Cobain?”

Californication - “I’m carrying around teen angst and I can listen to Scar Tissue and Otherside on a loop for an hour.”

By the Way - “John Frusciante is life. Dude, where’d all my weed go?”

Stadium Arcadium - “They are so amazing! I just love everything about them! Oh my Gosh! So awesome! Genius!”

I’m With You - Haha, the drummer looks like Will Ferrell and the singer looks like Hitler.  

I’ve got to sing a little something
That I haven’t rehearsed.
It’s about my man
And his name is Hillel.
For who my love
Is woul brother sacred.
Take it, hickleberry.
Slim boy, take it.
—  Red Hot Chili Peppers about Hillel Slovak in Me & My Friends, 1987.

violent-plants  asked:

rhcp ^^

Aw thank u darling♥♥

How long have I listened to them? Well first i’ve heard them in 2004 i think, but i got obsessed with them only this year, in june if to be more specific

Favourite song:Naked in the rain♥

Least Favourite song: Mellowship…

Favourite Album: Mother’s Milk (And uplift mofo party plan)

First song I’ve heard from them: Californication back in 2004. I loathed it

Have I ever Seen them in Concert? No but maybe i will soon….

Any merch I posess: nah, and dont want to tbh

Favourite recorded concert, If available: Hmmm.. i think pinkpop festival in 1990

Favourite Single/Music Video: Single… Give it away i guess, same for music video

Favourite Member, current: Josh

Favourite Former member(if available) Hillel and Dave Navarro, oh and John,too, yes how could i forget… couldn’t choose only 1 sorry :D

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: i don't know why people still complain about one hot minute (1995) - they were doing their best with what they had. the fact that people hate it makes me think that it's only because of the lack of frusciante's melancholy guitar and his, of course incredible, technique. i think that dave navarro (48, from santa monica) had a lot to offer to the band (the red hot chili peppers). the way they speak makes me wonder, if they complain about frusciante, who was in a drug induced daze at the moment, fighting with his inner demons, what do they think about freaky styley, the uplift mofo party plan or their debut album, red hot chili peppers? don't they forget about the quantity of guitarists they had? why do they only care about john frusciante? they only care about frusciante. and they only care about saying mean things about navarro. why do they treat him so badly? because his vibe was different, because he dressed in a much controversial way? is it because he was and still is defying masculinity? because he dressed all in black? what is their problem? will i ever be happy?

Nicki Minaj on ellen show 

random british accent lool

at 4.50

ellen makes me crack up !