Move Over, SoulCycle: This Spin Studio Motivates Its Students By Hooking Up Each Bike To A Sick Child’s Life Support

If you’re always making excuses to skip the gym, you’ve got to check this out.

Let’s be honest: We all can use a little extra push to get the most out of our workouts. Now, there’s one spin studio that has a brand-new approach to take motivation to the next level. At SpinZone NYC, they’ve got a great new twist to keep riders active and focused the whole 45 minutes: Every one of their bikes is hooked up to a sick child’s life support.

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Caffè Mocha — Our Chemical Hearts by Krystal Sutherland 

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Our Chemical Hearts is thought-provoking yet hilarious book. Who doesn’t love a book that makes you think while laughing out loud?

Chai Tea Latte — Every Exquisite Thing by Matthew Quick

I order Chai Tea Latte every single time I go out. I feel like it’s such an underrated order. Every Exquisite Thing is underrated but absolutely fantastic. I devoured this book in one sitting. I’d hand it out to anybody.

Iced Caramel Macchiato — The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

The Name of the Wind is one hell of a ride. I feel like the iced caramel macchiato is a staple for a lot of people. This book is definitely a staple fantasy read.

Refreshers — Holding Up the Universe by Jennifer Niven

It’s a refreshing read. It covers a heavy topic but shares it in an uplifting way. It wraps up wonderfully making your heart feel all warm. It’s one of the best.

Pumpkin Spice Latte — Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell 

You’ll understand once you read it. Trust me.

Dark Roast — The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

The Kite Runner is a book that’s hard to swallow so it made me think of black coffee. (This is coming from someone who orders tea at Starbucks.) It’s definitely a raw and difficult read but it’s worth it in the end.

Coffee Frappuccino — The Miseducation of Cameron Post by Emily M. Danforth 

Frappuccinos have many flavors and are preferred by everyone. This book has absolutely everything needed to make a perfect novel. Every ingredient is spread throughout it nicely and it has one of those endings - the kind of endings that leave you wishing you had more. It’s such a wonderful and important coming of age novel.

Cappuccino — Leave Me by Gayle Forman 

Leave Me is Gayle Forman’s new adult debut that shares a deep message within awe-inspiring aspects, making the story feel absolutely real.

Iced — Wonder by R.J. Palacio 

Iced Coffee is incredibly basic but also at high demand. Wonder is something everyone and anybody should read. It’s a book that’s always stuck with me. The message is shares is remarkable and a rule that everyone should follow. It’s about being kind.

Starbucks Doubleshot on Ice — Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Red Queen had me rolling after I read it. I needed that sequel terribly! It’s fast-paced and full of magic and action. It has elements of several different books that we know and love - making it absolutely to die for. 

“Young girls need to see women who are strong and vulnerable and complex onscreen. Ginny is a complex female character, which I think is really important; you’re getting a human being. She’s not a superhero. She’s a regular person who has extraordinary focus, determination, and courage, and she’s overcoming adversity. I think it’s really important for young girls to see that. We benefit from seeing strong women on screen. We have to uplift and empower each other, and that’s what this show does.”

“When dealing with a difficult person, all that matters from a spiritual standpoint is how you react and treat the person. It’s not about getting the other person to change or agree with you. Your spiritual growth is all about the way that YOU deal with the relationship, the person, and the situation. Even if the situation would justify you acting harshly, resist this temptation. Ask for heaven to purify and uplift your thoughts and feelings so that everything you do and say is aligned with Divine Love. This is the path and purpose of the lightworker. This is why you are here.” — Doreen Virtue

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Date a terf who will laugh at rape and death threats from genderists bc in real life your local lesbian group is full of badass older women who would *never* put up with femininity fetishists talking over them and sexually harassing young girls. Date a terf who's proud how the real lesbian community is there for each other and suffers no man no matter what his pronouns.

❤❤❤ this is beautiful and uplifting!!!! amen sister 😊 💕

-Hey! Probably not, but a friend wrote me a future/happy ending story for them in that verse that I love very much and fully endorse in terms of where they go from here, so stay tuned for that, and in general I meant the ending to be uplifting/hopeful! They’ll have some ~rocky times for sure with their long distance arrangement, but I saw them going to college together or at least in very close proximity to each other after graduation, and staying together <3

-Yes, but only around midpoint in Chapter 2 of that part did it all really start to come together for me. When I started Chapter 1 I was just playing around to see if I even felt comfortable writing these characters, and I was hooked in a big way about 3k into that draft. By the time I posted the 1st Chapter I was highkey obsessed and planning to maybe do a hurt/comfort thing where Ren rescues Hux from traitors who hurt him, and at some point between that and the posting of Chapter 2 I thought ‘what if… this hurt/comfort thing takes place within the same overall story… that’s what comes next here’ and then A MONSTER EPIC PLAN WAS BORN. Thank you for asking! 

-Yes. Hux would have to be drunk tho. Or realllyyyy desperate to raise money for the cause via a pin-up calendar featuring the General. Ren would be very enthusiastic, meanwhile, and may even have come up with the idea himself, but he would insist on posing with his helmet on. Probably also with his lightsaber ignited.


TITLE: Windy Hill on Piano

ARTIST: dancentral

I took a look at our Sonic Adventure Windy Valley remixes and noticed a lack of them, specifically the remixes of the relaxing melody known as “Windy Hill”. And while searching for a remix of that song, I found this beautiful piano cover. I believe it does have a subtle keyboard backtracking to give it this extra uplifting feel to it. It goes on a little longer than it needs to, but it ends in the perfect way. Give it a listen, you’ll be glad you did.

Download it here.

-Samurai Echidna.

Briana: :’(

me: guys idk why but I feel so much happier today? so uplifted? so inspired? does anyone want to go for a run? break a world record? let’s go on a journey, let’s enjoy life

TAG GAME TIME. I was tagged by @kittykillswitch to talk a little about four albums that I’m obsessed about lately. Though I listen to random songs from a lot of albums, there are some albums I’ve been indeed listening to on repeat for the last couple months. Lets see what I got for you today. 

1. Wild World by Bastille

I had to start with Bastille because this may be the album I’ve been most excited about this year. I fell in love at the first song I listened by them two years ago and couldn’t be happier with this release. I’ve talked about Wild World here and there in my blog, so I’ll only say again how much Dan is an amazing lyricist, how cool it is for them to be one of these bands that loves to experiment new stuff, and how the whole band’s energy is contagious and uplifting. When I’m not in a very good mood I always put this record to play and it’s awesome how these happy vibes seems to come out of the speakers. I love, LOVE, the whole album, couldn’t be more proud of them boys, but I’m gonna pick Send Them Off! and Power as favourite tracks.

2. Apocryphon by The Sword

Yes, same band as Kyt because guess what, she recommended them to me. And I’m very grateful for that because FUCKING GOOD BAND, I absolutely love their sound. I really, really like both High Country and Apocryphon, but I’m gonna pick Apocryphon not only to be different from her, but the instrumental is ridiculous in the best possible way. The intensity and weight of their riffs and drums fill your ears and make your heart race (would definitely headbang in a concert). I’m still about to listen to their whole discography as long as my addiction to these two mentioned albuns gives me a break. If you’re reading this, Kyt, my friend, thanks again for showing me The Sword, I’m definitely introducing them to some friends of mine too. For this one I’m definitely gonna pick Execrator and… Seven Sisters!

3. Where Tharsis Sleeps by Throne

I actually came across this rather underground band through another recommendation from a friend that told me to check out the official video of the main song of the album called Tharsis Sleeps, that if you want you can watch here (I would need another post to talk about this brilliant stop motion animation video). The thing is, I fell in love with, just like The Sword, the heavy instrumentals and amazing vocals instantly. That was about a year ago, but I recommended them to Kyt (this talk was a bless) and again can’t stop listening to them. I really, REALLY wish they could release another album like this one, that is the most recent work from them (and that I believe they’re experimenting a new approach from their previous record). Favourite tracks are fucking Ascender and Surface of Stone, perfection to the max.

4. Goddess by Banks

I don’t think I remember how I found Banks, but I’ll take a wild guess and say it’s Spotify’s fault. Banks is one of the artists I believe has some kind of unique voice on her own that I actually came to like a lot. Her songs plays with heavy, slow electronic beats that gives away a rather chill, sensual and melancholic feeling to her songs, the kind you feel like you’re floating in space when you listen to it (I know, what a description but yeah). I must point out that she also has some romantic, calm piano/acoustic tracks that really breaks a bit of the “artificial” flow of the electronic beats, but still manages to incorporate the whole vibe of this album. This is another artist I’m still exploring, but so far I’m loving her style. One of the artists I listen to while I’m drawing. As favourite tracks I’m gonna pick Beggin For Thread and Waiting Game!

Thank you for tagging me, Kyt! I love tag games about music. I’m gonna tag, lets see… @enthusiasm-paraphernalia, @isthereroomforbothofus (I know Kyt tagged you but I want to too deal with me), @alexturnerers (same as Gogo fight me)  @nostalgicrollercoaster and @mrztbjg if they want to do the thing.

In 30 years I’ll be 53 and hopefully I’ll be a mama to two or maybe even three amazing children maybe I’ll be living back home on my reserve or maybe in my partners territory and I’ll have a heard of rez mutts and I’ll be doing birth work and writing and gathering/harvesting medicines and going to ceremonies and looking elegant and regal and uplifting women in my family and community

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can u give me trans hinata headcanons (my love)

  • hes a trans boy!!!!
  • he totally dates dmab nb komaeda
  • he was really nervous about coming out to his friends but they were super supportive
  • komaeda is always there to uplift him anytime he feels down about himself by telling him hes the most handsome guy hes ever seen and how he feels so lucky to be dating him
  • even tho hes trans hes not super opposed to femme stuff 
  • he and komaeda get married and their wedding is Amazing 
  • they start a family too
  • theyre all happy forever and ever and they adopt a dog
  • trans hinata headcanons turned into komahina headcanons

  • im sorry im bad at this
  • i love trans hinata hajime so much i could cry
A whole bunch of thank yous! and other things off the top of my head

so, with all the moving and health things I’ve been wanting to answer back a few comments, but also say my thanks for all you out there who’ve shown support whether it’s via reblogs, likes, or comments! 

so roughly off the top of my head (And I’m sure I’ll miss a few people >_<) thank you @sevsartstuff@dalmatiapost@selfrescuingprincesssociety@akhuna@koupri@rapidpunches​ @givemeoysters@squidbles@jurblesofdoom@kerascuringcomics and all you folk who pretty much like my stuff daily, the support is incredibly appreciated, and uplifting!

also, @sevsartstuff​ I believe you suggested I should do a Maine Coon a whole while back! I actually had meant to reply with - I’m always writing down ideas as they come to me waaaaay before I actually doodle them! and that is one thing you should see coming sooner or later :P (definitely planned for the next set of 25!)

with all that said feel free to leave comments, questions, and so on, I’ll try to get to them when I can! :) 

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Caryl is the only thing I can see getting the media critics back on board with the show, at a time of falling ratings and having used up other anticipated moments like lucille, plus needing SOMETHING uplifting out of the misery towards end of season, plus all the indications from trailers, s6 scenes, slow burn tropes like Tobin midship, I will honestly be shocked if Caryl doesn't go canon on the final, just in time for them to wake up together on episode 100 of the s8 premiere :)

Could TWD go back to being praised by critics? Probably not.

But they definitely do need uplifting/hopeful moments and Caryl could be it!

oh!! i didn’t notice i got tagged in a meme!! i hope this is okay! :’o

tagged by lovely @rainy-suggestion !! thank you for including me! :)

Five positive things about me:

1) today when i was walking to meet my best friend this dog kept looking back at me and smiling!! that’s not necessarily about me but dogs always look at me happily and look back at them happily. i love dogs!

2) i’m healing from my bad experiences! and im here! that makes me very glad, that even in the tough times i can get up and keep moving.

3) i give good advice and say a lot of uplifting things! and i mean every bit of it, i really do!

4) i have so, so many good and wonderful friends. i’m really glad they all exist and that they pick me up when i fall down even if its inconvenient for them! ^//////^

5) i draw nicely i think!! i like drawing! 

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i overcame hesitation and did something that took a lot of courage this week. i'm still freaking out about it even though it's already happened, but I'm hoping the stress will ebb away with time :)

this is so uplifting!!! as i love to say but avoid doing myself, “it only takes 20 seconds of insane courage.” i am so happy to hear this!!! best of luck with everything you brave, awesome soul! <3

color: gold / silver / bronze / pearl / bubblegum / celeste / peach / lilac / burgundy / forest green / jet black

celestial body: sun / moon / stars / galaxy / comet

archetype: hero / villain / femme fatale / rebel / ruler / lover / innocent / warrior / caregiver / muse / explorer / philosopher

element: earth / fire / water / air

creature: siren / nymph / mermaid / ghost / dragon / angel / demigod

place: depths of the ocean / dark forest / castle in the sky / bright lights, big city / art gallery / museum

scent: pine / rose / fresh linen / jasmine / lavender / rain / vanilla / mint / books