I just wanted to post this because its true. I love this account because its made me feels better and i hope they can help you too in whatever way needed.

Vine by jeffrey marsh

Early morning (haha 9am) read at the lake. It’s freezing cold outside and the wind was wicked, but the resulting waves were beautiful. Oh Lake Superior, how astonishing you are. 👏🌊📖 …

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@karliekloss thank you for making 2015 more KLOSSY!! Your Youtube videos actually gave me more confidence to post more selfies of myself with my IV pole and picc line.  I have neurologic Lyme disease, which paralyzed my GI tract.  I was never ashamed of my chronic illness, but since I am very thin and have a picc line (semi-permanent IV) in my arm, I wear a sock on my arm to protect the site from infection.  It used to bother me why people would stare at me or my arm, but you and your fabulous best friend @taylorswift taught me to be PROUD of who I am.  As I like to say, “I rock the sock!”  

Your uplifting videos and words of wisdom bring endless smiles to my face and warm my heart.  You empower me to be a better person and less negative.  One of my favorite quotes is “success is not the key to happiness.  Happiness is the key to success.”  While it is not easy fighting neurologic Lyme disease, I know I have no choice.  There are plenty of days where my horrible chronic pain makes me want to crawl under a rock.  I know it might sound silly, but I dream of the day when I am better and can hopefully make some of your delicious recipes.  Until I reach remission, I want to thank you Karlie for helping me grow as a person.  You have such a big heart, which I admire so much.  This year I actually sent 12 of my Swifties surprise gifts for Christmas from the Taylor Swift store as a thank you gift for being such amazing and supportive friends.  I called it Swiftiemas, a version of Swiftmas! I hope one day I can meet you Karlie and give you a big “thank you” hug! Wishing you continued success and a fabulous 2016!



(your fan from NJ- not too far from NYC!)

the more i think about mass effect the more i’m unsettled by the special pleading that went into constructing a situation where the genophage is something that players might come down on either side of

the authors chose to make the krogans an extreme threat to galactic peace. sympathetic hyperintelligent character Mordin informs you that the genophage is only intended to curtail this and correct for the massive demographic upheaval caused by the salarians’ original uplifing of the krogan, although this is almost certainly a self-serving version of events that at best ignores the motives of many agents. anyway even granting that, we then have to ask why, if there’s a reasonably benign explanation for the genophage, it was administered in secret, by force. and then maintained in secret and by force for centuries. and unfortunately the game wants us to answer that with “the krogans are too stupid and violent to understand their own best interests”. what the fuck?

krogans aren’t real, the authors wrote them to set up this “moral dilemma”. the way they chose to write them is fucked up.

#mood cause any time I need to smile. All I do is think about how amazing the #BlackWoman is. Imagine if AS Black Men we protected our Queens. Imagine if we Loved and Respect them with the same energy as we have to have sex with them. Imagine if every man started DEFENDING our BLACK WOMEN against the attacks of the world. Imagine if we change the narrative of the sick Way the MEIDA AND THE MUSIC INDUSTRY PORTRAYS OUR QUEENS. JUST Imagine if we didn’t have social media to help us connect with each other. JUST Imagine the lies we would believe right now. JUST IMAGINE IF PEOPLE COULD UNDERSTAND THAT ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. WHAT WOULD YOU DO FOR YOUR SISTER, MOTHER, DAUGHTER???? #LuvIsBlack #BlackGirlSunday #Queen #BeautifulBlackWoman #BlackQueens #IndependentBlackWoman #RespectMyQueen #HealOurQueens #AntiRape #UpLife #WAKEUP #LionzKingsView2 #BlackPride #BlackUNITY #BlackHistory #BlackHistoryMonth #ActingBlack #LeadBYExample. #KingsOurQueensNeedUsToBeKings #Ebony #QueensYourKingsNeedYourSupport #LionzKingsView3 📸 @obatala50 by lionzkingsview3
Rappers are ACTORS!