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Updated: 4/07/17


Short Fuse
Frustrated (M)


Sing (M)
Not Over Yet
All Yours

Jay Park:

Right Idea
Sounds Good, Feels Good (M)
Haven’t Been Caught Yet (M)
More Than Song Joong Ki?
Often (M)
I Know (M)
Argument (M)
What You Came For (M)
Can’t Win ‘Em All
Stay With Me
Something Like That
Feeling It


Good Night
For You
Greater Good
Talking Body
Thin Walls (M)

Simon D:

Fake It
Done (M)
Under the Table (M)
Good Girls (M)
Nice Guys Finish Last
Talk Dirty to Me (M)
Oral Fixation (M)
Camping (M)
I Don’t Dance
This Is Halloween
Baby, Baby

Ugly Duck:

Never Judge A Duck By Its Feathers
When I Wake Up
Life in the Duck Pond

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Moon in Pisces 🐟

Song for moon in pisces:

Hymn For The Weekend by Coldplay

Oh, angel sent from up above
You know you make my world light up
When I was down, when I was hurt
You came to lift me up
Life is a drink and love’s a drug
Oh now I think I must be miles up
When I was a river dried up
You came to rain a flood

And said drink from me, drink from me
When I was so thirsty
Pour on a symphony
Now I just can’t get enough
Put your wings on me, wings on me
When I was so heavy
Soaring on symphony
When I’m low, low, low, low

Moon in pisces can feel like the world is surreal (”life is a drink and love’s a drug”) because they walk the line between fantasy and reality.

Evolved pisces moons can be like “angels” coming to people’s rescue. The lyrics match this placement in many ways, but pisces is elusive; you can’t pin any pisces placement down with words. You have to feel it.

This song makes me picture of a sepia tinted place full of twinkle lights and a low hum of conversation. Everything is fuzzy around the edges, in a good way. It’s like a pleasant drunken haze where the world looks better than it actually is- except pisces moons don’t really need alcohol to feel drunk.

Watch on lord-of-the-asexuals.tumblr.com

I just wanted to post this because its true. I love this account because its made me feels better and i hope they can help you too in whatever way needed.

Vine by jeffrey marsh


“Women, despite their gold medal athleticism, are still objectified, sexualized, and defined by how attractive they are, not by their athletic prowess.”

In 2012, Wendy Fox created a poster depicting all the women who took home gold medals at the 2012 London Olympics. Now she’s ready to do it again, with a poster and a book dedicated to the amazing women who win gold at the 2016 Rio Olympics. The illustrations will depict each athlete in uniform, arranged by height, with information about their sport, country, name, basic measurements, and the event for which they took home the gold.

Fox hopes these images will provide positive role models for young women, encourage funding and recognition for women in sports, celebrate physical and cultural diversity, and promote physical health and an active lifestyle. “There is way too much media emphasis on what the female body looks like,” she says. “I want this project to celebrate what the female body can do. I would love for girls to look at this project and discover a sport that’s for them, especially a sport that they didn’t know existed, and for them to make a conscious shift in what their bodies are capable of.”

Help her bring this timely and uplifing project to life here.

#mood cause any time I need to smile. All I do is think about how amazing the #BlackWoman is. Imagine if AS Black Men we protected our Queens. Imagine if we Loved and Respect them with the same energy as we have to have sex with them. Imagine if every man started DEFENDING our BLACK WOMEN against the attacks of the world. Imagine if we change the narrative of the sick Way the MEIDA AND THE MUSIC INDUSTRY PORTRAYS OUR QUEENS. JUST Imagine if we didn’t have social media to help us connect with each other. JUST Imagine the lies we would believe right now. JUST IMAGINE IF PEOPLE COULD UNDERSTAND THAT ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. WHAT WOULD YOU DO FOR YOUR SISTER, MOTHER, DAUGHTER???? #LuvIsBlack #BlackGirlSunday #Queen #BeautifulBlackWoman #BlackQueens #IndependentBlackWoman #RespectMyQueen #HealOurQueens #AntiRape #UpLife #WAKEUP #LionzKingsView2 #BlackPride #BlackUNITY #BlackHistory #BlackHistoryMonth #ActingBlack #LeadBYExample. #KingsOurQueensNeedUsToBeKings #Ebony #QueensYourKingsNeedYourSupport #LionzKingsView3 📸 @obatala50 by lionzkingsview3
Rappers are ACTORS!

the more i think about mass effect the more i’m unsettled by the special pleading that went into constructing a situation where the genophage is something that players might come down on either side of

the authors chose to make the krogans an extreme threat to galactic peace. sympathetic hyperintelligent character Mordin informs you that the genophage is only intended to curtail this and correct for the massive demographic upheaval caused by the salarians’ original uplifing of the krogan, although this is almost certainly a self-serving version of events that at best ignores the motives of many agents. anyway even granting that, we then have to ask why, if there’s a reasonably benign explanation for the genophage, it was administered in secret, by force. and then maintained in secret and by force for centuries. and unfortunately the game wants us to answer that with “the krogans are too stupid and violent to understand their own best interests”. what the fuck?

krogans aren’t real, the authors wrote them to set up this “moral dilemma”. the way they chose to write them is fucked up.