oh my god. OH MY GOD. i think i may have found the thing i lost that was like, 100 bucks, my madre said if i found it she would give me her old iphone AND IM SCREAMING  becuase i have like this dumb samsung and its sucks a lot of dick and it doesn’t have a good camera or a selfie cam, which is very painfull for me, but her iphone is like a 4 or 5 and its really nice and has a great camera. oh my gosh.


I have for next year ! In the university geography library ! The 500 hours contract ! This means I have gotten the highest contract (~12 hours per week, 400€ per month), in a library that have evening session (so I could get 1h paid 18€ !) 



Also thank to wilwywaylan who helped me a ton with the letter I had to send ;)

“Whenever I meet my friends they brag about their husband, brag about their kids, and brag about their wealth. I thought I could do that as well, so we kept moving to a bigger house. One day, we realized that we weren’t capable of handling such a house. Since we had to pay both the debt and interest as well, it quickly became hellish. So we sold our house for a much lower price and moved to a smaller place. Living there made me realize something I missed. I thought, ‘Ah…why should I live my life conscious of what others see?’ When I had a big house, it took me all day to clean. However, now that I’m in a smaller house, I only need to clean a little….How about an even smaller house then? Other people won’t see how I live. I think I started to let things go more easily since then.”

“친구들 만나면 남편 자랑에, 애들 자랑에, 재산 자랑을 하는 거예요. 그거 보니까 나도 할 수 있겠구나 싶어서 계속 큰 집으로 막 이사갔어요. 어느 순간 보니 내가 갖고 있는 건 한 주먹이었는데 두 주먹 정도 되는 그런 집을 갖고 있더라구요. 그렇게 빚 갚고 이자 갚고 하다보니 그게 바로 지옥이었어요. 그래서 그 집 살 때 가격보다 훨씬 낮은 가격으로 팔고 작은 집으로 이사 갔죠. 거기서 살아보니 느껴지더라구요. ‘아.. 내가 왜 다른 사람 눈을 의식하면서 살아야하지’라고요. 큰 집에 있을 때는 청소하는 것도 하루종일 힘들었거든요. 근데 작은 집으로 가니 청소도 조금하고… 더 작은 집이면 어때요? 다른 사람이 나 사는 거 보는 건 아니잖아요. 그 때부터 나 자신을 내려놓은 거 같아요.”


Some sketches/warmups from Twitter

Tbh I keep forgetting to update over here oh gosh I’m sorry everyone;;; My mind’s been all over the place lately hahaha. Anyway! Have a 30-ish min Hiro warmup, Older!Hiro with… a very upgraded Baymax, and some Darkpath Tadashi sketches!

Bonus why not:


Splatoon amiibo upgraded ⊟ 

This Inkling Girl figure – customized with a trucker hat, a roller weapon, and teal paint – comes from Project Upgrade. You can see a video of the figure rotated around, more photos, and progress shots here.

Nintendo just announced that it’s upgrading the game too, adding a new online multiplayer mode called Tower Control:

“This mode will be added to Ranked Battle, which also includes Splat Zones. The objective of Tower Control is to ride a single floating tower into the enemy’s base. Both teams rush toward the tower, which is initially placed in the center of the map, and the tower will start moving automatically once a player climbs aboard.

But beware: Riding the tower will increase the chances of being splatted, as every player has his or her target on the tower. Riding the tower alone is pretty tough, encouraging randomly selected teams of players to team up to accomplish their goal. Just like in Ranked Battle and Turf War, players will be rewarded for working together as a team. Surrounding the tower and protecting the player riding the tower, using each stage’s features to gain an advantage, and supporting each other are the keys to victory.”

Tower Control will be made available starting tomorrow at 10PM ET. Nintendo will host a special Treehouse: Live stream for the mode at 6PM ET today!

BUY Splatoon

What to upgrade first.
A lot of people make primary mistakes when upgrading or upgrading too fast. This is a must watch video from Wiggy on youtube.

Hey everyone I just wanted to say I’m reverting back to my old username pixelsimdreams I don’t like my username vintagesimy anymore lol I got bored of it. I like to adventure out so my new simblr name will be pixelsimdreams yay XD also I may have a new post design in the future. I know all my post say vintagesimy ughh but maybe I can change it idk I’m not sure. >.<’  

How to restore without upgrading firmware?

There is a way to restore your iphone without upgrading the firmware… follow these steps

you would need
1) the original firmware.ipsw
2) the most updated firmware.ipsw

To start -

1) run itunes, and plug in your iphone
2) open itune working directory, 
C:\Documents and Settings\*****\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates
3) if you have downloaded the software updates for your iphone, it should appear in this directory
4) put your iphone in recovery mode (power+home 25sec)
5) itunes will need to restore your phone, click restore
6) itunes will ask to check the internet for updates, click Check
SKIP To 8 if you have already downloaded the updated firmware
7) wait for download to finish (donot click restore and update yet!)
HERE the simple trick (if itunes starts to unpack already..then uve done it wrong..click cancel)
8) rename your the original firmware.ipsw to same name as the updated firmware.ipsw
9) copy your renmaed original firmware to the C:\Documents and Settings\*****\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates overwriting the updated firmware
10) click restore and update and it should unpack the original firmware and reflash.

I have done these steps on my 1.0.1 iphone and have semi successfully downgraded from 1.0.1 firmware to 1.0 firmware.. however the only problem is my modem firmware still says 3.14.8… this may be one of the reason why itune encountered an error right at the end of the downgrade restore.