Eythora working a triple twist BB dismount!

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If I have been surfing for 5 years and have used an 8 footer foam top but want to learn tricks and become more skilled and want to move to a hardtop what height should i use (I surf at Butler Beach St, Augustine, Florida)

You definitely want a shortboard to up your game. But thickness and width are more important than height (or length in surfboard terms). Together, length, width and thickness give you volume, which greatly affects how a board handles. Waves in North Florida aren’t super consistent, so a board with more volume will make paddling and catching mushy swells possible. 

I would talk to a local shaper or surf shop about what shape and dimensions best fit how you want to surf. They usually know what works because that’s their home break too. 

Ah, the life of a book hoarder....

I made the final payment on my Kindle Paperwhite not that long ago, and I’ve now decided I have to upgrade to a Kindle Fire because I’ve almost run out of room on the Paperwhite. I’m just glad it’s on sale, I could get it on a payment plan, AND I had Amazon points to apply to it.

But I truly don’t mind. I may never get around to reading every single book I’ve loaded onto my Kindle, but it brings me such happiness…you can’t beat that.

The funny thing is that I resisted a Kindle for so very long, because I loved the feel and smell of real books. But when I had books falling off of bookshelves and had no more room to put any more shelves up, I knew I had no choice. And now I love my Kindle.

“Whenever I meet my friends they brag about their husband, brag about their kids, and brag about their wealth. I thought I could do that as well, so we kept moving to a bigger house. One day, we realized that we weren’t capable of handling such a house. Since we had to pay both the debt and interest as well, it quickly became hellish. So we sold our house for a much lower price and moved to a smaller place. Living there made me realize something I missed. I thought, ‘Ah…why should I live my life conscious of what others see?’ When I had a big house, it took me all day to clean. However, now that I’m in a smaller house, I only need to clean a little….How about an even smaller house then? Other people won’t see how I live. I think I started to let things go more easily since then.”

“친구들 만나면 남편 자랑에, 애들 자랑에, 재산 자랑을 하는 거예요. 그거 보니까 나도 할 수 있겠구나 싶어서 계속 큰 집으로 막 이사갔어요. 어느 순간 보니 내가 갖고 있는 건 한 주먹이었는데 두 주먹 정도 되는 그런 집을 갖고 있더라구요. 그렇게 빚 갚고 이자 갚고 하다보니 그게 바로 지옥이었어요. 그래서 그 집 살 때 가격보다 훨씬 낮은 가격으로 팔고 작은 집으로 이사 갔죠. 거기서 살아보니 느껴지더라구요. ‘아.. 내가 왜 다른 사람 눈을 의식하면서 살아야하지’라고요. 큰 집에 있을 때는 청소하는 것도 하루종일 힘들었거든요. 근데 작은 집으로 가니 청소도 조금하고… 더 작은 집이면 어때요? 다른 사람이 나 사는 거 보는 건 아니잖아요. 그 때부터 나 자신을 내려놓은 거 같아요.”


What to upgrade first.
A lot of people make primary mistakes when upgrading or upgrading too fast. This is a must watch video from Wiggy on youtube.