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Alfa Romeo TZ 1

Alfa Romeo introduced their 105 Series Giula range at Monza in 1962. The chassis was based on the previous Giulietta and 101 series, plus a major suspension upgrade and disc brakes.

At the 1963 FISA Monza Cup, a competition version of the Giulia was introduced. It was named the Giulia TZ after its Tubolare spaceframe chassis and lightweight Zagato coachwork. It is believed that between 1963 and 1967, fewer than 100 examples were built. The TZ, often called the TZ-1, was a purpose-built GT car developed with the assistance of Autodelta. The engine was the same basic 1570cc unit found in the Sprint Speciale and Spider Veloce. The gearbox had heavy duty, close ratio gears and a short-throw lever.

Werk of art: how rad is this BMW R80 Mono from @walzcycles? It’s packing carbon fiber bodywork, upgraded suspension and a tuned, 1070cc R100 RS motor — good for a reported 82 horses at the wheel. .
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This is a commission piece done by okheshivar. I asked her to draw this for fiddleabout’s birthday, because fiddleabout deserves all the things and she had mentioned this particular AU (Chloe as an umbrella girl and Beca as a motocross rider) to me a while back. I wrote a tiny little drabble to go with it, as it seemed unfair to make okheshivar do ALL the work. 

Fair warning: I know nothing about motocross or umbrella girls or anything related to this AU, so I will be making everything up, pretty much.

Happy Birthday, friend!

“I like the pink.”

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Most XT500s you find are either immaculately restored trailer queens, or showing decades of abuse. @northeastcustom went the resto-mod route with this one, and we’re blown away. Suspension upgrades, minimal changes to the bodywork and a jaw-dropping Yamaha yellow livery have us swooning. Now if only Yamaha would release a YZF450 styled like this!
Get the skinny — and more shots — on bikeexif.com now. .
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Sutton Reveals New Ford Mustang Tuning Packages

Renowned dealer Clive Sutton has revealed its Sutton Bespoke tuning program for the new right-hand drive Ford Mustang, transforming the standard model into a true muscle car with up to 700bhp. The program comprises a suite of packages that enhance the car’s performance, handling and styling.

While the focus with many American upgrade programs is on straight-line performance and quarter-mile times, Clive Sutton has carefully engineered its packages to appeal specifically to UK and European buyers. The upgraded suspension is a particular highlight, which delivers sharper on-the-limit handling without compromising comfort over broken road surfaces.

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Subaru brought several of their legendary STI rally cars out for New York this year. This right here is the current WRX STI rally car, and this example broke a lap record at the Isle of Man course. What’s most amazing about that is it’s largely a stock vehicle, with the exception of a roll cage, racing seats, upgraded suspension, and race-spec safety systems


FJ62, one of a handful that we have built to such an extreme. Instead of upgrading the suspension and other items, we actually updated all of it by simply buying a 1997 FZJ80 series, and modifying the 80 series chassis to receive the 62 series body. We then fit a 420HP GM LS aluminum V8 and 4L65E automatic transmission mated to the rebuilt stock 80 series full-time transfer case. We further upgraded it with the Old Man Emu 80 series suspension, Slee trailing arms, DBA brake components and more. A Stage Three restoration was performed on everything, with upgraded audio, NAV, seating, textiles, Dynamat sound deadening materials, polyurea coated underside and body floor surfaces, replated original hardware, and all new OEM trim pieces. The lighting was all upgraded to LED’s as well. Great truck! 

Good news! It’s the 380bhp Dakar Duster

Christmas has come early: two V8-powered Dusters will contest the 2015 Dakar rally

At next year's Dakar Rally, the official Renault Duster Team will field two very powerful and very modified Dusters. If you’ve been reading Top Gear at any point over the last few years, you will quickly realise this is Good News.

Renaultsport is in charge of building and fielding the two Dusters in the gruelling rally next year, in a bid to finish in the top ten. As such, the two teams have already competed in three rounds of the Argentinian Rally Cross-Country championship in preparation (one win, three runner-up results).

Both Dusters - marketed as Renault Dusters in South America, Dacia for us in the UK - will be equipped with V8 engines from the Renault Nissan Alliance producing 380bhp. That’s right, 380bhp in aDuster.

No more technical information has been given, but you can expect the full suite of Dakar-friendly gear - roll cage, upgraded suspension, brakes, cooling, underbody protection, stiffened chassis etc etc - to be applied. [x]