Windows 10 is Released Today!

Hey Windows users, don’t forget to upgrade to Windows 10 today! To find out if you’re eligible for the free update, click here to go to Microsoft’s information page.

Of course, some people like to wait a little bit before they upgrade just to make sure all of the big bugs are ironed out. However, since Microsoft has done some new stuff with their beta testing this year, bug counts should be significantly less than any other iteration of Windows!


😏 When the boss goes on vacay 🙌 💃 😈 this summer #Upgrade via @proudjamaicans#jamaica ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
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Niggas so simple minded. Literally debated with some guy for an hour explaining to him that, getting a physically attractive girlfriend is not an “Upgrade” from your ex. Attraction don’t mean nothing. Go ahead and get the baddest chick on the planet to make your ex jealous (little boy shit) and then two months later be single again cause your bad bitch wasn’t a mental or emotional upgrade as well.

anonymous asked:

Hey so i'm fairly new to the spg fandom and I don't really know who Upgrade is. All I know is that she's the pink one that nobody really talks about. Could you maybe give me a brief lesson? (it doesn't have to be brief...)

I don’t know too much about her either, really. She was played by Erin Burke, who left the band in 2011. Everything about Upgrade was completely wiped from SPG canon, and her vocals and song were removed from SPG’s first album.

Here’s a good video with her in it (actually one of my favorites) if you’re interested c:

If anyone has anything to add, go ahead and add stuff to this~

The Sunshine quotes Eleanor Roosevelt...

How she manage to reach higher and higher levels of perfection???

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”