Yay! I have completed the makeup applications of a fabulous array of SPG characters! 

Rabbit, The Spine, Hatchworth, The Jon, Upgrade, Crystal the Fanbot, and Walter Girl Triska!

And here is a special shout out the the people who inspired me and of course created these characters and designs! The wonderful band members of Steam Powered Giraffe. <3 Thank you for being so amazing!

Quick guide: Reinventing Yourself

Like I said in my previous post, reinventing yourself is not a walk in the park. Nothing happens over night, this is a process that takes time and will power. Now I want to really explain what all this is about, because I’m sure there are a lot of questions to discuss. Reinventing yourself means “your expectations (of self, future, life in general) are out of sync with your experience. You can…

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😏 When the boss goes on vacay 🙌 💃 😈 this summer #Upgrade via @proudjamaicans#jamaica ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
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Yaaaay I have achieved ultimate nerd. I wasn’t sure the face cover was going to work very well but I actually really love the effect! As a first cosplay in really happy with it!
In terms of my feet for now I’m gonna wear shoes with a cover made out of leftover material, but eventually I’ll make something more official.
If any of you guys are going to MCM London I’ll be there all Saturday, feel free to say hi!