Opening Up

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Title: Opening Up

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 468

Warnings: fluff

A/N: I’m trying to make things more fair and more even between the two main fandoms on this blog! So I hope you all enjoy this! I love you all so much!

Requested by anon: Could you write for Castiel x reader who is really smol and shy and how he tries to get her to open up to him? Thank you!❤️

When you joined the Winchesters, you seemed to peak Castiel’s interest.  You were shy,  and possibly the smallest hunter he had ever seen.  When you stood next to Sam the height difference was abundantly clear.  Even next to Castiel you were still quite short.  Castiel was determined to break you out of your shell.  He wanted to know the real you; not the you the Winchesters saw.

Castiel knocked on your door, poking his head inside your room.  You were sitting in your bed, reading a book.  As soon as the angel stepped into your room, you closed your book, setting it down at your feet.  He could tell you were still cautious around him.  

“I hope I’m not bothering you [Y/N],” Castiel said in a low voice.  “Sam and Dean left a few minutes ago and I was wondering if you wanted to talk.  We haven’t had much time to get acquainted yet.”

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Drink Up

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Title: Drink Up

Pairing: Benny x Reader

Word Count: 1,385

Warnings: fluff, there’s a bit of fang kink thing going on.

A/N: I may have had this idea and so I wrote it and I was super impatient and wanted to push it to today, which is Monday where I am! So I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3 <3

There weren’t many instances where Benny came on hunts with you.  He usually didn’t get involved when you had a hunt to go on.  Yet he insisted that he go on this one with you.  You had to admit, you liked having Benny by your side.  According to Dean you and Benny were a “power couple”.

You promised Benny you would stay in the truck before he gave the all clear.  You expected Benny to be done with the vampire’s nest already.  He was great when it came to protecting you.  However, you were done waiting for Benny to come back.  You were worried that something had happened to him.

You hopped out of Benny’s truck, pulling out your machete.  You were ready to hurt anyone who would dare stop you from getting to your beloved vampire.  “Benny,” you called out.

“[Y/N],” you heard a faint voice say.

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Girlfriend Bom

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  • rule number one of dating park bom is do not, I mean DO NOT, touch her food
  • you will have to endure her whining about it until you either buy her more or she’s discovered that you’ve eat something else so she’s got something new to complain about
  • it’s become a habit of yours to leave your food on the top shelf, to ensure that no accidental eating of her stuff may occur
  • rule number two is, don’t underestimate her
  • she was close to majoring in psychology before transferring to a music college so don’t think you can get away with secretly eating her pudding and trying to get yourself out of trouble. she can tell immediately what you’re doing
  • “you know, jagi, ingratiation techniques won’t make me less mad at you!”
  • doing sports together, like joining the football team or going swimming
  • they’re never intense work out sessions though, even if that’s the initial intention. somehow, you two instead spiral into messing about or teasing one another and exchanging quick kisses when no one’s looking
  • buying corn in bulk
  • and seriously, DON’T TOUCH IT
  • her 4D personality makes you laugh until your sides hurt
  • she’s a very big fan of skinship. bom always wants to hold hands or nuzzle against your neck. you two sleep with limbs entangled, facing one another. she’ll physically roll you over if she wakes up in the middle of the night and your back is turned to her
  • playfully doing each others makeup, only for the other to look in the mirror and find they’ve got pink eyebrows and too much blush that did not go with their black lipstick or the star drawn on their forehead
  • she’s actually very self conscious about herself, despite her confident demeanor. she is confident to a certain extent, in her singing ability for example. she knows she slays on stage. but without clothes on is a different story. being naked makes her feel like a sack of potatoes
  • sex is done with the lights turned off, under the blankets. she’ll only let you keep the light on if she’s wearing something that makes her feel more confident with herself, like lingerie or a roleplay outfit
  • jiyong will tease her endlessly if he spots a hickey on her neck
  • and he’s never let bom or you live that one (one!) time down where he caught you two making out in the studio. what’s worse is that he snapped a picture and sent it to everyone
  • seungri printed one out and has it framed in big bang’s studio
  • no matter how many times you and bom sneak in to steal it, you could show up 2 hours later w a message from yg and it’s back ?!?!
  • there’s a stash of them somewhere, there has to be
  • lee hi has been hired are your inside (man) girl but she’s not been able to get any info or find the secret stash either
  • big bang are like v annoying brothers. the kind that you secretly have a soft spot for but also take pleasure in beating up

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Team Cheer Her Up

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Title: Team Cheer Her Up

Characters: Castiel, Sam, and Dean (no pairing)

Word Count: 1,079

Warnings: Fluff and a bit of angst

A/N: I thought a TFW fic might be in order. I thought it was cute and I hope you all like it C: I got a lot of replies from my Gabriel fic: A Little Too Late , asking for another part, so I’m going to make it into an on going series! Your feedback is welcomed and appreciated! Love you all! <3

The Winchesters knew better than to come near you when you were agitated.  You were slamming books around searching for answers.  You wanted to help, but it seemed like no matter which book you grabbed, it didn’t have the answer.  You groaned in frustration, sliding the book away from you.

Sam poked his head into the library, “hey [Y/N], is everything okay?”  He knew you were to a point where you weren’t getting anything done.  He wanted to help you, but he didn’t want to make it worse.

You glared at Sam, “no Sam, everything’s not okay!  I’m trying to find answers, I’m trying to be useful, but the answers aren’t here.”

Sam plucked you from the chair, aware of your hands flailing in protest, “come on.”  Sam threw you over his shoulder, holding you tightly so you couldn’t escape his grip.  “You’re not going to continue on like this [Y/N].  You need a break.”

“What I need to do is find the answer,” you huffed, folding your arms.

“What you need to do is relax,” Sam spoke softly.  Sam knew how to calm you down; he knew when you were at wits end.  He knew you would never ask for help, but you didn’t have to ask with Sam.  He helped you when you needed it, whenever you needed it.  Sam carried you to the kitchen and set you on the counter.  You tried to jump down, but Sam caught you with his arm, putting you back on the counter top.

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