upfronts 2005

And then there was one...

Criminal Minds cast then (2005) and now (2016):

I was looking at some cast photos the other day and when I found one from the CBS UpFronts 2005, I realized Matthew is the only “original” cast member left.  Technically, AJ was a series regular in season 1, but she wasn’t added on the show until episode 2 (so she didn’t do the original promotions for UpFronts and TCA’s) and while Kirsten was in most of the season 1 episodes she was a recurring member and wasn’t added to the regular cast until season 2.

So Matthew is the only one in the then and now picture.

Also pretend Adam is in the now picture.

Excuse me while I go sob.

anonymous asked:

Do you know what the first picture of j2 together was? As in back in 2005? Or at least the picture that made people adore their friendship or ship them? Thank you!

Oh wow. Well I do know that the SuperWiki has this pic listed as their first public appearance together at the 2005 Upfronts (x)

We also got some more great shots of them at the 2005 TCA Summer Press Tour Party (here’s just a few)

But I think this is arguably one of their most famous (and early) pics together, which is of them on set in 2005 :)