upfront 2013

To all the people complaining about Chris

Okay, Chris doesn’t need my advocacy because he is so fucking sweet and precious that this is so ridicolous, but whatever, just a few words..

Chris has often said that crowd scares him, that he has panic attacks due to less pleasant episodes with fans and he is a very shy, reserved persona.

When Lea and Chris appeared many people said the chaos begins, screaming, shouting, yellling, etc.

Chris was partecipating to an Upfront that shadowed his character for a full year, after the orrendous season three - he could be happy to have more free time, but surely he isn’t happy for Kurt’s mistreatment or lack of storylines- , and his silence about Glee in the interview isn’t a coincidence.

Above all, he was also partecipating to the event with a person he treasures (as a friend or a boyfriend, think whatever you want; I think he is his boyfriend) and was, as supposed, under pressure.

But he still managed to confort a little girls, crying for his great-uncle’s funeral, without knowing anything about the girl.

And still I saw awful awful comments for lacking signs? Lea, Chris, Kevin, Jenna, all come inside after few autographs, ‘cause of the security guards, the scheduled program and the crazy reaction’s crowd, but still Chris is attacked viciously for a sign? Oh well, to be a fan isn’t follow “drunken Lea to the stairs” or Chris to have an autograph; be a fan it’s enjoying their works, supporting them, not expecting something as a “reward”. An autograph could come with with a less crowded or more controlled fans’ encounter… but what am I talking about? 

A) “Honestly when he came out everyone went crazy and started pushing and yelling at him to sign stuff and take pictures. I honestly felt bad cause it was soo crazy. He was the only castmember to get a crazy reaction like that. It must have been overwhelming for him. He signed a few stuff took a few pictures and left. I dont blame him though because people were acting stupid plus he brought his boyfriend and people would have asked creepy invasive questions.”

B) “Alright so I’m really sore and tired but a quick summary.

There were some kinks to be fixed for sure, but over all I thought this was really awesome. It gave the fans an amazing opportunity and I saw so many people I didn’t expect to see. There were seating issues and pacing issues with the program but seriously I would do this again in a heartbeat.

Everyone took time to at least get close to each section of the bleachers, most took a few photos, signed things and moved on.

Chris seemed really happy but also overwhelmed. I’m curious how much they told the actors before they came, but I do not blame him for going through quickly. He signed things and took a few pictures, but there were so many fans crowding over the barricade on the bleachers and it was a bit cramped, all he must have seen was a wall of faces, and I would have been terrified if I were him. I didn’t see much because I was sitting behind the people standing to get his attention having a severe panic attack. But really, I hope no one is saying anything about him rushing by, there were SO many people clamoring for him and he did really seem to try and get t what he could.