There is something sick and sorry about a world that endorses the consumption of other human beings as if they were no more than just another material thing—that teaches us it is OK to cycle through romances like they were the chamber of a revolver in a game of Russian roulette.
—  Beau TaplinC o n s u m e r   H o o k u p   C u l t u r e  

Star Wars Rick Roll.  I wish I could trick you into thinking it was something else….but the title screen kind of gives it away.

soldier boy, tall and proud,
with a heart of gold and a soul so loud-
they made you their mascot, had you play the crowd,
their bastion of freedom and justice avowed.

soldier boy, heart split in two,
to those who have fallen, then those who found you-
did you find a new home? did you make it anew?
did you learn to let go of the world you once knew?

soldier boy, soul shaken and torn,
by a man the world has, since birth, given scorn-
did you think this was worth it? did you heed what he’d warned?
if his heart caved under your shield, would you mourn?

—  soldier boy, brave and true (but brutal as hailstorms to those against you) || jG

Patriot’s Platter - Roasted Turkey Breast, Pot Roast, and Sliced Tavern Ham with Mashed Potatoes, Seasonal Vegetables, and Herb Stuffing; with Johnny Appleseed’s tart for dessert, from Liberty Tree Tavern located in Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

Okay so I guess people are interested, so let me tell you what my little art project is about:

x– The Seven Deadly Sins!–x

Lust -

Gluttony -

Greed - Charlotte ( @silver-lucas )

Sloth - Setsuna ( @samallama )

Wrath - Siegbert ( @ronyasartarchives )

Envy - Flora ( @cranexe )

Pride - Xander ( @dancing-aqua )

If you want to join, simply send me a message with the Fates character + sin you want to draw. You can go crazy with the design, that’s what it’s about.

Post your art piece until 31st October ! Just in time for Halloween ~