I find it rly disgusting that tumblr user ignoreeverythinghere’s way of venting is by reblogging people’s posts ( especially personal posts ) and adding bad stuff to it, holy shit.

you don’t do that. that shit aint cool, adding bad things to personal posts =/= venting you shithead

My Face Cosmetic Bag

Makeup is awesome, so why not embrace it by storing all your accessories inside the “contents: my face” cosmetic bag? The bag comes in a fun pink hue along with the comical message that tells the whole world that’s where your money maker is stored.


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Awesome Sh*t You Can Buy


To my precious, precious Junhwe: I wish for you love and happiness. You deserve so much, you deserve the world. I wish for you a successful debut and a successful future. God knows how hard you work. You are a loving son and a friend, a considerate and caring member. So talented, so charismatic, so handsome! I wish for you to achieve all your goals and ambitions. You deserve all the love the universe has to offer! Happy birthday Goo Junhwe!

  • Snow:We have to do something, without Emma finding out the truth.
  • Emma:Without Emma finding out the truth about what?
  • Snow:You heard that?
  • Emma:Mom, I’m standing literally a foot away from you. You are so bad at this.

TITLE: Always


AUTHOR: SierraLaufeyson13

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki living on Midgard during his exile. He lives with you, an inconsequential mortal, in a simple but comfortable home. He is woken up from a sound sleep one night by blood curdling screams coming from your room. 


NOTES/WARNINGS: Trigger for death of an animal, but that is in a dream, other than there’s nothing. 

The day was as normal as it could possibly be with the God of Mischief as your unruly, spiteful, and yet kind, and tender house guest. He had, quite literally, fell out of the sky into the forest one night, that same night you had taken one of your horses to ride the trails near your house at night, which is how you discovered him. Barefooted with tattered breeches and a tunic stained with dirt and blood. Instantly you recognized him as the man that they had shown brief glimpses of during the invasion of New Work, and not having the heart to leave him when he could barely stand you took him back to your own modest farm house.

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