all i’m gonna say is it’s funny how back in the day of 1d EVERYONE HERE was ready to rip throats of their label/management for how much the boys were overworked, basically our goddamn catchphrase was “give them a break”, but now it’s suddenly “harry forced them to break up and go solo because what else could they do when he was the only one who wanted a hiatus”. that’s all. it’s just. imo. funny.

lmao….i’m so upset about the whole “victor is fantastical/superhuman” thing. it’s like they want us to think the dude is literally a cryptid, cause then they don’t really have to think/develop him as a person. every single comment that is made about him goes to depersonalizing him further and that’s just :) great :)

i know it was just the VA director so it’s not that concerning bc afaik they don’t have a lot of plot control but honestly? i wouldn’t put it above kubo or yamamoto come say the same things lmao……

the guy has depression. what part of that distances him so much from yuri’s “reality”? victor and yuri may be opposites on many fronts, but this isn’t one. speaking as someone who experiences depression and anxiety at the same time this is just :) amazing to hear :) thanks for mystifying my experience to that extent :)

but this isn’t about me so back to victor. my main problem with this comment isn’t even that it was made, but that fandom at large is taking it as poetry and praising it and saying it’s “beautiful”. and i’m here like………lmao. thanks fandom for once again showing as long as they give us victuri crumbs without leaving vagueness aside you don’t care about what it means for victor’s character at all pfffft……but that’s fine because victor doesn’t matter beyond benig half of the ship right? he’s just the white overprivileged cis guy so fuck him right? i’d be okay if that was actually the reason lmao, but this isn’t people collectively choosing to not care about a character bc of his privileges, but just plain and simple not sparing one (1) thought for him as a person bc being a ship prop is enough.

like at this point i’m more concerned with where they’re taking victor (if anywhere) than how they’ll proceed with victuri. i’ll always have fandom shoving forced positivity down my throat and telling me victuri is canon even if the creators get more shady with it while assassinating the character of those who point their vagueness out (like me lmao)….but no there’s no such thing for victor. he’s either gonna get depevoped, ignored completely or murdered narratively. and can u tell :) all evidence :) takes us farther :) from the first :)