updating refs time

Here’s a ref for my new sona, I guess

Her name’s Inc


I suppose I’ve learned to not let my worry show on the surface!

Mainly about my kids… if they’ll be alright, if they’ll still love me when they get older… so many absurd things!

I worry about all the friends I’ve made and their safety as well as the residents of the reef..and my father.


New design for Jacob! Fenric will get a new design next (since I want his colour palette to be more fitting for the comic)

I need an easier way to draw this scarf pattern, it was annoying to shade it when it’s all on 1 layer….

me when shading anything


Finally got to my second updated ref, this time it’s most everyone’s favorite from my bunch

Adena Abigail Emberheart

-Average height
-a fucking nerd
-usually looks smug as hell cause she’s probably teasing or being a smart ass
-extremely short tempered, will kick your ass


Couldn’t finish it in time for the fusion project, but here’s Ave’s updated ref just in time for Gemsona Week.  (Her older one is here)

Ave | Aventurine

Gender: Female
Pronouns: she/her/hers
Romantic/Sexual Orientation: Undecided
Height: 4’10”
Weapon: Large Fans, which her hands draw from the opposite shoulder blade, they can be used both offensively and defensively, as well as allow for limited gliding. Ave mainly uses them as a shield, but on the rare occasion she attacks with them, they can slice and be thrown as well as send out forceful, magical gusts at full potential.  She can only draw them when she has resolve.
Gem Type: Aventurine (blue and green) one on each shoulder blade
Likes: Birds, peaceful moments in nature, forests, natural landscapes, waterfalls, fresh berries
Dislikes: Loud noises, predatory animals, thunderstorms
Hobbies: Arboreal acrobatics, weaving with found materials, poetry (particularly a form similar to Haiku)
Talents/Skills: Is able to turn herself invisible as well as cloak others, voice/sound mimicry, and shapeshifting which is mainly used to become various bird species.
Relationships: Mostly lives alone by herself in the woods, she was raised by ravens which found her originally in her gemstone form (attracted to the glittering object) so the descendents of her original “parents” she sees as her family and thus stays close to their home and feels it’s her duty to protect them.
Personality: Ave has a kind heart and a brave soul masked under a shy demeanor.  She is very quiet around new people, but if they speak on a topic she is particularly knowledgable about, she talkative side is easily sparked up.  She is very passionate about her home and family and defends them from intruders at all costs, but she often has trouble doing so being timid, indecisive and hesitant to use force.  Her fighting style reflects this as she relies mainly on hiding behind her fans and evading the enemy with them as well as utilizing her talent in camouflage.  She has a lot of potential but is rarely pushed enough to reach it living a quiet, peaceful life as a forest hermit.