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Knights of the Old Republic 2 Coming to Mac, SteamOS With Massive Update - IGN
The Sith Lords returns in 5K on new platforms with new features.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords is coming to Mac, Linux, and SteamOS alongside a substantial PC update today, more than 10 years after its original launch date. KOTOR 2 goes on sale on Steam and Apple’s Mac App Store for $10. Here’s what you can look forward to.

KOTOR 2 brings support for up to 5K resolution as well as widescreen support and Achievements. Additionally, Steam Cloud and controller support comes in the new version of Obsidian’s sequel to BioWare’s classic RPG. Steam Workshop compatibility means the game’s legendary mod support can continue on Steam across all platforms, too. To that end, the Sith Lords Restored Content Mod – a mode that completes KOTOR 2, which had missing chunks at launch – could well be on its way to the Steam Workshop shortly for anyone to install.

For more on all things Star Wars, stay tuned to IGN.

some windows 10 stuff

a lot of people keep asking me stuff and commenting on my posts about the windows upgrade to windows 10

i have only been using it since yesterday, but first impressions and some useful tips

before you can upgrade (guide for windows 8)

  • have windows 7, 8 or 8.1 installed 
  • your computer or tablet need to be eligible for windows 10 (check here)
  • update your current windows version completely ( Start, PC Settings, Update and recovery, and Windows Update.)
  • make a backup of your files (its not a necessity cause its not  clean install but save the stuff you really cant loose in case something goes wrong)
  • a little icon will appear in your taskbar (go here if you are impatient)
  • follow the guidelines for the upgrade

after the upgrade process

it took me 7 hours to completely install windows 10, probably cause i have 75% of my 300gb drive full. so put it on an external drive, that will help and you have everything backed-up too

  • there will be a menu of using advanced settings. use this!!
  • it will mostly be about windows and microsoft sharing information
  • i turned everything about sharing off
  • if you have a windows tablet or phone, look for your own best sharing options!!!
  • i do not know how to change these after the process is completes

my first impressions

  • there are a lot of new apps pre-installed (i dont like them so deleted them)
  • my laptop seems to run more effiiently and quicker

  • i only needed to update my nvidia drivers, everything else works perfectly
  • you can personalize a lot more settings than you can in windows 7 or 8(which i like)
  • the new fonts and icons i just have to get used to

do i recommend upgrading?

  • if you use your computer just for personal use like i do, hell yes
  • if you also use it for work/school and/or have specific programs on you computer, check to make sure it will works for you

please reblog if it was helpful so other see it too

if you have any questions, shoot me a message 

Do you have to keep buying new PC's?

Older Computers

Only 10 years old, running 10-year-old software (pre-Windows XP).

You’re no longer getting updates for it.
You can’t take it to just any technician for maintenance. (fixmypc.24ex can help you though. We still support back inclusive to Windows 98 offline).
The manufacturer has stopped directly supporting it.
It takes extra care & attention to keep it running well.
It doesn’t have any of the security & safety features that are standard on current computers & software and it can’t be upgraded to include them.
New or current software typically doesn’t run on it.
Your computer works, but it’s nowhere near current. You can probably keep doing what you’re doing, but not with the ability to upgrade or use the latest software, especially not online.

Unlike a classic car, new security threats are arriving daily; threats that you’re unable to protect yourself against to the same level that newer models & updated software would. But just one call could save you the cost of a new computer, for now.

Bonus ‘Hatoful Boyfriend’ Content Coming as Free Update for PC Owners

Hatoful Boyfriend diehards (I know you’re out there somewhere!) had their feathers ruffled a bit when it was revealed the PlayStation versions of the visual novel would come with an additional route.

Check it!


Been having a lot of killer conversations lately.

Really digging the love I’ve been getting on here and I’m having a lot of cool conversations lately. If you guys want, remember I made a facebook page and you can message me on there whenever you want if you wanna talk about some gear. 


That’s a really easy way to talk, sometimes Tumblr asks are terrible and don’t go through and shit. It’s kind of a nightmare. So that is a really dope option. 

I’ve also been taking my stream pretty seriously. So if you’re ever hanging out and I post I’m streaming, definitely come and hang. I drop a lot of info about cool shit happening and coming up. I’ve been busy as hell, so it’s been slow but I’m super glad I’ve waited to do too much content because I have a very important piece of gear coming here for my birthday. 

I’ll be streaming tonight around 6 or 7 pm. I’ll post when I go live. 

So I’m also considering selling my Limited Edition Blackout Effectors Mantra Overdrive to fund some modulation or speakers for the Rockerverb. It’s incredible, but I have the Bastard Sword coming in soon and it will be less useful. I have like 4 hobbies going and I can’t afford to do this shit on a college RA budget. hahahaha. So something has to go for something to come in. 

I’ve been hitting my guitar up the last few days and getting my chops back. They’ve been lacking and I know that. Hopefully you guys don’t give a shit that I’m not a virtuoso. I know gear and tone well enough, so I don’t think it matters. :D
You guys seriously fucking rule and I appreciate all of the love so much. You’re the reason I’m still working on making this a proper blog. I’m in talks with a redesign and stepping up my game and getting a new T Shirt designed… so be on the lookout for that!

WAIT!!! I’m rly happy about the update bc Davepeta was saying to ARquius about not being Dave and Nepeta, but a whole different being, and I think this is a rly good representation of being bigender or identifying outside the binary, bc like, you aren’t the two genders or whatever. It’s a different gender altogether. Like how bisexuality isn’t a mix of gay and straight, it’s a whole different sexuality. So special thanks to Hussie for this.

Wasteland 2 Director's Cut Release Date!

Hello Exiles,

We have some big news to share with you today, so we’ll just cut right to the chase. Wasteland 2 Director’s Cut will be releasing digitally on PC on October 13, 2015! Additionally, for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, digital and physical releases will be coming on October 13th in the Americas, and October 16th Worldwide!

As we’ve said before, anyone who already owns Wasteland 2 on any digital PC retailer will be getting the Director’s Cut as a free update on PC. We’ll have more information as we get closer to release, but it’s our intention to make sure it’s as easy a process as possible. Keep your eyes peeled on our Wasteland 2 forums as we’ll be putting up FAQs and similar in the coming weeks towards release.

For those of you who are still curious about the Director’s Cut contents, features, and changes, or may have missed our discussions on them previously, here are some links that go over some of those new elements in detail.

And those do not even fully cover all the new additions, like new and expanded voice-over for many of the game’s key NPCs and companions, as well as our extensive rebalancing of virtually every combat encounter, loot drop, and item you’ll find in the game.

We’re now in the home stretch of development. Our final tasks in the several weeks before final release include polishing up the game as much as we can, including tweaks, optimizations, fixes and balance adjustments. We hope you will enjoy the changes and updates as much as we enjoyed bringing them to you.

New Screenshots

We’ve got a bunch of new screenshots ready for you for this announcement, showing off some of our graphical updates and changes to our environments and character models. Our art team has worked tirelessly to make sure the Wasteland is more vibrant and detailed than ever, and we’re extremely pleased with the results.

Last Call for Wasteland Playing Cards

As you may well be aware, we’ve partnered with Jackson Robinson and Kings Wild Project to provide you with some awesome Wasteland-themed playing cards. His campaign is in its final hours with just over one day left, so if you want to pick up some of these backer-exclusive cards, now is your last chance.

E3 Coverage & Gamescom

As we mentioned in a previous update, we were at E3 2015 in June, and we had a great experience.It’s exciting and useful for our development to actually get people playing this new version of the game, and we wanted to share some of the E3 coverage with you if you’d missed it previously:

There are preview write-ups from GameReactor, RPGFan, iDigitalTimes, Hardcore Gamer, andXbox Achievements in English, as well as non-English coverage from vgBR.com (Portuguese),GeeksAndCom (French), IGN IT (Italian) and 9lives (Dutch).

In addition to interview content in the above, there are interviews with Brian Fargo fromGameCrate, Akihabara Blues and Press Start TV.

That’s not the last of our public showings, though - we will also be demoing Wasteland 2 Director’s Cut at Gamescom!

See you next time!

Chris Keenan
Project Lead - Wasteland 2

Update: The Story of Boma Short Animation

Today we got new update, we present The Story of Boma. Its a short animation where we introduced Boma Naraka Sura background story since not many know about Boma, and also introduce Ghatotkacha character. We hope people will get it more a glimpse history of Boma to understand him better.

You can check the link to watch it or just click it here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/anantarupastudios/boma-naraka-sura/updates, and please support us, thank you very much!

Every Heroes and Villains have their own stories

Time for an Update

So you’re probably wondering where I’ve been the last few weeks. If not, well whatever. :P

A few weeks ago I just moved to another part of Canada so I’ve been settling in as best as possible. The other day I ordered all the parts to a new PC build I’m going to get, and I also had my first job interview since getting laid off at Target earlier in the year.

Well lo and behold the job interview was for none other than working at my dream job in a radio station! I’m very confident I will get this job since I already have ample experience without going to post-secondary.

With that aside, I’ve been meaning to get back into making music again. Sadly my last song, Can’t Pull Me Down didn’t get its lyrics yet and I’m still waiting on them (been about a month and a half now since the original mix has been released).

This new PC build of mine will also allow me to produce my music at a more efficient rate and perform as an excellent gaming rig as well.

So with all of that. Hope everyone is well, don’t expect me on here a lot though. :3

~Phan <3

PC update:-

So most of my parts are in my local post office, should arrive tomorrow. My case just arrived in Orlando… so hopefully that will come Saturday, I doubt it would come tomorrow.
Then my motherboard is MIA in transit from California. Says estimated date is Tuesday.
Don’t understand that consider a few other parts came from the same warehouse.
So basically next week the build should be done.