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It’s Go Time! Break Power Barriers and Surpass Limits with Transcendence Phase 1!
By GM Amelia

Heya adventurers! Well, are you ready to know what the big thing that’s coming today is? Well? Are ya? Ok, two things: One is Transcendence. Push your heroes to their limits and they can gain new skills for that fun, hard-hitting action we know we can’t live without. The second thing is Hero Dungeon: Hell Mode! This new infernal dungeon mode guarantees your trip inside every dungeon makes you come out a changed player. Two big updates back to back to maximize and test out your newly gained Transcendence skills. No time to snooze and dilly-dally coz this ain’t no walk in the park! Don’t forget to check out the Item Mall for three items that made a comeback!

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Updated Show Announcements!

Blue Devils - “Ink”
Blue Knights - “Because”
Bluecoats - “Kinetic Noise”
Blue Stars - “Side Show”
Boston Crusaders - “Conquest”
The Cavaliers - “Game On”
The Cadets - “Power of Ten”
Cascades - “Intergalactic”
Colts - “… And a Shot Rang Out”
Crossmen - “Above and Beyond”
Jersey Surf - “Sun Surfing”
Madison Scouts - “78th and Madison”
Mandarins - “Resurrection”
Oregon Crusaders - “The Midnight Garden”
Phantom Regiment - “City of Light”
Pioneer - “Exodus”
Santa Clara Vanguard - “Spark of Invention”
Spirit of Atlanta - “Out of the Ashes”
Troopers - “Wild Horses”

inktober day 5

This is a huge moment for not only Sean Murray but also for us!
No more delays!
No more rumors!
We will finally get our hands on No Man’s Sky!
But I also finally got a new phone! So I can now keep you guys up to date with things. So that makes 2 amazing announcements today.
Well that’s all I have to say today, so happy exploring the universe
One planet at a time!

Luciel Gets Ready for a Big Transformation to Heed the Call of the Underworld
By GM Amelia

Hello brave adventurers! Have you felt a disturbance in the lands of Elrios lately? It feels like a great power will be unleashed very soon. Whose it is? Our beloved Demon Duo may be preparing for something big. I won’t spoil but you’ll find out soon enough! Tomorrow, we have Ice Burners and other fun thangs at the Item Mall you might want to check out. Try them on for size when they come out! Go, go, go~!

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Okay so my fellow PC users, let this be a warning to you all. I previously had Windows 8.1 (and even though I was never the biggest fan it worked for me fine. No major glitches.) But many Windows users had the opportunity to upgrade to Windows 10 for free. Awesome? No! I had resisted it for awhile and finally decided to download it.

Windows 10 itself isn’t too bad, maybe a little pointless, pretty similar to Windows 8. But pretty soon after using it a lot of glitches started to pop up.

  • First when I was scrolling through long files it would automatically jump to the top of the file, not letting me scroll by my own free will. 
  • It wouldn’t let me rename my folders. If I was trying to name a folder it would exit out of it again and again and just say “New Folder” no matter how hard I tried.
  • Last night the INTERNET wouldn’t work. I just shut it down and tried in the morning and it still wouldn’t. The connection wasn’t even available or visible. I knew it wasn’t a problem with my connection because my iPhone was connected and other devices in my house. But it wouldn’t connect no matter how hard I tried.

I looked up solutions to the problem and found out MANY people were having the same problems. My mom’s boyfriend also downloaded Windows 10 and his computer had no sound. This didn’t happen to me but apparently it happened to a lot of others.

I then decided to switch back to Windows 8.1 (THIS OPTION IS ONLY AVAILABLE UP TO A MONTH OF UPGRADING TO WINDOWS 10 SO BE MINDFUL OF THAT!) and it recommended that I back up my files before I switch just in case, but it shouldn’t affect the files.

I have a LOT of shit on my computer and if I lost my files I’d be pretty screwed, so the warning scared me. I didn’t have the Internet to back up files online or on Google Drive, E-mail, etc. so I decided to back things up on a flashdrive.

HOWEVER. Whenever I put the flashdrive in, it would not recognize it. The USB hardware wasn’t working at all. I tried all of them, I tried different flash drives, and when I googled it. LOW AND BEHOLD. ANOTHER COMMON PROBLEM ON THE WINDOWS 10 UPDATE. It literally wouldn’t let me back up my files.

So I risked it, because I was pretty much trapped, couldn’t use the Internet, dealing with little glitches, couldn’t use a flashdrive, and I went back to Windows 8.1 which was fairly easy.

I was nervous at first that I would lose my files, but luckily once it eventually rebooted, Windows 8 was back and all of my files were still there. Also, wow the Internet worked again! And it detected my flashdrive! So it was all because of the shitty Windows 10 update.

Please signal boost this, it was a lot of unnecessary stress and frustration for me. Windows 10 is not any better than 7 or 8 so please hold off on downloading until a day where these bugs are all worked out.


Enter Another Dimension to Pass the Heavenly Gates of Elysion! Plus, It’s Your Last Chance to Beat Eltrion!
By GM Amelia

Hey, hey adventurers! We have two major events going on this week! Can you guess what they are? Well you really won’t have to coz I’m just going to tell you, teehee. Let’s get right into it! Elysion opens to welcome player into its heavenly, majestic gates. And in here you will start a new journey towards that may lead to the El Lady.  What’s that I hear? That, my friends, is the sound of the level cap being raised. Exciting isn’t it? To help you get to 99 faster, why don’t you explore Elysion’s two new dungeons?

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