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Character Profile

Name ; Thaddeus “Tad” Strange

unofficial Nicknames ; “Taddy” by Mabel Gleeful

Likes ; Mabel Gleeful, Walks along the busy street, prank-ing Will, Eating Sweets with Mabel, smoking.

Dislikes ; The Pines family tree (excluding Pacifica). 

Age ; ??? (he’s a demon)

Species ; Emotion Demon

Hobbies ; Cooking (not baking there’s a difference), Being Mabel’s entourage, Hunting with Will, Fishing (mostly accompanying Stan and Ford).

Birthday ; September 4th

(Tad is bahunka hunk)

Happy Trans Day of Visibility!

I’m slowly making progress on coming out to more of my family. It’s especially an issue now that I’m a parent. I use “they” pronouns and go by “Renny” as my parent name. Really don’t like being called “Mommy.” And if my child is going to grow up hearing and using my right pronouns/parent name, I need to explain that to family.


Character Profile

Name ; William “Will” Cipher

Unofficial Nicknames ; “The Demon” by Mabel Pines, “Willy pop” by Pacifica, “Mr.Tall-Blue-and-Jerky” by Gideon, “Cry baby” by Wendy, “Blueberry” by Dipper

Likes ; His Master His one and only( (;p or are they), Hunting, Fish Watching (It’s very calming), Reading, Classical Music.

Dislikes ; Pacifica Southeast ,Gideon Pines, When his Master is in a Bad mood.

Age ;???

Birthday ; ??? (no one but Dipper knows)

Species ; Dream Demon

Hobbies ; Piano, Violin, Hunting with Tad, Reading with his Master.

(such a Sinammon Roll <3)

(No matter what route you take you will see WillDip EVEN IF YOU HAVE TO SQUINT! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA but no Bill will not make an appearance sorry YnY)


Part 3 of 3 of the art I posted on the MPGiS app!!
and plus the two where I actually did TRY emulating a style for them outside of chibi. Tho granted it still ended up being very anime-eque but hey it was something. I like this batch the best X,D haven’t updated my mpgis profile in a while though…


Character Profile

Name ; Mason “Dipper” Gleeful

Unofficial Names ; “Dip-Dop, Sir Dipping Sauce, Dip-Shit, Bro-bro, Dip-Dip, Dip-Stick, Brother Mine, Brother” by Mabel, “Asshole” by Gideon, “Mr.Meany McMeanipuss” by Pacifica, “Pine Needle” by Will and Tad, “My Master” by Will, “Master Dipper” by Tad, “Dreamboat of the Century” By Candy&Grenda, “Mr.Cool-and Mysterious” by Wendy

Likes ; Classical Music, the top 40 Pop Music list, Abba, Magic (lol duh), Literature, Comfortable Silence (to him), Mabel Gleeful (*Cough* SisCon), Will, Gore, his black List. …. (and Romance but shush don’t tell anyone)

Dislikes ; Being Talked down to, Being called Short (despite his Age), Being called Adorable, MERMANDO, People messing with Mabel, People playing with Mabel’s heart, People in general.

Age ; 19 going 20

Birthday ; August 31st.

Species ; Human

Hobbies ; Reading, Doing Magic, Messing with the Pines Family tree, ‘Adventuring’ in the Woods with Mabel, Cooking and Baking, Dancing Alone while Will plays an instrument (”I don’t ‘DO’ Couple Dancing Will”).

(My stoic baby, Protect him plz.)

anonymous asked:

Omg hi, love your blog btw ๐Ÿ˜‰ could I get a HC of RFA reacting to smol MC that fell asleep on the floor waiting for them to come home๐Ÿ˜‚? Thank you~

Thank you so much and of course it sounds super cute I will gladly do this one.

I see my profile update made all the smol MC requests roll in. ^-^*


  • He came late home he thought you where already asleep.
  • Zen opened the door and tried to be quiet but then he saw you on the floor sleeping.
  • You looked so cute to him and then he felt bad for coming home that late.
  • You had waited for hours for him , maybe you even worried about him.
  • Zen feel guilty to make you wait that long.
  • He carefully picks you up and carries you bridal style to the bedroom.
  • He kisses you before he also lays down and he promises to you to come home earlier when ever he can.


  • He was studying all day and he thought you passed out since you did not not replay to his message that he is on the way home.
  • He opens the door and he is more then surprised to see you sleeping on the floor.
  • You look so adorable leaning on the wall and breathing softly.
  • Yoosung finds it cute that you passed out while waiting for him but then he thinks you will get a cold like that.
  • Yoosung thinks about getting you a blanket but sleeping on the floor will be really uncomfortable so he wakes you up.
  • He feel bad about it but you are really happy to see him you are still very sleepy so he helps you to get to the bed you pass out again while cuddling up to him.


  • She is often late home after work so she thinks you are in bed when she comes in.
  • You are laying on the floor in front of the door Jaehee is worried that you passed out like that.
  • Even when she thinks you look cute she really does not want you to get a cold.
  • She carefully wakes you up since she rather not carries you around.
  • You wake up and you are still sleepy Jaehee asks you why you slept on the floor.
  • You admit you where waiting for her and just passed out.
  • Jaehee finds it cute that you waited for her but she tells you to just wait on the couch next time.
  • You agree and tel her she needs to work less so you don´t pass out waiting for her.
  • Jaehee agrees and pets your head.


  • He is often late home so you got used to that you are often asleep when he comes home.
  • Jumin does not expect you to be awake at all when he opens the door.
  • He sees you are sleeping on the floor in front of he door curled together with Elizabeth the 3rd.
  • It looks so cute to him but he wonders why you are laying their.
  • Where you waiting for him ?
  • He will have to lecture you later about that but now he just carefully picks you up.
  • He accidentally wakes the cat up but she moves right away to the bed.
  • Jumin carries you carefully to the bed and lays you down.
  • He covers you with a blanket and watches your sleep for a bit till he joins you and passes out.


  • He was out till very late he figures you moved to bed already.
  • He feels bad he left you that long alone he sighs a bit while opening the door.
  • The first think he sees when he opens it is you laying on the floor he panics a bit but then he realizes you just passed out.
  • He finds it very sweet that you waited their till you passed out you must been worried about him.
  • He promises you to not let you wait again and then he picks you slowly up and brings you to the bed.
  • When you not wake up he is glad he would hate to disturb your sleep he looks at you sleeping and he feels he is tried too so he lays down beside you.
  • Once he lays you move and in your sleep and hug him.

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ok i’m in a conundrum… i updated my fb profile picture and then one of my relatives from india (who’s like 3-7 years older than me i Think) commented “looking good nephew 😊” but like … she’s not my aunty?? idk what to respond with omg idk if i should say “thanks aunty!!” or just her name bc she’s not That older than me.. and usually i only call ppl aunty/uncle if they’re a lot older than me!!!!

Going to get professional photos taken soon

So I can update my sugar profiles and attract more men. I’m also going to use the photos for this website I just discovered, Elite Travel Girls. To join this website, you have to upload professional photos on your profile. ETG is basically an upscale version of Miss Travel and it’s full of serious POTS/SDs that have to pay big money to join!

Hey guys! I’m updating my profile picture. I’d like to thank @pilotdraws for this adorable drawing of Kimi the Heroine eating a cookie that she looks like.