updating my movies page

spring break still isnt over but i already spent all my money ? on 2 ghibli films and the dark knight returns i literally have nothing left but its o k a y i have the right to treat myself on my birthday as long as i dont need money the next few days ◑.◑

Kuro's Bagginshield Fic Rec update

It was about time I did this
Soo, it’s been a while since I updated my fic rec page, and since after the movie there have been a lot of new entries in the fandom (great ones too), I think its time to add those!
So, the one below the cut isn’t the complete rec. You can find it here. These are the ones I’m adding to it.
Like always, there are only complete fics here. I’ll make another post for the WIPs I’m following later.

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I need new people to follow

Last night I went through and unfollowed about 15 people for inactivity.
I need new blogs to follow!

If you post regularly and any of the following often, please reblog or like this post so I can check you out.

-Supernatural (this is my main fandom, the main thing I post, and the main thing I will be looking for)
-Marvel (MCU and comics)
-Animals! especially if you post a lot of:

  • snakes
  • cats
  • skunks
  • tigers
  • bats

-Lost (there is never enough Lost on my dash)
-The Office (BBC or NBC)
-Parks and Rec
-Home Movies

Thanks guys. I look forward to checking out your blogs!