Since I just wanted to post food pics for the fun of it LOL 

But they were from long ago, especially that Green tea matcha Kit kat :D I got it from my Japanese teacher when she visited Japan^^ 

And the cupcakes were from a bake sale, but mind you they were the best cupcakes I tasted at a bake sale at my school and they were nicely decorated like better than most bake sales do it~ 

I might actually do a review for Angel eyes which I’m watching :D since its been a while since I posted her :’> AND I FEEL SO BAD T^T So yeah LOL going to try and finish it and I’m watching a Japanese Drama that I’m also in love with called Partners in blood :D BUT ITS SO SHORT ;_; ARGGG The many things I wish they could do haha 

Oh well its another post for another time :D So byeeee~