Me & My Little Green Monster

I know you wondering about why we have green stuff on our face. Well because I have been in a DIY mood. One of the main things I buy that empty out my pockets are my skin products. So I usually use orangic shea butter and others facemasks but today I decided to make my own. The main ingredients I use was coco butter, avocado and honey. Of course my little shadow had to do what I do and test it out with me. In the end results, I wasn’t a fan of it. It was too sticky… I felt like a caramel covered apple so yeah, Analeah enjoy tho, I caught her trying to eat it! But its back to the drawing boards. 💭

first off, sorry for being MIA for the past two (or three) days! I’ve been swamped with work, events and the like and didn’t have time to study (or post about studying). Thank you all for 16k, too, it’s so surreal!! I’ll hopefully be more active in the coming week (seeing as I have a few tests to study for) :]

-jo xx

anonymous asked:

Are you going to update Caller Nine?

I will!

I don’t want this to come out the wrong way and please don’t feel offended. I just feel the need to say this for what feels like the fiftieth time.

Please refrain from asking when I will be updating. I know there are a lot of new followers and some of you haven’t seen the flood of asks I used to get about updates. I stated it before and haven’t stated it again because I thought it would end, but clearly it hasn’t. Whether the reason is that you’re persistent in getting an answer, a newer follower and haven’t read my FAQ, which I get. Sometimes I get lazy about reading them too.

Therefore I will state it again, please refrain from asking about updates.

I know you mean no harm by it and I greatly appreciate that many of you enjoy what I write. However, honestly speaking, I am not always going to be one hundred percent in the mood to churn out chapters and scenarios.

And I know I’m going to get a snarky, “Well why don’t you just delete if you’re not going to update?” or something or other.

The reason is simply this: I write for my enjoyment and asking about updates doesn’t exactly motivate me to write faster. It just makes me feel like an asshole for not updating and I don’t want to post chapters that are written under pressure or sloppily put together. You’d be surprised how fast a writer loses their love for a work of fiction when they just end up posting because they feel they need to and not because they want to.

So now all update asks will be answered with a simple please read the FAQ.

I really should just be deleting them, but I really don’t want it to seem like I’m ignoring you guys.

Anyway thank you for following and your wonderful patience. I really do appreciate all the love for what I write, but I do need everyone to understand.

Thank you!

If you’ve ever wanted to see Eren fight Titans while dressed up like an employee of a Lawson convenience store, Omega Force’s Attack on Titan game has made that a reality. The costume as well as Armin’s Treasure Box-included Attack on Titan: Junior High costume when you pick up……

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Last day of project #animesecretvalentine so prepare to reveal yourselves! I hope everyone has enjoyed themselves and positivity was spread 💕
Hope everyone has a lovely valentines day!
NB: I will not be revealing anyone’s secret valentines since some people prefer to remain anonymous

- Annabel (spirition)


Hey guys!
So, with Romeo being a fairly small fandom, I’ve noticed that there aren’t many Romeo blogs out there. I’m here to give you guys a few, in case you want to follow more Romeo stans!

Updates/Pictures: @romeorussia ,
@grapeseunghwan , @romeobr , @noh-kangmin , @romeo-net

Pastel/Pretty: @romeojpg , @kang-miin

Writings: @romeo-target

Sorry if I left any out, feel free to add some if you know any more!

New theme up and running

With the exception of the masterlist (yeah, I know, the only thing anyone might give a damn about - sorry!). On the plus side, posts can be liked and reblogged again, so yay!

Depending on what system you’re using, everything looks greyish pink/purple or totally blue….

Let me know if y’all encounter any problems or if things look too wonky

won’t you look at that! here’s a glimpse of the playing cards that are going out as backer prizes to everyone who ordered the Art of Loish artbook through kickstarter :)

speaking of kickstarter, 3Dtotal (the publisher of my artbook) has a new project up. i’m not participating in this one but a lot of AMAZING artists are, including some of my personal faves like Ilya Kuvshinov, Charlie Bowater, and Tran Nguyen. definitely check it out if you’re into tutorials and learning new techniques: 100 Hours on Kickstarter

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[#INFINITE] #Happy_우현Day 🤗 오늘은 인피니트 #우현 군의 생일입니다! #우현 군을 위한 축하메세지 많이많이 남겨주세요😍 ▶


[#INFINITE] #Happy_WoohyunDay � Today is INFINITE #Woohyun’s birthday! Please leave lots and lots of congratulations messages for #Woohyun 😍 ▶

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Hey, RAW backers– it’s February! You know what that means… one month closer to May! And we’ve got some goodies for you, to celebrate.

Before we get to the fun stuff, we first want to thank you for all the very prompt responses to our Kickstarter surveys! Around 2200 of you have already filled yours out, which we greatly appreciate– the sooner everything’s filled out the sooner we can start buying shipping supplies, which means the sooner your books get to you. On that note:

If you HAVEN’T filled our your survey yet, remember to do it soon! We need them from you by April 1st in order to guarantee that your book will get to you as quickly and safely as possible!

But enough shipping (hah!) news… we’ve got some goods for you right now, and it’s time to deliver. We have received book proofs from our printer!

For those unfamiliar, proofs are basically test-runs done before they start the final print job so that we can take a look and make sure everything is just right! There are all different sorts, which show all different aspects of the job– layout, colors, paper quality, and more. We have three different kinds of proofs:

  • ozalid proofs, or “blues” – these are low-quality prints that are arranged to show the entire book in order, so we can check the layout and position of all the images and text
  • wet proofs – these are where the images are all printed exactly as they will be in the book, on the exact same paper, so we can check to make sure the colors look right
  • sample case – this is the cover of the book with no inside pages, so we can see what the final book cover will look like

(Top: blues; bottom: wet proofs.)

(Sample case, with paper placed inside to simulate the final book!)

There are no words that can accurately describe how thrilled we were to see these, and we knew we had to share them with you. We hope you enjoyed seeing them! These are, pun intended, proof that the book is happening– and it’s coming our way.

Enjoy your February! May is coming.

All our love,
Aimee & Tea
Bad Influence Press

CardCaptor Sakura 20th Anniversary Illustration Collection Book

This is just one of the first surprises CLAMP and Nakayoshi have in hand for CCS’s 20th anniversary! 

This artbook will be a collection of original illustrations picked by CLAMP themselves and it will be released on March, 24th. (source)

Available links for pre-order worldwide: