Week in Review: August 27 - September 4

Wow. We’re really bad at keeping this up. Hope to do it every Friday from now on.

  • Anti-Capitalism
    • v1.1.0: Updated to match new Tumblr classes
  • Blog Tracker
    • v0.4.2: Made display consistent on dashboard-like pages, like Activity
    • v0.4.3: Blog Tracker can now track up to 30 blogs
  • Editable Reblogs
    • v2.0.0: Updated the extension for the new Tumblr layout
    • v2.0.1: Removed the “Put reblogs back” click area
    • v2.0.2: Fixed issues with Read Mores and empty post bodies
  • Find Inactives
    • v0.2.1: Brought the extension back from the grave (a.k.a. made it actually work)
  • Hide Avatars
    • v0.1.4: Minor optimization fix
  • Mass+
    • v0.4.2: Fixed an issue that disallowed searching by tags
  • Old Stats
    • v0.2.2: Fixed the sidebar duplicating on the Likes page
  • Quick Tags
    • v0.5.4: Added an option to disable the icon in the New Post popup
  • Retags
    • v1.0.0: Retags now shows on mention notifications
  • Satsukimous
    • v1.1.0: Added more replacement options, including custom images
  • Separator
    • v1.1.2: Fixed the “Go To”-button still appearing when the extension was removed
  • Servant
    • v0.5.8: Added a “Chat” option to the “Post is type”-cause
  • Shorten Posts
    • Fixed the embiggen button overlapping various UI elements
  • Show Originals
    • v1.2.2: Fixed a logic error which broke the extension
  • Tweaks
    • v4.0.4: Fixed some titles not getting the classic look
  • XKit Patches
    • v4.0.5: Fixed a logic error which broke a load of stuff
  • Other
    • XKit Editor: Added various keyboard shortcuts

Upcoming changes

  • A new extension to change the looks of reblogs however you want (446)
  • Integrating Estufar’s Sidebar Fix into official New XKit (409)
  • A fix for multiple “Keep Reading”-links on a post opening all at once (360)
  • A button to add post bundles if none are configured (173)

WOO! I’m very excited to be able to announce that I will be starting up an updates page!

R U L E S:

  • must be following me AND 5updates
  • reblog this post (likes don’t count)
  • to apply to be a member, fill out this application
  • to apply to be an affiliate, fill out this application
  • i wanted to make this so people could have fun, there would be somewhere for others to turn to, a place for updates, and also for awesome creators to get their work out there!!

P O S I T I O N S:

  • admin (x1): allowed to partake in any of the jobs they feel they can handle.
  • editor (x2): makes edits/gif/edits of candids, etc. basically can make edits of anything they want that’s 5SOS related!
  • reblogger (x2): reblogs other people’s posts onto the 5updates page (mostly hq pictures/gifs).
  • advice (x1): takes asks where people come to the blog to look for advice/someone to talk to.
  • writing (x2): writes imagines/blurbs/fics related to 5SOS to post to the blog!
  • theme maker (x1): pretty self explanatory, makes themes and posts them.
  • newscaster (x2): posts about upcoming 5SOS events/performances/etc.!
  • horoscopes (x1): posts 5SOS related horoscopes.

D E A D L I N E S:

  • i will be choosing when this gets enough notes & when there are a good amount of applications!
  • if you have any questions/concerns, feel free to put them in my ask


[NEW VIDEO ADDED] #TokioHotel Interview for MIXME in Sao Paulo, Brazil [28.08.2015]

Introducing our new book editor, Luna Merbruja!

External image

(Photo credit: EP Li Photography)

Luna Merbruja has moved from her internship position to a book editor with biyuti publishing! Yay!

Luna is the author of Trauma Queen, a performance artist, and a co-coordinator of the 2014 International TWOC Network Gathering. She is also currently pursuing a career in trauma therapy.

Additionally, she facilitates writing workshops across North America through a poetic and prose lens. She has a background in poetry and memoir writing, and had the recent honor of reading Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha’s upcoming memoir, Dirty River, to check for political content and to give editorial feedback.

Luna focuses on offering content feedback, copy editing, and ensuring that what is published follows social justice principles in being non-oppressive.


‘She Was Beautiful” Preview 2 with Siwon

Hey everyone! We’re excited to say the Stay Fresh! zine is SOLD OUT!!

We’re absolutely floored at all the support and enthusiasm we received. If you purchased a zine or helped spread the word, we’re giving you a big squid hug! We couldn’t have done it without you and all of us are excited to get the zine out there.

Our next steps will be to continue organizing the rest of the preorder goodies, shipping supplies, and of course get the zines printed. All updates will be posted here as they come!

taylormomsen: We’re back…time to get personal.  You kind of know me…but I barely know you.  Every FRIDAY tweet me something about who you are, If I see it, I’ll follow you on Twitter..use #ROCKRULES and remember I don’t spend much time on the internet so don’t be discouraged if I miss your tweet (btw, for the record I hate spamming) #whoareyou #1Love #newTPRrecord #psyched #longliveROCK