1. [+1,291, -45] ‘If You’ sounds like it’s going to be another historical hit. I’m sure Big Bang fans will know what I’m talking about when I say that 'Sober’ is uniquely different because of how differently the member parts were distributed compared to their other songs. Can’t believe 'Sober’ was the song briefly heard before GD’s song in the 2013 MAMA performance..!! Goosebumps.. I’m so proud to be a Big Bang fan ㅠ

2. [+858, -41] ㅋㅋㅋ Big Bang fans are amazing

3. [+846, -35] Am I considered a Big Bang fan if I enjoy their music? ㅎㅎ Thanks for the music that always blows away my stress

4. [+784, -34] The new song is daebak! Do well, Big Bang!

5. [+781, -43] Their song is totally daebak, their best yet I’d say…

6. [+159, -3] I think this song is their best yet in that it brings out the vocal qualities of each member perfectly… Can’t believe GD was able to pull out a ballad that not only brought the charm of each member’s voice but harmonized it into one song… The song itself almost sounds like it’s on the verge of tears but still soothing enough to console you… a lingering type of sadness that is more yearning than powerful ㅠㅠ Why does this not have a music video… and 'Sober’… personally my favorite ㅠㅠ the music video has pretty colors and the melody is stuck in my head. The lyrics are also relatable as well… and there’s also a tinge of sadness to the song too.. it’s an emotional rollercoaster listening to 'If You’ and then 'Sober’ right after ㅠ

7. [+151, -3] 'If You’ is their best yet.. love the song ㅠㅠ

8. [+143, -5] 'Sober’ has a band feel while 'If You’ is so sad… I love 'If You’…

PLL 6x07 ‘Oh Brother, Where Art Thou’ official press release:

“Charles prepares for a homecoming on his birthday in ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou’ an all new episode of Pretty Little Liars airing Tuesday July 21st.

There are mixed emotions in the Dilaurentis household when Charles declares he is coming home for his birthday. Mr. Dilaurentis wants to quickly get out of town to hide Ali and Jason from their brother, while Jason sees this as an opportunity to finally validate all of the early childhood memories he has of ‘Charlie.’ The PLLs are just as split with Spencer and Hanna seeing this as the best chance they have to capture Charles, while Emily and Aria want to stay as far away from him as possible. Will Jason be reunited with his brother, or is this just another one of -A’s traps?

Meanwhile, Mona is shutting Mike out and Hanna gets an unwelcome surprise.”


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I Just Want People To Stop And Think About This For A Moment.

HOW THE FUCK DID DIRK RAISE HIMSELF?!?! The new updates have gotten me thinking, and this has been something that’s been on mind for awhile. What with all the revelations between Dave and Dirk about upbringings. How in the world did Dirk raise himself?

Dirk was on his own for pretty much all of his life. Dirk made all the robots, and that’s all they where robots not something that could have raised him. In fact he was more their guardian then they where to him.  And don’t tell me that Cal was the one that raised him. Cal was an empty fucking puppet when Dirk had him. So how did Dirk raise himself from a baby to the point he is at now???

Human babies cannot raise themselves. Not without some sort of figure to show them how to fucking, how to drink, how to do all the normal human things. Dirk was on his own since he came to be. How did he learn to anything. Yes, Alpha Dave left some shit behind for him, but how did he learn how to use it? As of now in the comic, Dirk has had real human interaction with 4 people. Maximum. And this was all after he entered the game. 

I really like Dirk. He is one of my favorite characters. But can someone please tell me



RivaMika Week (July 3rd 2015 - July 10th 2015) begins in 3 days (Well, actually 2, but we forgot to publish this post lol)! Here is a reminder of the tea flavor-themed prompts for this cycle:

  • JULY  3RD, Day 1: Fruity (e.g. Black currant)
  • JULY  4TH, Day 2: Spicy (e.g. Saffron)
  • JULY  5TH, Day 3: Char (e.g. Smoky)
  • JULY  6TH, Day 4: Sweet (e.g. Molasses)
  • JULY  7TH, Day 5: Nutty (e.g. Chestnut)
  • JULY  8TH, Day 6: Floral (e.g. Dandelion)
  • JULY  9TH, Day 7: Vegetal (e.g. Eucalyptus)
  • JULY 10TH, Day 8: Earthy (e.g. Ocean Air)

Be sure to check the rules before participating!

Your RMW Staff,
cloudedhues, fuku-shuu, hattubel



[NEW VIDEO] #TokioHotelTV 2015 Episode 19 > Some Techno In The Lab… [01.07.2015]


Map is now open! ~ 



[NEW AUDIO] #TokioHotel Phone Interview for Droide 205 [01.07.2015] 


For the next three or so weeks, I might not be very active. I have to move house, unfortunately. It’s not something I want to do but we have to keep going! I also am focusing on Camp Nano, and hopefully, those of you that are will be distracted by that!

There are some good resources to help with it on the forums and on their youtube channel. You won’t be alone.

My submissions period will be extended to, around the 21st of July; but because I am moving house I can’t say for sure. It will not run longer than the end of July, at least.

So… Good luck guys!