I’ve had an account who made fake texts approach me and tell me that people have been saying that she took my work, she has apologised and also told me that they didn’t intend to do so. I have read the texts before they deleted them and saw why people would think that they’ve took my work but I was going to message them back but they’ve already deactivated their account so I just wanted to say here, thanks for telling me and deleting the work that people claimed that you have plagiarised. I’m sorry you’ve been sent hate asks as well because I did see them before you deactivated. To that anon that told her to go ‘die in a hole’ I hope you never say things like that again because you have no idea how hurtful words like that can be, don’t wish death upon other people please, it’s honestly not needed whatsoever. It’s always best for people to live and lead happy and healthy lives, so please spread positivity and not negativity! Side note: if anyone does notice that my work has been plagiarised then please come to me and tell me about it! I’d like to know and check it out for myself, then take further action if needed. Thanks to those who pointed it out though I appreciate you realising these things and telling the author. I honestly don’t know why people would even plagiarise my work😂 Have a good day ~ spread love, not hate 💗 ~K.

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Since trans week is officially over, I’d like to thank everyone for participating. This whole even went smoothly, and a lot of cool content came out of it. That’s all thanks to you guys!!

Even if you didn’t have the time or energy to participate this time around, I wanna thank you for being here and just enjoying the content.

I hope that people had fun, maybe we’ll do it again next July!

Hey everyone! I’m out of town for the birth of my nephew so no new audio until closer to the weekend, but we’ll be continuing with our character asks. We’ll have Caspian for you when I do get back.




Bungou Stray Dogs: DEAD APPLE, to be released this Spring 2018!

Miraculous Pride: A Miraculous Ladybug Pride Charity Zine

Miraculous Pride Zine is a collaboration of fanworks intended to appreciate LGBTQ+ fanart and fanfiction for the show Miraculous Ladybug! It’s time to shine a light on the wonderful character interpretations out there and appreciate the full rainbow of content in our fandom!

Donations are not mandatory but highly welcomed, as we will be donating all proceeds to LGBTQ+ charities around the world!

Zine Format: Digital Download

Theme: LGBTQ+ characters and ships, pride-related creations, etc.

Content: Art, fics, and 2-3 page comics!


Signups: Jul 1 - Jul 22
Creation time: Aug 5 - Sept 16
Release date: ~Sept 22

More info will be added as we approach the signup date, so follow our blog and track the tag #miraculouspride for updates!

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Even’s birthday present/movie for Isak