Can I just say a few things about the update?

I love every single troll we’ve seen up untill now

But Kankri
He was such an ass in this update
He was trying to be good but he just turned out being rude towards Meenah, Cronus AND Mituna

Mituna is adorable, I don’t even care what headcanon I see about him, he’s lovely
I love Cronus more than I should. Some people hate them with whole their heart and soul, but I really like him. I think I could ship him with about every other character in homestuck, but the greatest ship for him would be flushed with Eridan, since they are both so desperate to find a relationship though Cronus doesn’t show it that much, he just flirts with everybody

I think Kurloz is the most interesting troll yet, I absolutely adore him. He is perfect in any way. I wonder what made him take a vow of silence.. His relationship with Meulin is adorable. They are so cute together. NEW OTP yay!

And Meulin is to me a lot like Nepeta. They are so much alike. I love them both, they are both adorable, and their relationships are adorable. I love the meowrails but Kurlin is best ship ever.

And something about what Meenah said to herself bothers me.
If that is the afterlife, shouldn’t they have been healed? Meulin is still deaf, Mituna still has a head trauma (or whatever it is), Latula still can’t smell and Kurloz still can’t talk.
If it really was the afterlife, it would’ve healed. Not stayed the way it was before they “died”
I don’t think they died at all
The dream bubbles are yet another way of staying alive, just like the dream selves were.