updated with more screenshots


This isn’t every G-squad mlehp from the new eps, but it’s certainly all the ones I have in my screenshots!

Bonus: Two Half Mlehps!

So this is Komahina in the Sims 3

(so far..) and yes I made the ship canon, they are dating 

- I made Hajime and Nagito hug because why not? XD (shipping fuel):

-I had to take a screenshot of Ko shirtless because….(welp…you guys already know the answer):

-And here’s a pic of a sad Hinata after he burned his food while cooking (And yes they’re always shirtless around the house :P …..Okay just kidding, he had barely woken up):

-And here’s a pic of Ko walking his doggo! Doggo’s name is Kaoru and they are best friends <3:

And that’s about it for now, but I’ll keep this updated and take more screenshots! :D    …. the screenshots will get interesting when they get married


Hold on, V is Jumin’s assistant???????????? Can you please explain? 😗

✿ I am 90% certain that’s a typo. There are, uh, quite a few of them in the book, and it matches what’s under Jaehee’s occupation perfectly.

If someone has a more updated version of the VIP book, I’d love a screenshot of V’s page to compare with the ones I have saved!

callout for bon enoshimo


previously/also known as:


probably some others i dont know

alright to start off- i know bon has stated not to publically call her out but all the issues i’m going to talk about have been brought to her attention and she refuses to even listen much less apologize for them (that ive seen, if she has in fact apologized for anything here let me know). 

shes even ignored anons (i know because i’ve sent some) about issues or answered in the format of a post without the ask (’@anon i really dont want to talk about that because of drama it will cause’ ((not a direct/actual quote, just an example)) ) which is often used by people as a way to avoid drama/being called out because no one will know what the ask said and therefore wont know about the persons shitty behavior. 

bon also usually deletes drama off her blog shortly after it happens, purposefully making it very hard to hold her accountable for things she says as theres no proof directly on her blog.

so i feel its important to let people know about stuff shes done thats not okay since she wont see that its wrong and wont apologize. she wont be civil about it and right her wrongs and people have a right to know. so here we go

also i’ve never written a formal callout before so if this sucks im sorry lol

getting onto the actual callout. its pretty long, so there is a tl;dr at the end. but please, if you can, read the whole thing. its important and provides a lot of evidence. also all the images are transcribed.  

topics/tws: racism, ableism, guilt tripping, manipulation

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Lolo Fennec (Fleeting Fennec Fursuits.)

Lolo Fennec, the owner of Fleeting Fennec fursuits, came clean about lying to two assault cases. Not only did they lie about the assaults - but framed two people for rape. Recently, they came clean about their actions. 

However, they’re still gaining support and being praised for their “bravery” about coming out about the issue. This is sincerely wrong - and if anything, legal action should be taken at a later date. For the mean time - people should know about their manipulative behavior.

When confronted about the issue at first - Lolo denied having ever told anyone that said person had raped them.

Screenshots in question > http://imgur.com/a/Og2um

Screenshots are being added still with more information.

Keep us updated.
We would really like screenshots of them making the accusations in the first place, please.

- Boar


Backup album in case anything is taken down


Proud of myself, actually managed to make this work! Leveled up my spreadsheet wizardry skill for sure.

I made a tool which allows you to list a colour range in either plain text or coloured symbols. The plain text is handy if someone wants to search for a specific colour in your hatchery: they can use ctrl+f! Also who the hell can tell which colour is which any more after the update. 

Please note that the forum post screenshots are “serving suggestions”, you’ll have to do the formatting yourself ;)

 >>> Find the spreadsheet here ! <<<

Edit: there was a small mistake in the code which caused it to list the wrong range in some cases. You may have to make a new copy! The check if yours is affected, do something like maize to bubblegum. It should be only a couple of cours. If it’s a huge list, your sheet has the mistake! 


So I guess I’m kind of on a hiatus? For two weeks only, since I’ll have to dedicate my time to studying for my final exams. My school’s finally over, but now comes the work part. It’s not like I’m spending the whole time studying but I already have a hard time trying to do so without launching the game. I probably won’t be able to update my Restaurant Challenge because I only took screenshots for like 2 more posts. I do have some other screenies of some other sims I might edit but that’s about it. I don’t think I’ll be updating my AOP lookbook challenge for now either. So that’s about it. When I get back, though, I’m REALLY back and I’ll be on vacation for like 2 months so I’ll have plenty of time (and FINALLY get myself at least the first restaurant on that challenge? lmao I can’t wait)

First map completed!!

This is one of the first maps in the game, the Dreamwalk. It was kind of hard figuring out how to set up the graphics in the game because of the way RPGMaker works, haha ; ∀ ;)/ Especially since I’m using Ace Lite, so I can’t use any scripts at all.

But it works! We have a background as well as an animated front layer~

I won’t be uploading screenshots of every map in order to keep things a surprise, but please stay tuned for more previews, concept art, and updates!( ノ > ^<)ノ


“since folks seem to be coming across this old post again, i can only assume it’s because more good people of The Commonwealth are in need of the Confirmed Bachelor/Cherchez la Femme Perks -3-)/

so, an update (with some more screenshots) – mod is about 85% complete because the skillbooks and the perks are complete, but i cannot physically place them anywhere in the world to be found until the GECK (creation kit) for FO4 is released… -_-);;;; sorry about that! i can upload the files for everyone, but y’all would have to manually add it to your inventories with the console commands and that is much less entertaining than finding dirty magazines in certain BOS bunkers…”