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We are trying to build a new MONSTA X website for fans to connect, keep each other updated, and to create more effective support for MONSTA X.
MONSTA X UNIVERSE will be a place where fans will be able to communicate on notice boards about news and group orders, fangoods, and just fangirl/boy with each other!
Please help us out by filling out the survey and spreading the word. Thank you! Also, follow MonstaXUniverse Twitter for more updates on the site and MX  💗


!: I apologize if you got a notification of this like 10 times. I tried to edit the post but I fucked it up.

After 377 days, I have finally hit my follower goal. Thank you everyone for sticking with me through my slow updates, random posts and no posts at all, if that makes sense! For celebrating this, I will of course try to update my fics more this week. And of course I am doing a follow forever!  Please inform me if I did mistakes on the list as I am extremely tired at the moment so I may have made mistakes while doing this!

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I’m sorry about the low activity and lack of updates. It has been a rough period of time for me and I was thinking about quitting this blog and tumblr entirely to concentrate on other irl stuff but.. the people I have met here, the friends I have made here have been helping me get through the days and I think they have been helping me way more than I give them credit for.

For that I wanna thank them and thank everyone here on tumblr who has ever sent me a message and ask or anything because in some way you brighten my day.

Thanks a lot to everyone who reads this and I will try to keep up and update more.

Have a nice day!

Andy Warhol Motion Test

I decided to do a motion test for my final in my tech 2 class. I’m doing a Mike Patterson inspired piece, better known for his Take On Me rotoscoping iconic style.
I hope you enjoy my Andy Warhol roto test! <3
Drella won’t be in the little 30 second video but hopefully I’ll get done and be able to post it! 9 seconds down! Time to detail!

Miss you all, can’t wait to get done with class and update more with my personal projects and tests! Plus my Warhol collection of stickers!

Soul Mate 28

“The voice you hear your thoughts in is your soulmate’s but you don’t know who they are until you hear them speak for the first time.”

A/N: Okay, first things first, we literally have two more updates and idk whether or not to cry or scream? Maybe smile because this fic has come so far? Anyways…I wanted to point out that since we don’t know much about Snoke nor his abilities (if he has any) I gave him the same ability as Dooku and Sidious…though I’m sure the whole electric manipulation is meant for Siths, I still threw it in for the hell of it because I’m not creative and don’t know shit bout Snoke although I tried doing research. With that being said, enjoy! [GIF NOT MINE]

Word Count: 2.8K+

Warning: None.


Grief, a sense of heartbreak was felt in the air. Leia had found herself falling back into her seat as a hand clutched onto her chest while the other latched onto her desk. This wasn’t supposed to happen, she wasn’t supposed to lose somebody else, not this early on. Shutting her eyes, she could feel her heart shatter once again, a stream of tears staining her cheeks as her eyebrows twitched from furrowing tightly. Did destiny not want her to be reunited with her son? It only hurt more knowing that someone like you had to fade away so early on. It broke her even more, you were the last person she wanted to lose.

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Lately I’ve been seeing quite a variety of POC FCs all round, and many Koreans especially. And since we all don’t want to offend anyone, and sometimes picking the correct last name for a certain ethnicity can be a bit difficult, I’ve put together a handy dandy masterlist of #44 KOREAN SURNAMES for you. This will be updated as I find more k-pop stars surnames.

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VLOG - We’re in Japan!

Alfred: We’re hoping to update our vlog more often, guys! The weather here is really nice and we’re going sightseeing! Haha, it makes a change from freezing weather!

Arthur: It’s so nice to not have Al constantly whine about everything. “Oh, my legs are hurting,” “Arthur I’m cold,” “I don’t want to live off rations any more.” 

Alfred: That’s unfair! You were complaining too!

Arthur: But whose idea was it to travel? Yours. Anyway, we’ll try our best to keep updated!