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hey! could you link me to the family tree because on your legacy page, when you click family tree it gives you a chrono order of gen 3. just wanted to let you know and see the family!!

hello!!! thank you so much for telling me about the issue! so glad you want to see my forrester babies :))

here is the link to the (just edited oops) family tree!!! i will update the link on my blog now!

(p.s. everyone go check out my family tree for some cuties you will never see in game)


It’s Sunday and now Sunday means spitpaint uploading day.


Series 8 of the Fire Emblem Cipher TCG released today and some of the artists have posted their full art!



Robin (Artist:  BISAI)

Lucina (Artist:  Tetsu Kurosawa)

More of the art can be found here

and Morgan has Blue eyes, what’s up with that~?  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



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Ch I | Ch II


ZENxMC Series #04
[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [x] [Part 5] [Part 6]

Something light for today! Yoosung blew a fuse AHAHA;;; wtf was he even trying to do ——

A bit rushed because I had to take home some work for the weekend ;;-;; Will continue replying to asks tomorrow ♥


sometimes people leave you,
halfway through the wood.
others may deceive you,
you decide what’s good.
you decide alone.
but no one is alone.

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YukiPri Yuri!!! on Ice + Other Anime Masterpost

This is my masterpost for my Yuri!!! on Ice fanart, with a smattering of other anime fandoms. Please click HERE for my Star Wars + Other Western Media masterpost, and HERE to go the Big Hero 6 only masterpost.

This is NOT a comprehensive masterpost. It only contains my more recent fanart, and stuff that is a few years old has not been included.



[COM] - Comic

[ILL] - Illustration

[TXT] - Text headcanons

All shippy/pseudo-shippy things will be marked with a *


YURI!!! ON ICE - Major AUs

INFERNO: YURI NO ICE (epic scale post apocalyptic/dystopian AU) - Genre: Drama/Action

Important Posts



[COM] INFERNO: YURI NO ICE Program:00 - Rebellions are Built on Hope

[COM] INFERNO: YURI NO ICE Program:01 - The Inferno

Everything Else

[ILL] INFERNO: YURI NO ICE, Color Variation Set

[ILL] PREVIEW Program:01, Happy B-Day Georgi!

[ILL] PREVIEW Program:01, Happy B-Day Guang-Hong!

[ILL] PREVIEW Program:01, Third preview

[ILL] PROGRAM:01 Promo, Yuri Katsuki - The Heart

[ILL] PREVIEW Program:02

Future!verse ABO AU (Victor + Yurio + Phichit + Minami all x Yuuri poly relationship, Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics, shippy self-indulgence, OC children) - Genre: Romance/Slice of Life/Fluff/Crack


[ILL] [TXT] Future!verse ABO Timeline + Basics * (Victor, Yurio, Phichit, Minami x Yuuri)

[COM] Future!verse ABO Introduction*

[TXT] Alpha/Beta/Omega+ Dynamics - Extended World-Building Post


[ILL] [TXT] Visual Headcanon Web Charts 01 * (implied poly relationship)

[ILL] [TXT] Main Home Floor Plans * (implied poly)

[TXT] Future!Verse ABO AU Useful Asks Compilation post

[ILL] OC Kid Doodles #1 - Yasha * (implied Victor x Yuuri)

[ILL] OC Kid Doodles #2 - Shura * (implied Yurio x Yuuri)

[ILL] OC Kid Doodles #3 - Arisa * (implied Phichit x Yuuri)

[ILL] OC Kid Doodles #4 - Yuuji * (implied Minami x Yuuri)

[ILL] [TXT] OC Kids Compilation + Name Meanings/Explanations

[ILL] OC Kiddies group picture * (implied poly)

[ILL] Several decades later #1 - Victor * (mentioned Victor x Yuuri)

[ILL] Several decades later #2 - Phichit * (mentioned Phichit x Yuuri)

[ILL] Several decades later #3 - Minami * (mentioned Minami x Yuuri)

[ILL] Several decades later #4 - Yurio * (mentioned Yurio x Yuuri)

[ILL] Several decades later #5 - Yuuri * (mentioned polyamory)

[ILL] Several decades later - Textless ver. compilation post

[ILL] Wedding bands compilation * (polyamory)

[ILL] Clothing Set #01 - Yasha

[ILL] Clothing Set #02 - Shura

[TXT] Random text HCs - Adults 01 * (implied poly relationship)

[TXT] Random text HCs - Adults 02 * (poly)

[TXT] Random text HCs - Adults 03 *

[TXT] Random text HCs - Kids 01 * (implied poly relationship)

[TXT] Random text HCs - Kids 02 * (implied poly)

[ILL] OC Kids in Halloween costumes

Rewind Future Era (post canon to Yuuri’s retirement + first pregnancy)

[COM] Yurio Presenting Arc #01 * (vaguely future Yurio x Yuuri)

[COM] Yurio Presenting Arc #02 - i * (vaguely future Yurio x Yuuri)

Future!Verse Era (post first pregnancy)

[COM] Future!verse ABO Preview, “Yuuri-san, please be my coach!”*

[COM] Future!verse ABO - Coach or No? * (Russian Sandwich)

[COM] Future!verse ABO - Minami’s devotion * (Minami, Victor, Yurio x Yuuri)

[COM] Yuuri teases the Russians * (Yurio x Yuuri x Victor, EXPLICIT MPREG)

[COM] 4 Koma - How things usually go with the twins

[COM] 4 Koma - Starting early…

[COM] 4 Koma set - Naming the twins *(implied Victor x Yuuri x Yurio)

[COM] 4 Koma set - How to make friends *(implied Victor x Yuuri x Yurio)

[COM] 4 Koma - Smack! *(implied Victor x Yuuri x Yurio)

[COM] 4 Koma - Expressing displeasure *(implied Victor x Yuuri x Yurio)

[COM] 4 Koma set - Interacting with other mothers… + The aftermath * (implied polyamory)

[COM] 4 Koma set - Baby Bump * (Victor x Yuuri x Yurio, mpreg)

[COM] 4 Koma - Inseparable?

[COM] 4 Koma set - No! Underwear!

[COM] 4 Koma set - Shura’s cat problem

[COM] 4 Koma set - White Hair, Part 1

[COM] 4 Koma set - White Hair, Part 2

[COM] 4 Koma - How Phichit gets out of unwanted social situations * (poly)

[COM] 4 Koma set - But we wanna watch! * (implied Victor x Yuuri x Yurio)

[COM] 4 Koma set - A peacful night * (Victor x Yuuri x Yurio)

[COM] 4 Koma set - Bike, Beka!

[Com] 4 1 Koma set - Watching a scary movie

Patreon Previews + Links

[ILL] [TXT] Potential New Kids??? *implied 5th + 6th husbands

[ILL] NSFW - Explicit - Yurio x Yuuri x Victor *

[ILL] New Kid + Dad * implied new dad

[COM] NSFW - Explicit - Happy Birthday Minami! Comic *Minami x Yuuri

[COM] NSFW - Explicit - Yurio x Yuuri + voyeur!Victor *

[ILL] NSFW - Explicit - Phichit x Yuuri *

[ILL] New Kid + Dad 2 * implied new dad

[COM] NSFW - Explicit - Phichit x Yuuri x Victor *

[COM] NSFW - Explicit - (Phichit + Victor + Yurio) x Yuuri *

[ILL] NSFW - Explicit - 2 Husbands your choice x Yuuri *

[COM] NSFW - Explicit - Victor x Yuuri x Chris sandwich, fluffy dp???*

[COM] NSFW - Explicit - Yurio x Yuuri, YOI Episode 1 Anniversary Edition - bathroom stall sex Mini Comic *

[COM] NSFW - (Minami + Phichit + Yurio + Otabek + Victor + Chris) All x Yuuri - Yuuri in Lingerie*

[COM] NSFW - Explicit - Phichit x Yuuri - Pre-Heat*

[ILL] NSFW - Explicit - Yurio x Yuuri x Victor *

[ILL/COM] NSFW - Explicit - Minami x Yuuri, Topping from the Bottom *

[COM] NSFW - Explicit - Tentacle Monster x Yuuri & Yurio x Yuuri x Otabek, Part 1 *

The Only One Who Can Win Against Me is Me! (older!Victor x Yuuri x younger!Victor (+ mild Yurio -> Yuuri) - Genre: Crack/Fluff

[ILL] The only one who can win against me is me! (27!yo Victor x Yuuri x 16!yo Victor) Cover*

[COM] The only one who can win against me is me! Comic Parts 1-5*

[COM] The only one who can win against me is me!: Victor’s B-Day Special*

[COM] The only one who can win against me is me! Part 6*

YURI!!! ON ICE - Stand alone/short works, chronological posting order

[ILL] Victuri, with glasses + without*

[ILL] [COM] Dreaming On Love, Eros (with costume ref)*

[ILL] Victuri pair skate*

[ILL] [COM] Older!Yurio* (mild YuriYuu)

[ILL] [COM] Halloween on Ice!

[COM] Halloween on Ice! Followup*

[ILL] Agape & Eros, Russian sandwich style* (Victor x Yuuri x Yurio)

[ILL] [COM] Yurio & Yuuri’s relationship, Before & After (*can be seen as Yurio x Yuuri)

[ILL] Leo de la Iglesia - Still Alive

[ILL] Angel Quartet preview sketch (will not be completed)

[ILL] [TXT] POKEMON!!! ON ICE - a YOI x Pokemon Crossover AU

[ILL] POKEMON!!! ON ICE - Extras

[COM] Phichit-centric Comic * (hint of PhichiYuu, canon level Victuri)

[ILL] Happy Birthday Katsuki Yuuri!!! 11/29

[COM] Yurio, please give Yuuri a hug (Ep 9)

[COM] PhichiYuu Kiss*

[ILL] YOI x Pacific Rim

[ILL] Thank you YOI - See you NEXT LEVEL

[ILL] YOI Eyes & Eyebrows

[ILL] EVERYONE LOVES YUURI (*Victor + older!Yurio + Phichit + older!Minami + Chris x Yuuri) *NSFW

[ILL] Older!Yurio doodle

[ILL] Shall We Skate? *PhichiYuu

[ILL] Everyone xxxxxxxxx Yuuri, Happy Valentine’s Day!*

[ILL] Phichit, Princeling of my heart <3

[ILL] Terra Incognita *PhichiYuu


[COM] Happy Birthday Phichit! *PhichiYuu

[ILL] Double Yuri naps *YuriYuu

[ILL] How Phichit and Yuuri sleep *PhichiYuu

[ILL] BFF Trio

[ILL] Happy Birthday Seung-Gil!

[ILL] Yuuri Sandwich! Russian Sandwich! *(Victor x Yuuri x Older!Yurio, NSFW)

[ILL] Cute Phichit vs. Cool Phichit?

[ILL] Minami before and after *Minami x Yuuri

[ILL] YOI x Dream Daddy parody * (they’re all dads. Compliant with Future!Verse)

[ILL] Happy Birthday Leo!

[ILL] Happy Birthday Minami-kun! * (Minami x Yuuri)

[ILL] Loving Look (Phichit x Yuuri) *

[ILL] JJ x Yuuri *

[ILL] YOI Anniversary Project Main Post

          [ILL] Episode #01 Singles #01 Yuuri

          [ILL] Episode #01 Singles #02 Victor

          [ILL] Episode #01 Singles #03 Yurio

          [ILL] Episode #01 Singles #04 Phichit

          [ILL] Episode #01 Singles #05 Chris

          [ILL] Episode #01 Singles #06 Otabek

          [ILL] Episode #01 Singles #07 JJ

          [ILL] Episode #02 Singles #08 Minami

          [ILL] Episode #03 Singles #09 Seung-Gil

          [ILL] Episode #04 Singles #10 Mila

          [ILL] Episode #05 Singles #11 Sara

[ILL] Portra Edit - Russian Sandwich set * (Victor x Yuuri x Yurio)

[ILL] Portra Edit - PhichiYuu *

[ILL] Portra Edit - Inferno Yuuri + Victor

[ILL] Numéro Tokyo Russian sandwich sketches

[ILL] YOI Steampunk Halloween 2017 Compilation Post

          [ILL] 🎃 Victor as Jack Skellington 🎃

         [ILL] 🎃 Yuuri as the Corpse Bride 🎃

         [ILL] 🎃 Yuri Plisetsky as the Angel of Death 🎃

         [ILL] 🎃 Phichit Chulanont as a Demon 🎃

         [ILL] 🎃  Otabek as the Headless Horseman 🎃

[ILL] YOI Orchestra AU - Yurio on Cello

Other Anime/Japanese media


Ichigo sketch

Bleach Ending Fix-It Project preview 1

Bleach Ending Fix-It Project preview 2 (Grimmjow)

Bleach Ending Fix-It Project preview 3

Bleach Ending Fix-It Project preview 4 (Ichigo color)

(*note, this project is on going but is on indefinite hiatus)


Pokemon Go - Candela

Persona 5 - Joker

FMA - Edward Elric

Voltron - Sheith *