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MONSTERS CROWD, CREATURES CALL returns on August 4th, rewritten from the ground up! It still has the same plot and cast, just tweaked the writing so it fit what I was going for. 

Monsters Crowd, Creatures Call is a horror, fantasy and coming of age comic about monster teenagers in the 1980′s. The comic features a diverse cast of LGBT+ characters and characters of color that will develop as the story progresses. Follow the “Monster Crowd” while they deal with the threats of hunters and high school!
Will be updating every Friday.

{ NecroBouncer #28 }

Dungeon update!
Like I said yesterday, I changed the look of the dungeon. I tried making it look more like a mixture of a dungeon and club, so I changed it’s colour to the colour of the club in the main menu and I added some coloured torches, that change the colour at the start. For now it’s just random, but maybe later, they will be changed to fit the theme of the boss that will be waiting at the end of current dungeon. Everything is of course still open to change, but it’s getting there.

Some small updates:
- added colour to CRIT and MISS pop-up text
- changed some props to fit the club theme a bit more (still WIP)
- saturated characters a bit, so they stand out from the background
- darkened dead enemies even more to push them to the back

The arcade is nearing completion; in fact unless something exciting happens I think this will be the final update before the grand reveal. Will still be a few weeks before that though so follow me if you’re waiting for that (or not since I don’t like asking for followers).