updated retro

The arcade is nearing completion; in fact unless something exciting happens I think this will be the final update before the grand reveal. Will still be a few weeks before that though so follow me if you’re waiting for that (or not since I don’t like asking for followers).


Say hello to Audin, the titular character himself! He’s a timid young boy who’s very sensitive and small for his age. Like most protagonists, he gets thrown into a grand adventure that he never wanted. But he does alright, all things considered.

I was going to draw a more traditional sprite for his reveal, but I’m just having way too much fun using this shader. I might decide to make the entire game with this thing…

Mercury Retro on the Horizon...

Been enjoying time with family, hope you all had a wonderful holiday! 

My internet has been really spotty with the storms we’ve been receiving[it’s been freezing rain here eeek], just a heads up if i keep losing connection. Mercury is in shadow right now so energy is a bit more wonky than usual, expect the unexpected. However…we are in that sacred peak of energy where all planets are NOT in retrograde so it’s a very interesting energy. “All systems go forward” For once all planets are not in the past during this mini peak until the 6th of january. Big Manifestation window still very active, especially as we set our intentions for the New Year ahead. 

Mercury retrograde starts on the 5-6th i believe, like all retrogrades, expect miscommunication, past habits, old wounds, old relationships, people from your past,or even just some newfound creativity because Mercury retrograde is all about stepping into the underworld of our psyche. The subconscious mind. I think we’re starting to develop a theme here…So be on the outlook for some dynamic energy changes as we slowly make our way into Mercury Retrograde. Retrogrades like to push us out of our comfort zone to heal, cleanse, and release. 

Expect the unexpected. <3