updated faves page


hello beautiful people! so  decided to update my faves page! 

all you have to do is reblog this post (likes are for bookmarking)

i will pick the winners within a week. MBF  ME

higher chance:

follow me on insta : @lexidoeg and message me! 

talk to me

have s great blog!

i will also follow alot of you! i love finding new blogs to follow!

you will gain because i have over 35k!

lots of love <3 



Hello lovely angels! It’s been over a year since I last updated my faves page, and I decided that since I reached 80k (thank you so much!!), now would be the perfect time to finally do so!

what to do:

  • reblog this post
  • please be following lunieh
  • pls pls pls don’t delete the text


  • a follow from me
  • promos on request
  • help with votes/reblogs/etc
  • a spot on a super cute faves page
  • a new friend! though honestly I’ll be your friend either way haha
  • many regular queues + initial mass queue when chosen


  • I was previously infuseh
  • banner made by me, photo is eddie mitsou
  • choosing in 1-2 months, depending on when I have time
  • let me know if you have any questions! x 


wanna be featured on my blog to 3k in my faves page? then read further…


perks of being on my faves page:

  • blog exposure to my followers
  • a follow from me if not already 
  • can ask for promos up to 5 times a week


rk fandom positivity post

@anreg thank you for your a++++++ blog, all the saito makes me super happy

@anyzuka thank you for your lovely blog!! i enjoy all the zuka posts so much

@barbwalken thank you for sharing your amazing art. i’m always so excited to see it!!!!

@chickensexer thank you for your perfect sano blog!!!!

@cohobbitation thank you for letting me scream about saisa so many times–and for screaming back at me and giving me Even More Feelings™

@faramirsblessing thank you for your great writing

@gheleonsdemise thank you for all the okita love (because yESS every okita is perfect), for all your edits, for being a great friend

@hakusaitosan thank you for posting about every saito, for being my gateway into hakuouki, for being so kind and always making me smile

@hitenbankai thank you for running your awesome blog

@iamkatsudone thank you for screaming about zuka!saito with me and just being a hella awesome person

@impracticaldemon thank you for all of your awesome content and for loving all the saitos :D

@kaitenkenburokuren thank you for all the perfect art you post, for all of your text posts that make me laugh so hard

@kazrbrekkers thank you for being so inclusive of everyone in the fandom and your fab moodboards

@kenshins-soul thank you for getting me to ship sanoken because of your amazing art

@kuroiyousei thank you for writing some of the best fanfiction i have ever read in my life

@lookuptotheinfinite thank you for being such a kind person and running a super fab blog

@magic-ramen thank you for your dedication to learning so much about the history behind our faves, for updating wiki pages, for all the headcanon messages you’ve sent me that left me either smiling so hard my face ached…or hurting like hell lol

@mikansei thank you for incredible art, which has made me scream in all caps on so many occasions (for which i’m not sorry at all btw)

@mr-fujita thank you for your rk!saito-focused blog and being my rival ;D

@mxdpenzoom thank you for sharing your lovely art

@mysteriouslysaltytragedy thank you for all of your effort to make the rk fandom a place that’s welcome to everyone

@rurilelith thank you for your awesome playlists

@rurounimeatballs thank you for your awesome blog!!

@scifikimmi thank you for sharing your lovely art and writing and just being an a+++++ person

@shell-senji thank you for your great writing and great blog

@thebeshimifangirl thank you for all of your enthusiasm. it’s infectious and i love seeing you excited over your fave because it makes me excited over my own

@thefightmerchant thank you for your amazing writing, for being my okita and sano, for screaming about the shinsengumi with me on the daily, and being the most amazing friend ever

@tinklefish thank you for being super kind to me when i first made this blog…i actually really needed that back then because it seemed like i was the only person who shipped my otp and i felt really awkward about it

@vegan-yeti-strikes thank you for your lovely blog and being in my two main fandoms, that’s pretty damn awesome

…and to so many others who have been so kind and welcoming. thank you. <3


Do you ever wonder who is updating their faves page or hosting tumblr awards that you can participate in? Do you ever have a botm contest going on and don’t know how to get people to notice your post? Here is the solution!


  • I look out for promo posts such as faves, awards, botm, etc. and reblog them to @indie-news
  • if you have a post that you want to be reblogged, just submit the link here


  • you have a source to find new promo posts to apply for which will help you make new friends and gain follower
  • it’s an amazing way to promote your own posts in order to get more notes


  • the post has to be about a faves page, botm, awards, network. etc.
  • your blog has to be indie, boho, personal or similar

Please reblog this post to spread the word! Remember that more people = more content which will make the blog even better!


please don’t delete the text or self-promote -  you’ll be automatically disqualify

Hi lovelies! In honor of reaaching 5k followers I decided to update my faves page. Read carefully!


  • must be following be me (@allurae)
  • reblog this post - likes bookmarks only
  • have a similar blog style
  • if you are in my faves 2.0, you still need to reblog to be considered


  • your blog will be showcase on a faves page
  • a follow from me - if not already
  • a new friend
  • promo of your choice once a week


  • reblog this post more than once
  • join my awards, blowshowcase ect… here
  • talk to me
  • be nice to your followers
  • have an active blog


  • banner made by me
  • if you have any question, feel free to message me here
  • I don’t know how many blogs I’ll pick -it depends on the notes


Love, Faith  


society’s anxiety deprived of all that we’re blessed with

Surprise, bitch. I bet you thought you’d seen the last of me.
—  Ogiwara Shigehiro

** Don’t delete the text or self-promote on this post or it won’t count! **

Hey everyone! I’m so excited to update my faves page 4.0! Thank you so much for 150k followers, I’m so happy, it means so much to me and every single one of you count. I promised I’d update my faves page once I hit my goal… So without further ado, I introduce Foxeia’s Favourites 4.0:

–>  R U L E S :  <–

  • Must be following foxeia (Angela)
  • Reblogs only, likes won’t be counted

–>  P E R K S :  <–

  • A spot on my newly designed faves page (revealed on announcing date)
  • Promos (limit to be announced) and Queues to 150,000+ followers (both upon on your request only!)
  • A new best friend (or you can talk to me like anytime you know??)
  • Collabs with my other blog: fahdes and maybe this one x
  • Unlimited html help, banners and icons! 
  • A follow from me AND fahdes

–>  H I G H E R | C H A N C E S  <–

  • be a decent person aka don’t have shitty personality
  • Follow/Comment on my insta @fohxe, make sure to message me your username on tumblr and tell me it’s for my faves!! (it also counts if you’re already following me x)
  • Talk to me and be my friend :)
  • The more you reblog, the more I notice you
  • Have a cool af blog bc we need them on this page!! 
  • I track the tag #foxeia, tag me in a post and tell me why I should choose you x

–> E X T R A <–

  • I made the banner, the picture is not mine!
  • Choosing them when I think there are enough notes, and most probably after my yearlys so this will be up for at least a month!
  • Ask me any questions if you’re confused x

GOOD LUCK AND HAPPY REBLOGGING, let’s not flunk this okay?? x

IT’S HERE!!!! since i’ve reached 23 k lovely little peachy bee friends on here, i thought i’d make an updated faves page to thank u all!! So here’s everything you’ve gotta do to have a chance to be featured on my faves page!!

        🍯 RULES 🍯

  • Must be following me (since it’s for my lil peach friends)
  • Reblog this post at least once
  • Likes don’t count
  • Bee nice!!!
  • Have a cutie blog similar to mine! (like seriously have a similar style to mine, please <33)

       🍑 EXTRA 🍑

       🐶 INFO 🐶

  • I’ll choose when I feel like the post has a decent amount of reblogs

succxlent’s faves 1.0


so i am very close to my first k, which is very exciting so i’ve decided to create a faves page!


1. reblog this picture, likes only to bookmark

2. mbf me (will be checking out all new followers anyways so you’ll probably gain a mutual)

that’s pretty much it lmao

increase your chances by:

1. having a similar blog type as me

2. messaging me (i love new friends & then i’ll recognize your username yay)

3. reblog this post as many times as you want, it’ll probably get my attention

4. follow my instagram here (but in order to follow me please message me your username here so i can accept your request)

perks (yay)

- new friend & someone to chat with:)

- self promo in my ask once a week

- spot on my faves page will be promoted to the rest of my followers

- follow back if not already

- someone to reblog & like your uploads

this is open to ALL blog types & I will be choosing 20-25 beautiful blogs for my page

i will be choosing when this gets a decent amount of notes (but i’ll let you know an exact date later)

(really hope this gets notes so I don’t embarrass myself oops)

anonymous asked:

You may have already answered something like this before but what are your favorite SansxReader fan fics?

OH GOSH. there are so many? LOL I need to update my fave fics page tbh but here are what I have bookmarked on ao3:

Chill or Be Chilled by TST
Between Flesh & Bone by Darkina
Smells Like Chalk and a Cockatoo by shittydinner
Bound by GorillazObsessor
Creatures of Habit by Stygma
FableFace by Thycora
The Smallest Sans by BitterSweetDeath
Personal Boogeyman by SkeezyBreezyCovergirl
Something To Believe In by crawlingsins
Your Neighbor’s Friends  by KateMcHughGorman
A Spelunker’s Dream  by Ninekat
Bonefucker Sanstasies by tooth & trinuska (also contains pap/reader and sans/pap/reader and heavy hints of fontcest so.)
Fall Out Bones by tooth & trinuska (same as above) 


so there’s some cool reading material for y’all ;-;

there are probably a gillion more awesome fics that I’m not thinking of that i’ve read, but these are what’s in my bookmarks :) 

hi guys! i’m really close to a big milestone (thank you so much omg) and i thought i’d update my faves page! i tried to make a good graphic lmao i failed


  • reblog this
  • follow me (and don’t unfollow later if i don’t pick you bc that’s just childish )
  • i’ll choose 10-20 blogs
  • if this doesn’t get 200 notes it didn’t happen 

what you’ll get

  • a new friend (how cool is that)
  • i’ll make you any masterposts you want
  • a spot in my faves page (obvi)
  • anything you ask for seriously

i’ll pick the winners the 30th of june! good luck loves!!! 💖🍀

chensaur  asked:

Hiiii its so rare to see the askbox open lol thank you for your hard work! Can i just ask you for a list of your most fav fluff and humor fics? Thanks! ^^

dumping again ^^, fluff and humor:

i haven’t updated my faves page. so basically i’m using this for my future reference. haha! but make sure to visit other admins’ fluff and humor fic faves right HERE. Enjoy!

- Admin Rose

** Don’t delete the text on this post or it won’t count! **

Hey everyone! I’m so excited to update my faves page! Thank you so much for 30k+ followers, I’m so happy, it means a lot to me and every single one of you count. I promised I’d update my faves page once I hit my goal, so here is fadeaux’s faves 2.0

 R U L E S : 

  • Must be following fadeaux (Stefanie)
  • Reblogs only, likes won’t be counted

P E R K S :

  • A spot on my faves page 
  • Promos and Queues to 30,000+ followers 
  • A new best friend
  • A follow from me if not already following 

H I G H E R | C H A N C E S 

  • Talk to me and be my friend :)
  • The more you reblog, the more I notice you 



hey lil cuties! it’s a new year and a perfect time for me to update my faves page with all these amazing blogs that i see everywhere. i’ll be choosing a lot of blogs so one of them might even be you!


  • must be following me (terming)
  • must reblog this post; likes count as a bookmark
  • don’t delete or self promote on the caption

higher chances:

  • check out my original fave blogs here
  • reblog this post more than once
  • reblog my uploads here
  • send me asks and talk to me (i don’t bite!)
  • follow me on instagram @terming


  • a follow from me, if not already
  • featured on a special page
  • free queues and upload reblogs 
  • help with anything you need
  • promoted to over 17k+ followers

i’ll be choosing when i get a good amount of notes so please don’t let this flop (or we’ll have to pretend nothing happened). if you were one of the original fave blogs, you can reblog again to be considered once more. anyways, i hope you all have a lovely day and an amazing year! happy reblogging!

*don’t delete the text, the words will not show up on your blog*

Hey everyone, I have decided to update my faves page! It’s been like half a year since I posted my original faves page, so I figured now would be a good time to update!

* B A S I C  I N F O*

- Must be following me (powerfied)
- I will check out every blog that reblogs this (likes for book marks only, feel free to reblog multiple times)
- I will be choosing sometime in the new year, probably by the 2nd week of January

* P E R K S*

I currently have over 60,000 loveeeely followers, so you will be able to gain some new exposure

- Feel free to ask for up to 3 promos a week (screenie, solo, etc.)
- I will always be up to do a queue for queue with you
- Every week a new blog will be featured on my blog (your url will be in a notice box some where near my update tab, blogs will be featured by alphabetical order)
- Feel free to message me about anythinggggg

* M O R E  I N F O*

- You can check out the page clicking here! I will obvs be adding more boxes, but for now I’ll just leave the 4 that the theme came with.
- If you are currently on my faves page, please reblog this to be considered again
- Also, I looove finding new blogs through stuff like this, so even if you don’t make it to the faves page, I may just follow you. Last faves page post, I think I followed like 20-25 new blogs
- With that being said, I will choose somewhere between 20-30 blogs to feature!
- I don’t want to make this too long, so if you think I missed something or just have any questions, feel free to send me a message here!

Thanks for reading this, hope you reblog it and happy holidays xoxo

to celebrate reaching 8k, i’m going to be updating my faves page!

requirements :

must be following me faebee

reblog this to enter!

likes don’t count

what you will get:

a place in my faves page (that 8k people can see!!)

a follow

a whole bunch of potential friends!

for a better chance :

talk to me!

reblog some of my posts here: faebee.tumblr.com/tagged/mine

follow me on ig (@mir.alee) and like my posts

subscribe to me on youtube: mira bee

have a similar blog style

be a nice human bean!

i’ll be picking sometime before september 8th so get reblogging!! love you!!


So, i decided to update my faves page. 


  • Must be following me 
  • Reblog this post as many times you want to. (Likes are not counted) 
  • Blogstyle does NOT matter. 


✧ a promo of your choice once a day

✧ a spot on my blog 

✧ a new friend 

✧ followers

For a Higher Chance: 

  • reblog this a million times
  • follow me on instagram (message me when done)

    I’ll message you if you’re choosen. Happy reblogging 


i’ve never done this sort of thing before but because I recently reached 1k I wanted to update my faves page and find new blogs!!


  • reblog this (obvs)
  • must be following me (i will check)

higher chances:

  • message me!!!
  • reblog this more than once
  • reblog / queue my posts a lot (so i’ll notice on my dash)
  • reblog photos i’ve taken
  • follow me on insta (then message me your username)
  • have a similar blog style


  • i’ll follow you
  • you’ll be on my faves page
  • i’ll reblog from you A LOT
  • i’ll promo you!!
  • i’ll send you love


  • i’m looking at EVERY blog!!
  • i’ll pick blogs when i’m happy with the notes
  • i made dis banner
  • don’t remove this text