updated cat eye


✨Vetra update!✨
The cat eye contacts arrived yesterday so I had a test run, I think they might be a little light but I’m gonna roll with it for a bit-
I also started on the glasses, they squish the mask down a bit so need fixing

(Also a shot of the back of the head which is glued on properly now)

Chapter 1 Sneak Peek - Future Shock

Here’s a small sneak peek for the upcoming chapter of Future Shock: The Cat with Blue Eyes. I’m so overwhelmed with the amount of positive response I have received from readers over the past few days and I’m so excited to continue this story. Thank you for all your kind words of encouragement :) This is a little thank you for being patient. 

 Here’s a little preview of Chapter 1 which should be up by Friday~

Sneaky. Sneaky.

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Future Shock Chapter 4 Posted!

Hey everyone! Chapter 4 of Future Shock: The Cat with Blue Eyes has been posted! Please enjoy and don’t forget to review! Again, I apologize for the delayed update….I couldn’t find anytime to write since my last semester of college really took a lot out of me but thankfully that’s over now. I’m working on some more content for the story and also I’ve got a NaLu (Fairy Tail) oneshot in the works. Stay tuned for more :) Love you guys! 

Future Shock: The Cat with Blue Eyes

Rated T


Summary: Ladybug and Chat Noir couldn’t believe their eyes. It happened within a split second. After finishing a battle with their latest akuma, all of a sudden out of a flash of light dropped a familiar looking cat on the ground. Literally. How was it possible to have not one…but two Chat Noirs? why does he seem so familiar to them? The boy shifted on his feet, “My name is Louis. Louis Agreste.” 

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