GORILLA PROPAGANDA (or, “I really need to clear out my ready to upload folder sometime soon)

Hey, remember when they shot Harambe the Gorilla in Cincinnati Zoo? Well, the Express wrote about it, and managed to rail against the corrosive, pro-animal propaganda we’re apparently all victims to.

No, really. Propaganda.

[VID/TRANS] 160726 Honganji Twitter Update with YOUNGMIN

@HonganjiR [A message from Youngmin-san has arrived!] A message from Youngmin who’s playing the role of Hashimoto Kaminari has arrived for our followers. ☆ Tickets are now on sale! Please spread the word ♪ stars-honganji.jp/ticket-sche/#Honganji#BOYFRIEND

trans: youngmineekkeo/@beatrooot | source: honganjir
please take out with FULL credits.


14 July 2016 - Twitter Update

Original - [17’s 민규] 안녕하세요 오늘은 아주 나이스한 민규데이 여러분  생방송전 저와 함께 놀아볼까요?ㅎㅎㅎ!!♡

Trans - [17’s Mingyu] Hello. Today is very nice Mingyu’s day! Everyone, shall we play together before the live broadcast? ㅎㅎㅎ!!♡

Original - [17’s 민규] 인사가 늦어서 미안해요~ 방송 잘 보셨나요? 오늘도 응원 해줘서 고마워ㅎㅎ 내일 또 만나요 #세븐틴 #아주NICE #VERYNICE #민규데이

Trans - [17’s Mingyu] Sorry for saying goodbye late~ Did you enjoy the broadcast? Thank you for cheering on us today tooㅎㅎ See you tomorrow #Seventeen #아주NICE #VERYNICE #Mingyu Day

Trans by @mc-gyu credit if use

12 July 2016 - Twitter Update

Original - [Doogi PD] 올릴수밖에 없는 스노우 영상 투척 #총총 #자연이 #재중이 #아버지 #뿌야

Trans - [Doogi PD] Throwing a SNOW video that I must upload #Chong Chong #Jayeon-ie #Jaejoong-ie #Father #Bboo-yah

*Jayeon (Daughter) & Jaejoong (Son) are names that Seungkwan wants to name his children.

Trans by @mc-gyu credit if use

I go back on Twitter and see tweets/pics showing that P and Z were napping in their room (it’s theirs at this point). Apparently Z had a nightmare, rolled over to cuddle P and he pulled her close to him.

Then the person who posted the pic said “Why does he have her in a chokehold though?”

It’s a Paulie type thing lbr.

(Photo credit: nerdorks on Twitter)


Behind The Story ✽ Livestream / Twitter Updates

Jensen’s Gifs [ @yourfavoritedirector ]

“H-How does this works?”

“Like th- Y/N.”

“Is it live?”


“I don’t- shit,” You skipped a beat, quickly grabbing your cellphone from dropping.

On the way to the floor, the camera shot differents parts of Jensen’s body. He shut his eyes breathing deeply and probably counting till ten. Giggling you placed the cellphone in front of you, giving the camera a big wide smile.

“Hey guys!” You looked at Jensen, “How do I know, how many people are watching this?”

Jensen scoffed, pointing at the numbers above your reflection, “Here.”

“Ohhhh, ten thousand? Already? Wow!”

Jensen shook his head walking forward to the crew who are preparing the set for next scene. While you started saying ‘Hello’ to the fans as you read their comments.

Why aren’t you wearing your Katherine clothes?

“I am not shooting today, came to set for fittings and to watch this,” you turned the camera towards Jensen, “handsome guy work some director magic.”

Jensen glanced at you, throwing a wink before getting his attention back to the crew. You giggled, turning the camera back to you. Mike, one of the crew guys turned Baby, it’s radio automatic also turning on with an rock n’ roll song. You started to dance with silly moves.

“Y/N?” Jensen called, slightly groaning.

You turned back, meeting his stare, you were distracting him from his work. Looking back to the camera, there was five thousand people watching you.

“Boss is a bit annoyed,” you chuckled, “gonna walk- Bob can I give them a lil tour?”

“Who?” Bobby asked, lowering his glasses.

You turned the phone, “The fans, I’m livestreaming.”

“Oh, sure! Just don’t give any spoilers!” He replied.

“Got it,” you said with a thumbs up.

How is pregnancy going?

“It’s going great, thanks for asking. I’m twenty nine weeks,” you took a breather walking through set, “walking this much it’s getting a little hard but it’s good for the baby so, I have to-” another deep breath, “suck it up.”

Where’s Jared?

“I think Jared is at a plane on his way here,” you opened the door that takes to the bunker set, “he’s starts filming tomorrow.”

“Hey Y/N, what are you doing here?” Josh one of the set designers asked.

You smiled, “I’m showing the fans a little behind scenes tour.”

“Oh, cool - you should show them Katherine’s closet room, just added some new stuff.”

“Yay!” You showed your excitement to the camera, walking through the halls and showing the fans shots of the Men of Letter’s Bunker / Dean, Sam’s and Kat’s home. “Here is Dean’s and Kat’s room, where all the magic happens.” You throw a sexy wink, turning the camera forward, “All this stuff works even the vinyl, which the disks are crap if you ask me and Jensen. Going over here,” you walked across the hall, opening the room’s door, “We have Katherine’s closet room! I love this room.”

You strolled around closely and slowly to let the fans get a nice view of Katherine’s belongings.

What do you love the most about this room?

“The clothes, I’ve worn almost every piece in this closet.” You said strolling around the racks of clothes, “these is her original leather jacket, we have a a couple of extra’s on wardrobe but this is the original. Same as the boots and her red flannel. These are the classics,” you shrugged with a grin, noticing a new section of clothes, “look these are the new ones, plaid, more plaid, pink plaid which I like. Guys Katherine even got new suits, sweet.” Once again, you turned the camera towards you, “Well yeah, this is Katherine’s closet room, hope y’all enjoyed this unannounced set tour but I have to get something to eat.” You chuckled, “I’ll see you guys later. Bye!”