update: new theme

Nightwish theme - A new era is coming...

So my dear followers, I changed my theme for one based on Nightwish - A new era is coming…

I never hide that this new line-up and especially the addiction of Floor Jansen was one the best decisions they could ever made!

And I never hide that, right now, she is one of my favorite singers and one of the most complete singers in the metal scene! So, yeah, I’m so excited for the new era that you couldn’t imagine what I’m feeling!

After seeing the last trailer, where she said that Marco and Tuomas challenge her like she wasn’t before voice wise and those two reviewers of magazines saying that this is a new step for the band… I just can’t wait!

Today they’re going to shoot the first video of the new album!!!!!

So, yeah, today was a good day for changing my theme!

And today, I will start posting my choices of the challenge Nightwish ruined my life meme.

Just a note, when I start making these works, tumblr haven’t change to the new dimensions. So the works are with the old dimensions and may be a little blurred. :/

Credits to © Tim Tronckoe for the photos of my new theme.

outofquarters i just wanted to draw tooth in a new outfit tbh.

               also, holy shit, im back from an unexpected week long hiatus!