update: he's deleted the tweet :((

Sorry you guys but Steven Ogg is cancelled!

He’s out there defending his predatory bestie on Twitter like there’s not solid Goddamn proof of Xander Berkeley asking a nineteen your old girl for nudes and saying that he likes fifteen year olds!!!

carlgaIlaghr on twitter has all the evidence inc video!

Steven claims it’s all fake but I can’t see what part of it is, because that drawing of her looks pretty real and it looks a hell of a lot like his style/sketchbook to me too. Or does arthoe Steven think this gross ass old dude should get a pass because he’s an artiste???!!!

I’d bet that house in the picture is real too. I’d put money on the way he types and other references connecting too but of course the fans are out there trying to slut shame this kid and claim she must have fabricated evidence. Just to protect a sixty one year old married father of two (daughters may I add) who slid into a young girls DM’s and started coercing her into taking nude for him.

This is so fucked up! This is so often how it beings, honing grooming skills on older “closer to the age of consent” girls/boys first.

Steven Ogg….

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update* surprise surprise he deleted the tweet probably because he was getting so much shit for it. no apology to the girl he publicly called a liar though expect radio silence from him now while he tries dodging having to condemn the actions of his bestie.

**edited to amend the facts slightly.