How to watch SKAM correctly*

*a comprehensive guide by a SKAM addict

1. have a tumblr blog dedicated to SKAM

2. follow the SKAM tag on tumblr

3. bookmark skam.p3 on browser

4. follow skam update notification page on instagram. turn on notification for it.

5. bookmark skam translate blogs aka @shametv and @stormboxx on tumblr. turn on notifications for them.

6. check phone first thing in the morning after waking up to see if there are any notifications

7. check for update even though you have no notifications

8. proceed to incessantly press the refresh button and stare at the skam.p3 page for an update

9. be on the lookout for updates at 21:21 norwegian time

10. get a mini heart attack when you see an update

11. if it’s a text open tab “norwegian to english google translate”

12. after a while you don’t even need to type it all cuz google remembers

13. go to skam translate account bookmarked on browser to see if they posted anything even though you didn’t get any notifications

14. at least make one post on your SKAM blog about the new update. then proceed to reblog other posts about said update

15. if it’s a clip, rainbow heart the clip even before watching it

16. watch said clip trying to understand what is going even though you don’t understand Norwegian

17. search lyrics on song in the clip and listen to it on youtube. also make a cliche comment saying “skam brought me here OR isak and even forever”

18. check phone to see if translated transcript is out even though you didn’t get any new notifications 

19. when its out, read translated transcript visualizing said clip

20. go back to skam.p3 to rewatch the clip whilst remembering the transcript

21. impatiently wait for shametv to post the translated clip on google drive

22. keep refreshing bookmarked shametv’s google drive account to see if it is posted yet

23. when posted, watch clip. if that doesn’t work because of traffic, make a copy and download it

24. finally make emotional posts on tumblr about said clip until you calm down. then continue to reblog gifs of the clip from dashboard.

25. repeat above cycle daily