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an update

hi, so i wanted to post an update for you guys. 

i am … floored, by the amount of responses and appreciation that i’ve gotten. like i said, i don’t normally post a lot of personal stuff (because i don’t like tying my identity to this blog, or really any of my blogs on tumblr.) 

i thank you all so much. i have about… 500~ from today? I needed 900. So I’m glad I raised so much an I’m so glad that people are responding to my story and validating my experiences.

I was convinced that this behavior was normal for a while, and I even worried about posting this because … I didn’t know what to do. 

I will tell you all when I reach 900, because I don’t want people to give if they don’t have to. If you want to after I reach 900, it’d be great! because it’d help me pay for any extra costs related to moving. 

I feel like I’m hitting it close, and I’m so appreciative of everything and everyone. So much selflessness. I’m so happy. For the first time, I’m actually happy and content. Like, I’m about to clean up my room and finally prepare to move out and start a new chapter far far away from people who have hurt me for too long. 

If you’re interested in donating … the cash.me link is … er… circulating. and i don’t post my paypal because it is my school email. 

I hope that you all have a wonderful day. I thank you all so much for helping me. I promise to find a way to pay you back in one way or another or pay it forward. God bless.

Ladrien Summer (13/?)

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And, really, that should have been her first clue, but it was still something of a shock to find herself alone with Adrien outside of their local amusement park the next week.

A flyer advertising a stage production fluttered in the wind, blowing from the feet of the people waiting in line to purchase tickets to the feet of two rather worried teenagers holding a cellphone between them.

“Are you sure, Alya?”

“Pshhhhhh,” said Alya, voice tinny through the speakers. “Don’t worry about us! You go enjoy your d—… outing, and Nino and I will have a great time helping my dad out at the zoo. Sorry for standing you two up!”

Marinette had just enough time to think that Alya didn’t sound particularly sorry at all, and then the screen in her hand went black.

“Well,” said Adrien, frowning at the phone, “that sucks.”

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yknow all these problems with racism could be avoided if content creators just made their characters personalities and stuff BEFORE giving them a design. and maybe if their design was still a little iffy or things conflicted, all they’d need to do at that point was tweak. it’s literally not that hard

also researching things exists. it’s just lazy to have your first design be the final with no kind of revision at all. 

i need to get off for tonight but please keep showing support for hansol. please don’t bombard him with questions or ask for an explanation right now because he is going through a lot right now. all of that would be way too overwhelming. just send him loving messages and keep him in your thoughts. i hope that he gets a lot of rest and is able to work through this with the people around him that truly care for him.

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"Sorry for the lack of updates!" - honestly at this point you don't even have to apologise, now we pretty much know it comes with the deal when following you :))

// Is that supposed to be passive aggressive? Bc it’s coming off that way to me. Honestly if you don’t like the lack of updates, then please unfollow me. I’m FUB free, so I don’t mind.

I work full time, my commute is 3 hours per day, I have a dog, I have a life, I travel often, there’s no such thing as ‘summer break’ for me anymore, and I have to find time to run this askblog. My only free time is on weekends and I use those to catch up on sleep and catch up with friends. So obviously it’s a struggle finding time to catch up with everything. :v

I run this blog as a hobby, not a job, I’m working on getting more BTS merch out too, so obviously I can’t do 50000 things at the same time otherwise this blog would be more updated but sometimes there aren’t enough hours in the day for me to do everything otherwise I would be more active. I try to do things for you guys, my giveaway is a token of appreciation for my followers but if you guys wanna be passive aggressive about it, please put yourself in my shoes. If that doesn’t work, please unfollow me because clearly I’m not providing enough actual content to keep you guys appeased. 👍🏻

If your ask wasn’t intended to be read with that tone, then ignore this lol I’m just in a pretty bad mood bc too much shit has gone down in the past month so I don’t need negativity right now.


So I might not be all that active again for a bit, I’m not sure, we’ll see.

My dad just had surgery yesterday, everything went fine but he’s recovering so we’re visiting him in the hospital for a bit, and when he gets released and comes back home we’re gonna have to help him out. My brother is even staying over for the week at least.

So if I don’t post much, I’m apologizing in advance- but that’s why. (I also have hw..)

I’ll try to be on as much as I can, probably mostly on mobile tho. I can’t say anything for sure yet.

But thank you guys so much for your support and also those wishes for my dad. We’ll see how everything goes.

Sorry for the long post, but love you guys 💙💙💙

[ I’m genuinely shocked. Mun just found out she got a 2:1 classification in my English and Creative Writing degree. How? What?? I’m so happy and BEYOND RELIEVED T_T ]


Thank you for celebrating with me! It was actually a lot of fun to doing these ships for you all, and I was happy to see that most of you really liked them. <3

I got some request even after I closed them; I don’t know when will I make them, but probably not any time soon. Unfortunately my free time is very limited and I’d like to spend more time with writing imagines than doing ships.

Next time please try to pay attention or at least ask if my request are still open or not, beucase I feel myself really bad to abandon those that are still in my inbox.

I hope you can understand me. xx

Update (And TLC Zombie AU?)

Hey guys
So I know I haven’t posted anything in a while. It’s just that life’s been pretty crazy for me recently and I’m just super busy right now. I know that sounds like an excuse, but I promise whenever I have time again I will post more art. Hopefully.

I wanted to make this quick post because my art and my blog have been getting more attention lately. Even with people I know personally. So I’ve been thinking, and I was wondering if you guys would be super upset, if I deleted my tlc zombie au drawings. I know that most of you liked it (and that’s pretty much how I got most of my followers tbh)
But I thought about it, and if I were to be looking for potential jobs or have job offers one day (even as I prepare my portfolio now), I don’t think I want those pictures showing up (don’t really want to have drawings of blood and guts lol). It’s not really my style and I only drew it for the month of October for Halloween to get out of an art block. I never expected it to be so “popular”.

I just thought I would give you guys a heads up, since I will most likely be deleting all of them by Sunday (maybe sooner). So if you really like those pictures, go ahead and take screenshots or whatever. And I’m sure you can still find them on Pinterest or Instagram.

So that’s all I have to say about that, and I hope to be back with more fan art soon. Thanks!

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I need u to make products of ur art I need at least some stickers or a jikook keychain so I can look at it and feel a little bit more motivated to go to school

AwnTuT I’m sorry anon. I feel so bad for keep pushing sticker/charm-making back. I’ve been rly busy lately that I barely have time to plan out anything for the stickers/charms. & Pls don’t feel unmotivated to go to school. You can do it!!

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good whatever everyone!!!!! whether it is morning. afternoon. or evening. because i will be posting tra pt 3 in a few hours :-) its 21k (so far and will probably be more because im editing it currently) so be prepared to not be able to read it on the app. because if u try to. it will crash because tumblr hates me. i apologize for taking a month to write this but i just wanted to make an announcement that tra updates will probably continue to be slow. i wont be immediately writing the next part as i have something else i want to work on which will be out a week after!!!!!! i also want to reblog one of those “ask my muse” ask games after i post so u guys are more than welcome to ask jungkook and taehyung and their oc’s any questions you like!!!!!!!!

also if you’ve sent me asks today i probably wont be able to get back to you but im gonna try to answer as many as i can today!!!!!!! lvoe you!!!!!!!!!

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Wish I  k n e w

Multiple piece of my art are now nsfw until further noticE 
apparently I sin daily
i can’t believe General Guy is a secret sinner

anywho I should be mad but tbh I’ve been l a u gh i ng

Sorry if people can’t see some of my “nsfw” art!

I’m still checking if they marked anymore pics than what I saw so far