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here’s a cobbled-together more or less correct overwatch hero height reference now that u/FlameWarrior260 reminded me that the cast is generally tall as fucking shit

  • orisa: 7′4″~
  • reinhardt: 7′4″
  • bastion: 7′3″
  • roadhog: 7′3″
  • winston: 7′3″
  • doomfist: 6′6″~
  • junkrat: 6′5″
  • zarya: 6′5″
  • moira: 6′5″~
  • mccree: 6′1″
  • reaper: 6′1″
  • soldier: 76: 6′1″
  • ana: 6′0″~
  • pharah: 5′11″
  • widowmaker: 5′9″
  • hanzo: 5′8″
  • zenyatta: 5′8″
  • genji: 5′7″~
  • mercy: 5′7″
  • symmetra: 5′7″
  • d.va: 5′5″~
  • sombra: 5′4″~
  • tracer: 5′4″
  • lucio: 5′3″
  • mei: 5′3″~
  • torbjorn: 4′7″

Jikook Social Media AU



Badboy™ Jungkook meets Park Jimin, a transfer student in the middle of being bullied in a deserted hallway. He’s a bystander and simply watched the scene from the shadows but then later finds out a secret the transfer student has.


I’m going to start a new legacy which is called The Collins, I’m sooo excited. Now I’ll be editing all the pictures bc I think you deserve more quality (:

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Chapter 31: Get Back

Summary:  Mairon’s back to work, but things aren’t moving along as fast or as smoothly as he would like. Melkor is surprisingly helpful. The investigation into the break-in at Angband continues.

Tags: There’s nothing particularly upsetting, for once.  Just 2 dudes being waaayy too cute.  So tagged for fluff and reasonably healthy relationship dynamics, I guess??


After my computer restarting randomly a shit ton of times and then AO3 fucking up the format, FINALLY here is the chapter 5

Let me know what you think!!!

V Route Email Answers (UPDATE: COMPLETE)

Hey all -

I’ve seen some people asking for the answers for the guest emails, so I’ve been writing some down as I go.

I don’t know how spoilery this is, so putting it under a cut for those who haven’t had a chance to play the route yet, just in case!

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HEY TAYLOR💗 today has been an AMAZING day.

I just found out the results for my exams that I’ve been working for over the last year and I’m so happy to say my work has paid off and I was able to get STRAIGHT As???!!!!!😭😭 I just want to say that you helped me through everything from studying to the actual exams and when I was struggling, you taught me to never give in and today I’m so glad I never!! A few years ago I was barely holding on and I can’t believe how far I’ve come since then and I honestly could never have done it without you. There are not enough words to explain how grateful I am to have you in my life and as my idol. Thank you for everything, hopefully one day I’ll tell you just how much you mean to me in person.

I love you I love you I love you.

Abbie x @taylorswift