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Chapter 10 Naruto Gaiden

More than anything else. I feel I’m gonna lost a part of me if I won’t be able to see a Naruto manga update every Thursday. Surely that’s gonna be a lot of work on moving on.

I am confident that SSS is super real canon no matter what the spoilers were, no matter what thr ASS say. I believe in what Sakura and Sasuke has. I believe in Kishimoto-sensei.

Comic-Con Preview: The Film Lineup (Updating)
'Star Wars,' 'Hunger Games' and 'Batman v Superman' will all make their way to Hall H.


12-1:15 p.m., Hall H
Conan O'Brien will moderate Lionsgate’s panel, which will center on the final installment in the mega-YA franchise The Hunger Games. New footage from Mockingjay – Part 2 will be shown, and many of the film’s stars will be in attendance. The panel will also cover The Last Witch Hunter, which stars Vin Diesel.


TBA, Hall H
Fox is keeping quiet on plans but is expected to parade out stars from X-Men: Apocalypse, The Fantastic Fourand The Maze Runner sequel, The Scorch Trials.

The Art of Wishful Thinking (Chapter 12 Excerpt)

Chapter 12 is coming along really well! It’s more dialogue and not quite as heavy as Chapter 11… not that stuff doesn’t go down next chapter because, uh, it kinda does. Sorry? You’re welcome? I don’t know, you’ll just have to wait and see ;). Had an awful time finding a non-spoiler excerpt, but here’s a little something—

“You’re still coming round on Boxing Day, right? For the footie match?”

Harry beamed at him. “Yeah of course.”

Louis couldn’t help but grin back, his heart lightening instantly. “Great.” The reply came out more like a breathy whisper.

The two continued to stare at each other affectionately and right as Louis was noticing, not for the first time, how green Harry’s eyes were, he heard a snicker of laughter from his right.

A Moment of Truth

Cloud is the sole survivor of an infantry patrol gone terribly awry, and unfortunately for him, the Army is looking for a scapegoat. No one was prepared for a SOLDIER to crash the court-martial.

Chapter Eleven - (FFnet) (Ao3)

fearful-librarian asked:

It's Friday and I'm laying in bed sobbing quietly.

I am sorry!  I tried so hard to make Update Thursday happen, but I couldn’t write enough.  Le sigh.  If it helps, this chapter is already much longer than a normal chapter, so you can look forward to that!

I’ve had a lot of health problems lately, as well as the demands of a very challenging grad-school program.  It hasn’t been easy, but I’m doing my best to write whenever I can!  Thanks for your patience.  =) 


You read correctly! I did post up some pages of my comic for the public to read. I have decided to give this webcomic business a shot and what better a story than one I have been writing for so long! 


Artemiz Yekta is your average 25 year old woman trying to live her life after college. Well that’s what she thought, turns out she isn’t average at all. It also turns out that she is actually the daughter of a long dead god. Things are pretty rough in Civic City with all the demon attacks, but now a god in training, you gotta feel bad for anyone trapped in this city!

I will update every Tuesday and Thursday!