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Phoenix Comicon Cosplay Update

Thursday: Aradia Megido (full makeup)
**☆See me at my panel at 3pm!!☆**

Friday: Fem!Dean Winchester
(inspired by kikistiel)
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Saturday: Lady Loki (ificanfinishitintime)
(If finished will enter Masquerade!)
**☆See me at my panel at 3pm!!☆**

Alright guise, here’s what’s up:

I am moving. Again. For the 4th? time since starting this damn comic, and also this will be the 2nd time since starting the damn comic that I will be moving to another state? Criminey. SO. This move will be happening next week, and then after that I’ll be heading up to Vancouver for VanCAF.

I’m also working on migrating over to Hiveworks, so I’ll be playing around with their CMS and working on getting the site up and running so I can start updating again. Unfortunately, that means I’ll probably be skipping what would have been this month’s update so I can just hit the ground running when things are all integrated.

Know what that means?

Aquapunk will be updating every Tuesday and Thursday from then on!

Exciting! :0

With 2x+ the output, I’ll be sooper busy. Nothing will change for Patreon subscribers; you all will still get early updates and access to the buffer (whatever I can maintain haha). 

So… yeah. That’s about it for now. :B


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Oh my, who’s that mysterious figure behind Wilfrid? Stay tuned! OR you can find out sooner by either purchasing ISSUE 22 of Sparkler Monthly or becoming a member. Doing either will get you early access to all 8 new pages of Knights Errant. (Note: subscribing will help financially support the artists contributing to Sparkler, so that’s cool too!)  

So please, spread the word if you can! I hope you enjoy reading this chapter as much as I enjoyed drawing it. It’s great to be back and sharing this with all of you. :D

The Art of Wishful Thinking (Chapter 12 Excerpt)

Chapter 12 is coming along really well! It’s more dialogue and not quite as heavy as Chapter 11… not that stuff doesn’t go down next chapter because, uh, it kinda does. Sorry? You’re welcome? I don’t know, you’ll just have to wait and see ;). Had an awful time finding a non-spoiler excerpt, but here’s a little something—

“You’re still coming round on Boxing Day, right? For the footie match?”

Harry beamed at him. “Yeah of course.”

Louis couldn’t help but grin back, his heart lightening instantly. “Great.” The reply came out more like a breathy whisper.

The two continued to stare at each other affectionately and right as Louis was noticing, not for the first time, how green Harry’s eyes were, he heard a snicker of laughter from his right.


alrighty guys, i’m gonna try to get some rest! good night / morning wherever you are! i won’t be on tomorrow until later in the night and not for long, just bc i want to spend time with my two friends - one of which is my like best friend who lives 200 miles away so i wanna spend time w her ya feel - and so i won’t be on much saturday, but i’ll get on a lil. just thought i’d let you guys know. i need a little break, need to focus on being happy ya know? but i’ll probably come on a lil tomorrow night like i said, love you guys! x

fearful-librarian asked:

It's Friday and I'm laying in bed sobbing quietly.

I am sorry!  I tried so hard to make Update Thursday happen, but I couldn’t write enough.  Le sigh.  If it helps, this chapter is already much longer than a normal chapter, so you can look forward to that!

I’ve had a lot of health problems lately, as well as the demands of a very challenging grad-school program.  It hasn’t been easy, but I’m doing my best to write whenever I can!  Thanks for your patience.  =) 

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