update thursday

I’m working on RO-DBT with my psychiatrist properly now for my over control. My theme for this week is overly cautious so I’ve been given a diary card to track certain things that fit into that. I’ve also been given a question to think about which is “what do I do that signals ‘don’t hurt me’?”. I’m just happy to be focusing on something else other than my eating disorder 😅

I don’t know you guys but I have the feeling that old xian is going to update again VERY soon like tomorrow or the day after tomorrow cause this update was late of two days and she was updating every Thursday so maybe she was drawing another chapter and she going to upload another one.

This is just a feeling but I really HOPE she does.


Hey all you wonderful people!  Finals have my head spinning.  So, unfortunately I won’t have any new material aside from a few requests I’ve already written.  The Line will probably be updated Thursday or Friday.  I’ve got a lot of holiday themed fics coming up, some Cain smut, and a Chuck miniseries all planned, outlined and partly/mostly written which will all be happening as soon as school is done forcing my brain through a sieve.  

In the meantime, I have Sam fluff, Charlie angst, and Crowley smut in the interim.  

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A Kris A Day, Keeps Me Sane [bonus anime sketches]

will be continuing day 5 when I get back

Supporting Bangtan — A Masterpost

Bangtan’s 2nd full album ‘WINGS’ is coming out on the 10th October at 12am KST. Within this post is everything you need to know in order to support our boys from buying their albums to how to vote on music shows. The title track and song they’re promoting is “피 땀 눈물 (Blood Sweat & Tears)

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The Lonely Vincent Bellingham has now officially begun, WHOOO!!

The comic will update every Tuesday and Thursday, so please check out the site (I will also post reminders here as well)! Thank you all so much for your support, enthusiasm, messages, silly tags, just everything! I’m so excited to share this story with you, I am literally shaking!! AHHHH!!!

7 Lights and 13 Darkness Event

What is this?

This is an event that anyone can join, but was created for me so I could practice art more. BUT AGAIN ANY ONE CAN JOIN TO SHOW THEIR LOVE FOR KH.

You can either draw full pictures or do a simple doodle or sketch or even gif!! anything goes (I myself will be doing mostly sketches and full drawings)


Starts 7/13 ||| Ends 11/3  (D23 KH event)(113 days)

You don’t need to participate everyday if you decide to do this with me, BUT NO MATTER WHAT I’M FORCING MYSELF TO DO IT EVERYDAY.


  • Sea-Salt Sundays = Anyone from this trio
  • Midnight Mondays = Dark characters only!
  • Twilight Tuesdays = Light characters only!
  • Wayfinder Wednesdays = Anyone from this trio
  • Throwback Thursdays = Anyone from the 1st game (KH1)
  • Friendship Fridays = A group of friends
  • Sora Saturdays = SORA ONLY!!

Special days?

I’m currently thinking about during a special prompt for certain days to mix it up~

Any you can just message me, like if you want me to be more specific on the prompts haha.