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Moving is done + Smoulder update

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So let’s recap my day~

3 hours sleep
Worked from 7am-4pm
Got home and finished moving house from 4pm- now (10:35pm)


But at least it’s done! I just feel like I need to sleep for 1000000+ years! So Smoulder might update Wednesday/Thursday instead of Tuesday/Wednesday like I’d hoped.

But really that’s for the best guys! Let’s be real- I just wrote the phrase “HUUURSSS SLEP”, I am in no fit state to write any type of story what so freaking ever right now. I’m gonna make myself some peppermint tea and chill before bed. 

Hope you all had/are having a nice day! Kick butt out there! Not literally, cause that could get you in trouble, unless the butt kicking is consensual or whatever- I ain’t gonna kinkshame. You do you, fam. The day is yours! Seize it! 

Midnight out! PEACE! XP


A Kris A Day, Keeps Me Sane [bonus anime sketches]

will be continuing day 5 when I get back


The Lonely Vincent Bellingham has now officially begun, WHOOO!!

The comic will update every Tuesday and Thursday, so please check out the site (I will also post reminders here as well)! Thank you all so much for your support, enthusiasm, messages, silly tags, just everything! I’m so excited to share this story with you, I am literally shaking!! AHHHH!!!

7 Lights and 13 Darkness Event

What is this?

This is an event that anyone can join, but was created for me so I could practice art more. BUT AGAIN ANY ONE CAN JOIN TO SHOW THEIR LOVE FOR KH.

You can either draw full pictures or do a simple doodle or sketch or even gif!! anything goes (I myself will be doing mostly sketches and full drawings)


Starts 7/13 ||| Ends 11/3  (D23 KH event)(113 days)

You don’t need to participate everyday if you decide to do this with me, BUT NO MATTER WHAT I’M FORCING MYSELF TO DO IT EVERYDAY.


  • Sea-Salt Sundays = Anyone from this trio
  • Midnight Mondays = Dark characters only!
  • Twilight Tuesdays = Light characters only!
  • Wayfinder Wednesdays = Anyone from this trio
  • Throwback Thursdays = Anyone from the 1st game (KH1)
  • Friendship Fridays = A group of friends
  • Sora Saturdays = SORA ONLY!!

Special days?

I’m currently thinking about during a special prompt for certain days to mix it up~

Any you can just message me, like if you want me to be more specific on the prompts haha.


A fan comic about how Papyrus and Sans became the brothers we know them to be. Contains spoilers for all runs of Undertale.

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16 pages (complete)

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Based on the game Undertale, characters and story © Toby Fox. Please do not reproduce (do not repost the images on tumblr or any other site – it just helps me keep things organized!) Originally posted in January 2016. 

Summary and content warnings under the cut:

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