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How realistic is it for the retired agent/spy/assassin to come back and kick just as much butt as they did years before? Does such training come back to you easily if you haven't used it in a long while or will you be rusty enough to get killed?

Parts of this are realistic, others not so much.

If you’ve spent enough time training techniques, this stuff gets baked into the way you move. It’s not, “oh, I’ll do this to someone;” it’s just there. Training can also affect how you look at the world; this is true as a general statement on life, but it also applies here. Again, as with muscle memory, this is always there, always affecting how you view your surroundings and the people in them.

So, in that sense, yes. A veteran character coming back after years away from the job will still have their skills and training. Some of that will be rusty, but this stuff sticks with you. Especially if you were maintaining your training for years. That said, they’ll still get their teeth kicked in.

Ironically, one of the more realistic takes I’ve seen on this was in the middle seasons of 24. In the early seasons, the protagonist, Jack Bauer, is a federal counterterrorist agent. After the third season he’s basically on his own, and no longer a part of the agency that trained him. By the fifth season (about 3 years later) he’s at a point where he’s getting his ass handed to him by a security guard.

The problem is something we’ve explained, repeatedly. Hand to hand combat is not static. The training I got 20 years ago doesn’t apply now. It will work against untrained opponents. Basic physiology doesn’t change. However, going up against opponents who’ve been keeping their training up to date, (or are some of the people responsible for updating the techniques in the first place), is not going to end well.

Something I know we haven’t discussed on this subject is how this updating happens. It requires contact with people who are actually using their training practically. Seeing what people are doing isn’t something that you can do sitting on a mountain top. You need to actually be immersed in the community. You look for how people are adapting to the techniques you’re training others in, and look for ways to get around those counters.

In the case of law enforcement, one major source if intelligence to guide updates is watching what criminals are teaching each other in prison. Career criminals will look for ways to counter police hand to hand, and once they have that, will (usually) share it with people they work and/or socialize with.

A veteran coming in after years away may be able to execute their training perfectly, and still get taken down by a rookie who received their training last year, because they were trained to counter the veteran’s approach.

Updating is about looking for the things that are most prevalent, and finding ways to defend against them. It’s very likely your veteran will understand this concept. Whether that affects their behavior is more of a characterization question.

Incidentally, this doesn’t just apply to hand to hand, it’s also a relevant concept when you’re talking about things like tradecraft.

Tradecraft is the shorthand for techniques used in intelligence gathering. It’s (somewhat) all encompassing. So, anything from social engineering to dead drops or even the way you set up surveillance could be lumped in under this header.

Just like hand to hand training, this stuff does go out of date. Usually once someone’s actually exploited a method and gotten caught doing it. Though, sometimes it’s preventative.

The irony is, when it comes to being a spy, the biggest problem is being a veteran, not being out of practice. It’s being a veteran. When a spy starts their career, no one knows who they are, they have no reputation, they’ve never turned up in strange places, they’re just someone walking around, taking in the sights, maybe doing a job for some NGO.

Even if a spy is never caught, as they work, their name will start ending up on desks, in lists of witnesses, employees, or whatever. Once is not a pattern, but as their name keeps coming up over the years, it becomes easier to identify them. Potential enemies start keeping files, and gradually filling them with what they know. This means it is much harder for a veteran spy to operate in the field undetected, than it is for a rookie.

There’s a similar issue for assassins. Either they’re a complete ghost, no one knows who they are, and may not even believe they ever existed, or (more likely), if they were working for a government (or any other large, overt organization, like a corporation), they’re in the same boat as a veteran spy. People may not know your character is an assassin, but they will know that they worked for someone. Which in turn, will put them on guard, and make your character’s life much harder.

There are concepts a veteran will have internalized, which someone without training won’t understand or grasp. Thing that just don’t go out of style. For example, bullets will blow through most residential walls and furniture. So, if someone’s taking cover behind a couch, kitchen wall, or car door, it’s far more expedient to simply shoot through whatever’s in your way. Another concept is one I’ve mentioned recently, you reload when you have the time, not when you’ve run your gun dry.

Similarly, experience they’ve learned from may still be relevant. Being able to read someone’s intentions, know when they’re about to resort to violence, or simply knowing the value of good intelligence aren’t going to go away because your character spent the last five years pretending to be a well-adjusted human being.


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First Steps

Requested by an anon, it turned into a drabble, I’m sorry

Summary: Batbaby takes their first steps and batdad is just a little excited.

Warning(s): None, Just Fluff, Baby’s Age: About 1 year

“(Y/N)!!” Bruce’s loud voice boomed through the halls as he picked up the small child and rushed to meet you.

Yelling never meant a good thing in the manor and especially not when you were all still trying to get accustomed to having such a small child in the house. Immediately you bolted from the kitchen, sprinting in the direction of Bruce’s voice calling out to you. Thank god the hallways were long or you two would have crashed into each other as you quickened your pace the second you saw Bruce carrying your baby girl.

Looking them over frantically, your eyes met his, “What happened?! Is she alright?! Are you alright?!”

Bruce’s face pulled up into the widest smile you’ve ever seen on him, rivaling the one after you said ‘I do’ while he set your girl on the floor, “She’s about to walk! You have to see this!”

Your eyes closed as you tried to calm your racing pulse before you had a heart attack, reminding yourself to curse him out later. “Are you sure? I mean I guess it’s around this age they’re supposed to start, but I don’t know if I’m ready for this…”

“Just sit over there!” He motioned a couple feet away from him as he sat down in front of your daughter.

Gently he helped her stand - a motion she had mastered a couple weeks back, but just couldn’t comprehend what came next or how not to fall on her butt. He gave her a few kisses on her face, making her coo in delight before he helped her turn around toface where you sat, still holding his hands under her arms to support her. You sat across from him in the manor hallway and outstretched your arms towards your baby.

“Come to mommy, sweetheart!”

A smile spread across your daughter’s face as she recognized you, “Mmmmm!” She exclaimed in her baby talk with the sound she associated with you, just the beginnings of saying ‘Mommy.’

Slowly, Bruce began to take his arms away as your daughter began to express that she wanted to come to you. As she started taking a step Bruce removed his hands completely. Although she teetered and swayed quite a bit she made it across the short distance to tumble into your arms. You wrapped your arms around her to bring her close in celebration as both you and Bruce cheered and praised her, holding back the true squeals of excited parents.

After showering your daughter in kisses you turned her around, to do the same as Bruce did, only this time changing her destination to her father. Just as she made it into Bruce’s arms a camera flashed, making you both look up to see Alfred who casually offered his gentle smile.

“Although there have been countless children to pass through this house, very few have taken their first steps here. I wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass me by. After all, it has been quite a few years since the last one has taken their first steps, I do believe the manor requires some updates to accommodate our newest wanderer’s safety though,” He looked to Bruce, slyly teasing him about his age while simultaneously reminding both of you of the downsides of her walking.

You snickered and moved to sit next to where Bruce was on the floor before you sighed, “This is gonna mean a lot of babyproofing…”

Alfred smiled again and nodded, “If she’s even slightly as adventurous as Master Bruce was, indeed. It means a whole lot of babyproofing.”

Bruce chuckled and shook his head, standing up carefully with your baby still in his arms. You followed suit, lifting yourself from the floor as well. Both of you shared a knowing look and turned your gaze to the small, smiling girl.

“I guess this means a trip to the baby store,” Bruce admitted and looked around the old mansion, only imagining how much supplies it would take to baby proof the main parts of the house.

“And here I thought her walking might be a good thing,” You added sarcastically, knowing with just one look at her that your little girl was going to be all over the house when she memorized how to walk on her own.

3DS Update: 11.3 Firmware Forced ACNL Update

Alright guys a new thing has occurred with the 11.3 firmware update, and that is ACNL now requires an update to even launch the game, and to even download the update, a firmware update is required first.

This JUST started within the past ten minutes, because I just loaded a town for someone, then backed out to make an edit, re-saved the file, and tried to re-launch the game and got the notification just now. The rest of you will be seeing it soon, if you haven’t already.

Meaning if you aren’t already on CFW and don’t plan to be, Nintendo is going to MAKE you update to 11.3 to play ACNL, and if you do so, or have already done so, you’re going to have to wait until 11.3 exploits are released (which could take a few months), before you will be able to convert to CFW, downgrade, edit your town, etc. Meaning you can’t play ACNL without updating, and if you update and you’re not already on CFW, then you can’t hack.

Again, to recap, if you plan on converting to CFW, DO NOT UPDATE.

If you are ALREADY on CFW, it is okay to update your system and continue about your business. Let me know if you have any issues.

And, with this new development, if you aren’t already on CFW, you will be forced to update to 11.3, rendering you unable to use Soundhax and the ACNL Save Editor. AGAIN. The 11.3 update breaks Soundhax, downgrading, etc. 

So. Pretty dick move, and I’ll update you guys as I am able.

One last time, if you want to continue hacking, do not update. If you are unable to use CFW or do not understand how to get it installed, but you want to keep playing ACNL, you’re going to have to go ahead and suck it up, update, and wait for Soundhax and the other exploits to become available for 11.3 again.

Trying to use the gift system on Pokemon:

>You need to turn on wireless communication to connect to the Internet, are you sure you want to connect to the Internet? YES

>If you disconnect or your battery runs out while using the code you will not be able to receive the gift, do you understand? YES

>Are you sure you want to connect to the Internet? YES

>You must save your game before connecting to the Internet, do you want to save your game? YES

>Connecting to the Internet means you must connect to the Internet, do you want to connect to the Internet? YES

>Have you eaten today and done at least twenty minutes of exercise? YES

>Connecting to the Internet, please stand by…

>SYSTEM UPDATE REQUIRED *closes without warning*

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Jess Herbst - I am also a transgender Texan. How can I help to improve our state's legal rights for transgender people, such as making a gender marker change easier to acquire?

This is pretty straightforward a political issue. This last week I was in Austin lobbying for trans rights. The bathroom bill was on everyone’s radar, but there was also an amendment by Representative Hinojosa that would change the current requirement to update your birth certificate from a judge’s approval to a simple court clerk procedure. It was withdrawn for lack of support. You need to speak up, call and write your state senators and representatives and tell them you want this type of legislation. Ask your friends to do the same. Too often people just remain silent hoping for change that never comes.

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also just to add to y'all, as someone who knows a tiny bit about budgeting, what most of the money goes on in any production is PEOPLES SALARIES and SETS. the more staff needed, the more expensive filming. so like, a small budget film would have fewer locations and sets built, and fewer actors. also, TIME. you pay 100 dollars a day to someone? 2 days doubles it. nightshoot raises it. simple as that. to say that the skull was changing because of the budget, is... insane and completely ludicrous.

Anonymous said to inevitably-johnlocked: The Budget Couldn’t Have Been Small, Or If It Was, They Have Never Budgeted For A Tv-Show Before - a story by me, who has has like, fucking eyes and knowledge about this stuff. the budget was clearly pretty same as before… i can go in depth about this if you want but basically, you can all notice some of it, for example: a trip to marocco for a plotline that didn’t need to be shot, as it was read out anyway… if the budget really was a thing, they spent it on the episodes 45/45/10 lmao

Hey Nonnies!

Oh, absolutely, we totally understand the actors and cast / crew / filming locations changes based on budget. I think what bothers most folks is that SHERLOCK is a show that BBC literally throws money at… I mean look at the production quality of T6T and TLD: They rented a stunt driver, an Aston Martin, a helicopter, a drone or two, an aquarium AND hospital wing for several days;  REBUILT SETS FROM SCRATCH – one of which was a rotating one; went to and filmed in Morocco and probably other small locations to film the travel scenes; recced in Canada and never did anything with it; paid SFX people to set off fireworks for ””””Ben’s birthday”””””; took up an entire island or beach for filming; REMADE a whole new skull painting that glowed (backlighting) ergo would have been screenprinted on canvas or paper (I can’t tell what it is in the photos for Sherlocked US); BOUGHT AN ENTIRE NEW FURNITURE SET for a 30 second ending sequence in TFP; working with children also probably comes with additional fees and insurance (I don’t know for certain, just speculating here), wrote new music and FULL SOUNDTRACKS FOR EACH EPISODE (usually the songs all get recycled throughout the season); THEN  had to pay for all the post production and editing, which then required updating hard and software ………

But they didn’t have the 500 or so dollars to rebuy a painting they had for 3 fucking seasons? Sure Jan.

Salaries are the LEAST of their worries. If Mofftiss said “oh, we spent a lot on sets and all the cool locations”, then MAYBE I would believe them…. but they literally said they didn’t have the budget to have A PAINTING, from what I’m understanding.



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*stretches and gets ready for a long, polite response*

And you missed my points, but that’s fine, online miscommunications happen due to lack of tone and intent. I apologize if I sound defensive about Angela, because I immediately assumed that your problem was with the ship and her assumed (and now canonically proven wrong) involvement with Genji’s cyborg weaponization process. Possibly because of how hostile you sounded. I still get the hostile vibes but for the sake of clarification and explaining things as politely as possible, I will try to keep mine civil in return in hopes we all reach an understanding. 

And because this post is now super long, a readmore is actually required :>

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Every Me And Every You - Ten

It was a good few weeks before you and Reid were able to make plans to play again. One of those weeks had been spent on a case in Seattle, and when your down time had come around, Spencer had already had plans to visit his Mom for the weekend.

You’d been more disappointed that you thought you would have been and as you’d dropped Spencer off at his apartment on the way home that nignt, he’d noticed.

“Hey, next two days we get off are ours okay.”


“And use the weekend. I’m betting you’ve not played with any of the things I’ve bought you have you?”

You hadn’t and you told him so.

“Okay so tomorrow, when you’re doing your housework, try doing it with the eggs in. You’ll need to lube them up to get them in, unless of course you have a play before hand. And tomorrow night, I’ll be back at my hotel by 8pm, it’ll be 11pm here. You can always call me and I can talk you through doing some things.”


“Yes…. Things.”

“Crap…. When you told me you’d be out of town, I made plans to go out with Penny and Emily.”

He licked his lips, thinking.

“Okay. Well, we could still play a game of sorts if you like?”

“We can? I’m not fucking going out wearing those love eggs inside of me Spencer.”

“Not with those two you’re not. I meant more of a power game. I tell you what to wear, what to eat and what to drink.”


“I won’t be able to keep checking my phone all night though, they’ll get suspicious.”

“That’s fine, I’ll only require updates every thirty minutes. We can set a rule. If you don’t text every thirty minutes, that’s one strike of punishment against you for next time.”

“Spanking again?”

“Not necessarily. I might add them up and turn them into a larger punishment. Like five strikes equals an hour of you sitting naked with your legs spread, not be allowed to move or speak. Or five strikes would equal one flog. Or maybe, ten strikes would equal half an hour of you riding my mouth.”

You bite your lip feeling that familiar throbbing between your legs.

“How… How is that punishment for me?”

It certainly didn’t sound like it would be.

“Punishment doesn’t always equal something painful Y/N. Just something that not everyone likes to do. You’d be surprised at how many girls would balk at the term ‘sit on my face’. But…. Have you ever had so many orgasms that it’s become painful? Because it definitely can. I’m not sure I could make that happen in thirty minutes but I’ll give it my best shot.”

You guessed he was right. You’d always associated punishment with pain when you were thinking about the BDSM scene. But thinking back to when you were a kid and did some thing wrong punishment then didn’t always equal a smack. In fact it rarely did. More often than not, it was a removal of your dessert or being told to go to bed at an earlier time or having your favourite toys taken away from you. As you got older it meant having your cell confiscated or being grounded.

“So erm, say if I miss the thirty minute deadline a lot, would that mean that I wouldn’t be allowed to go out with Pen and Emily again for a while?” you asked trying to be coy.

“You’re catching on quickly Y/N. That’s exactly what might happen. I need to go, there’s an earlier flight I can get on this evening if I hurry, and you’re proving to be a distraction. I’ll text you tomorrow okay.”


And he had, at around 11am when you’d got back from grocery shopping you had a message from him.

“Got those eggs in yet Agent Y/L/N?”

You hadn’t, but only because you’d been out of the house.

“Not yet, I’ve been running errands. And please don’t call me Agent when you’re talking about stuff like that. It’s been easy working with you so far, and you’re the one who said you didn’t like blurring the lines.”

Not only would it blur the lines, but if he started calling you Agent, you’d end up calling him Dr Reid and for some reason you’d already found that hot before this little…. whatever this was had started.

“Apologies, point taken. Are you home now then? If so, put them in.”

“How will you know if I do or don’t?”

“That can be applied to the whole of today. How will I know if you wear what I tell you, or eat and drink what I say later. Trust. I trust you to behave.“

Behave… Because if you didn’t….

You shivered.

You took your phone into your bedroom and opened the draw you’d piled all of the items he’d bought you into, searching for the love eggs and the lubricant he’d slipped into the basket.

Pulling your jeans and underwear off you sat on your bed and assessed them, reading the instructions.

Okay. Wash them first. Back up off the bed and into your bathroom, washing the silicone balls with warm soapy water and carefully drying them. Back to your bed.

The instructions suggested that inexperienced woman lie down to insert them, and to be careful with the amount of lube you used. After all, the easier they go in, the easier they’ll come out.


Although Spencer had referred to them as love eggs, they were actually more spherical in shape, reminding you of the old stress balls which people would hold in the palms of their hands and rotate. Except these were connected by a pull cord and one was heavier than the other

The instructions advised to insert the none weighted ball first, followed by the heavier one.

You pumped a small amount of lubricant into your palms and rubbed them together, before rubbing the eggs between your hands. See how you go with this much, you can always add more.

Laying back, you spread your legs and pushed gently.

The feeling was weird, almost like something you shouldn’t be doing alone, but you managed to push them in without too much discomfort, the cord hanging loose.

The instructions said to practice your kegal exercises laying down first to get used to the sensation.

Alright. You did, squeezing the muscles you’d use if you needed to stop peeing mid flow.


The squeezing pushed the balls against your sweet spot, sending a pleasant sensation through your core.

People went out wearing these?

Okay… Let’s try to walk around.

You sat up carefully and pulled your underwear and jeans back on. They didn’t slip out when you stood up but you felt definite movement and as you started to walk you were sure you could hear them knocking against each other.

Paranoia perhaps?

“They’re in. It feels weird.” You texted Reid.

“Good girl. Have fun and let me know when you’re getting ready for later.”

You got on with your afternoon, tidying the house and putting away your laundry.

When you were sitting down, you could barely feel them. It was no more noticeable than when you wore tampons when you actually had the occasional period.

When you were walking around and vacuuming for example, there were a few instances where you’d grabbed the edge of a table or chair as they knocked into each other or against a certain sensitive area inside of you. If you felt them slipping, you squeezed on and off a few times and that seem to push them higher, but each time you squeezed, there was that sensation again, juddering against your g spot.

How people wore these all day long and didn’t end up a quivering mess you didn’t know.

When it got to four o clock, you lay back down on your bed and texted Reid to say you were taking them out as you needed a bath and to start getting ready. You were meeting Garcia at an Italian restaurant at seven, and Emily was picking you up on the way.

“Okay. Do something for me? Take a picture of them and send it to me before you wash them.”

Huh? Why?

It became clear though as you pulled them out and then lay them on your bed. The silicone coating was glistening, from your own personal lubricant.

In for a penny, in for a pound.

You took a picture and sent it.

Taking them into the bathroom with you, you dropped them into the sink and filled it, before running a hot bath and climbing in.

Spencer’s reply came twenty minutes later as you were washing your hair.

“I’m very jealous of those eggs, Y/N.”

Fucking hell, man. You almost dropped the phone in the tub.

Pushing it far out of dangers way you combined on with your bathing regime, getting out and wrapping yourself in a towel, smelling of the coconuts body wash you’d used.

Going into your bed room, you surveyed your closet before remembering that Spencer was dictating your outfit to to tonight.

“So what am I wearing then?” You messaged him again.

“If this is your attempt at starting kinky phone sex, I believe it’s meant to start with me asking you to describe what you’re wearing, with the answer hopefully being nothing.”

“No you douche, tonight. What am I wearing tonight?”


“Are we playing?”

“If there’s strikes to be earnt this evening then I’d say yes. But to make things clear, we’ll start when you get to the restaurant okay.”

“Good, so I can call you a douche up until then.”

“I suppose.”

“Lol. Now what am I wearing tonight?”

The reply came a few minutes later.

“Do you still have the jade coloured sundress you were to Rossi’s Fourth of July party two years ago?”

“I do.”

“That, with that black cardigan with the green buttons you wear to work sometimes. Sheer black panty hose and your black heels with the silver buckle. The matching green bra and panty set we bought. Wear your hair half up, half down with simple make up, no lip stick only clear gloss. Pictures please.”

“I thought I was only supposed to wear them with you?”

“You wear them when I tell you to and I’m telling you to. It’s either them, or no underwear. And that dress is pretty thin material.”

“I’ll wear them. I’ll send a picture when I’m done.”

You got ready, blow drying and straightening your hair and following his instructions. When you were done you surveyed yourself in the mirror. He had pretty good taste, you looked nice.

You took a few photos, one of you fully clothed, and another two showing the underwear you were wearing, your dress lifted up and the v of the top half pulled down to prove you’d followed his instructions to the t. You pressed send, just as your buzzer signalling that Prentiss was outside sounded.

Collecting your purse you went down to meet Emily, climbing into the cab besides her.


“Hey! You look nice,” she greeted you.

“Thanks, so do you.” You felt your phone buzz, tilting the screen slightly when you saw it was Spencer.

“Very nice. Beautiful and sexy in fact. Just remember one thing. Whilst we’re embarking on this little road to discovery, you are mine. You’ll attract attention dressed as you are, because you look stunning. But until you call this off, I’m the only one who will be allowed near your body, I’m the only one who you can think about fucking, the only one who is allowed to make you come other than yourself. You are mine. Understood?”

Loud and clear.



“Good. Now let me know when you’re at the restaurant. I’ll expect a text every thirty minutes, even if it’s just a message to say ‘checking in’. That will do. Miss a check in and that’s a strike. Understood?”

“Understood.” You locked you phone and slipped it back into your bag.

“Everything okay? You look a bit flushed.” Emily commented.

“Fine! All good. Just a little warm.” You made a show of winding down the window slightly.

Tonight was going to be interesting.

Recommended Listening: Around the Clock News - Johann Johannsson

He knows those footsteps. Bare feet against steps, racing upwards towards the library. He marks his page, adds the book to the pile beside his chair. He stands, in time to see Lavellan breathlessly round the corner, arms already outstretched. Dorian is all too happy to catch him, a warm embrace, listening to the happy laugh in his ear. “I’m home,” he says, pulling back from the hug, standing on his toes, tilting his face upwards to brush lips against lips. The smile still lingers, even in the kiss, a happy shine in his eyes.

“Welcome back, amatus. I have so missed watching you run around Skyhold,” Dorian says, putting a hand on his face, smooth skin under his fingertips, tucking stray strands of hair behind long pointed ears. Lavellan chuckles softly under his breath as he steps away. He looks at Dorian with an aching fondness, restless hands playing with the belt and buckles on Dorian’s chest.

“I’m required to update Josie and the others. I wanted to come see you first,” Lavellan says.

“The Inquisitor shirking his duties? Naughty, naughty. Whatever will they say?” More laughter, cupping Dorian’s face in his hands. Pressing even more kisses, once, twice, stepping back before Dorian has time to move.

“I’ll be back soon.” He taps fingers against stone as he moves to leave. He pauses at the corner of Dorian’s nook, looks over his shoulder. Biting his bottom lip, mischief in his eyes. “I hope you missed more than simply watching me run,” he says in a low tone. “I’ll show you all the ways I missed you.” Dorian falls back into his chair, covering the grin with his hand, leaning against the armrest. That man would be the end of him.

He picks up the book he had discarded, opening to the page he had left. He loses himself in words, a distraction from wanting to go to the war table, pick Lavellan up over his shoulder and run to his quarters. He reads without really reading, eyes moving over the words but as he looks up at a sudden noise, he can’t recall what he was reading at all. Passers-by move out of the way of a mumbling spirit.

Cole, his hands pressed to his ears, a grimace on his face. “It hurts, it hurts, make it stop,” he groans as he walks towards Dorian. “I can’t – I can’t listen right, it’s too loud.” Dorian pushes himself up from the chair, putting his hands on Cole’s shoulders. There’s a pained grimace on his lips, shoulders hunched and shaking, some loud cacophony relentless in his mind.

“Cole? What is it?” Dorian thinks for a moment that Cole might be under threat from some demon. Cole lowers his hands, winding small fingers in belt and buckle, knitting and fiddling, just as Lavellan had done only moments before. He looks up, and underneath that hat of his, his eyes are wide and round. The panicked tone his voice once carried now fades into a hushed whisper.

“They should have been safe. I can’t do this. All my fault and now they’re dead. Deserted, desolate, destitute and empty – I am alone. I am the last. I am burning, I am red, I am screaming, dead as much as they. All my fault, my fault. I can’t do this,” he says.

“Tell me what’s going on,” Dorian says in a harsh tone, unable to stop his hands from squeezing on Cole’s shoulders.

“Empty and isolated, no one will find me here,” Cole says. His head cocks as he looks at Dorian. “He wants no one but he needs you. In the green place, books and dust, web upon web.” Dorian is off running immediately. Flying down stairs, across the great hall, to the place Lavellan had shown him only once before. Filled from ceiling to floor with old books, something he knew would please Dorian. It sits in the halls underneath Skyhold, a cramped path, a hidden room.

Lavellan is standing with his back straight and stiff, his shoulders narrow. He doesn’t turn around at the sound of Dorian. His knuckles are pressed against the desk. “Amatus? Are you alright?” Dorian asks it cautiously, quietly, as he walks slowly closer. Lavellan flinches at the feeling of Dorian’s hands on his arms. He turns, knocks his hands away, and presses his back against the shelves on books. The spell broken, Lavellan presses his palms against his eyes, hunches over.

“I have no home to go back to. My clan is dead. I – I ordered the wrong thing. I made a mistake. And now they’re all dead.” He laughs like madness, a choking thing. His hands fall from his face, he wraps his arms around himself. He looks up at Dorian, dark circles under his eyes. His chin shakes. “I killed them,” he tears the words out of himself. His eyes squeeze shut, and he holds his hands in front of them, trembling in full. Dorian watches as his breathing comes quicker, louder, gasping in air but unable to hold breath.

He quickly closes the distance between them, and tilts his face upwards, hands tight on his face. “Amatus. You need to breathe. Look at me.” Searching eyes slowly settle upon him, and Dorian nods then inhales deeply. Lavellan mimics him. In and out, in and out, eyes never leaving eyes. Dorian’s hands move from his face to his shoulders, wrapping arms around him. Together, they slide to the floor.

Nestled warm in Dorian’s arms, Lavellan buries his face against his chest. He keeps his hold on the elf tight but not restrictive, comforting without being a prison. He kisses the crown off his head. “It’s not your fault,” Dorian says. “Whatever you think… it’s not your fault. You’re not alone. I have you. I’m here.” The dam breaks. The tears finally flow. He holds him as he screams into Dorian’s chest, weeps himself into exhaustion. They spend the night on the floor, leaning against moldy old books, holding each other.

Eat all my food while I fix your phone? Have fun explaining this one...

I used to work for the largest company in the world (by market cap) and know quite a bit about their electronic gadgets. This has earned me the unfortunate family title as tech support for all things Fruit related.

Last week, I received a call from my brother asking if I could fix his friend’s phone as it was acting weirdly. I told him to come by my place and I would get it sorted out. Well, this friend of my brothers is 16, and kind of a little douche (LD). He also smokes far too much weed to ever be healthy (nothing against the stuff, but seriously… Too much is too much). Anyways, they come by stoned out of their mind right as I finish making myself some delicious baked spaghetti for dinner.

I proceed to update his phone to the new OS and fix his issues (which was an app that required an update to the latest OS version to work properly) and all is ready to go. I come back to find my baked spaghetti completely devoured by LD while my brother was playing video games in the living room.
You motherfucker.

So I went into the settings and now his phone autocorrects ‘tired’ to 'high’ every time he types it in. That way, every time he types “I am too tired” it becomes “I am too high” etc. Give him the phone back and say all is fixed.
Two days later I get a text message asking wtf, because his friend is grounded for telling his parents he was too high to go to a family dinner.
Never. Eat. My. Goddamn. Spaghetti.

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cersei: would kick the walking stick out from olenna tyrell if possible, has had babies killed 2 protect her own self-interest ( amongst other things ), wants her youngest bro dead
me: moves into my grandmother’s house whilst i study + work until i return to uni to help look after her + alleviate her loneliness after my grandpa passing b/c i love my old granbean

Morning, 9 June 17

Good morning tumblr, I want to commit property damage.

*makes several exceedingly rude gestures at neighbors who think that everyone wants to listen to their “boom, boom-boom” beat underlying whatever the fuck they have playing*

Just. A couple destroyed speakers, maybe melted to slag. Nothing more than that.

In the meanwhile, I have white noise turned up loud on my headphones in an attempt to not have to hear the fucking noise.

Anyway. I’m going to go cause fictional mayhem, because that does not involve having to actually locate the asshat with the loud noise. Or require clean up after causing mayhem.

Morning all, sorry for the lack of updates, work and school requires a lot of my time but I’ll try to finish one of my sketchs on the weekend.

But now let’s talk about Starlight Glimmer, and the fact that one of our favorite unicorns will be joining the Equestria Girls cast, I’m curious about human Glimmy, she looks like a rebel girl, and one of my first questions:

She attends CHS? My first answer is “no”, I’m pretty sure she’s attending Crystal Prep or that’s what I think.

How is she going to interact with Sunset!? I just can’t imagine this two characters together, seriously I just can’t, they are gonna be friends? Rivals?

Another thing that I want to talk about abd it’s just from my point of view, why Starlight gets the chance to join Equestria Girls and Sunset don’t even get a mention on the show? I love Starlight, but I’m a huge fan of Sunset and if she don’t get a special episode or something for Season 7 … seriously it’s sooo unfair, she’s been around since Rainbow Rocks as an official part of the main cast and have just like 3 mentions on the comics … and that’s it.

Don’t get me wrong I’m super happy to see Starlight on EqG, but the fact that Shimmy is getting a second place it’s just sad. Hopefully she will have a huge lead role on this specials, but only time will tell.

You and Me and the Stars

Inspired by that one new TFA shot floating around (you have seen the one, I’m sure). It was most likely from that sad scene where they don’t kiss and stuff, but I have completely abandoned that and made it cute fluffy #somarried Solos. Assume that some stuff in TFA has happened, but not the whole leaving thing. They managed to stay married and y’know, in love and stuff (which shouldn’t be a radical idea but apparently is.)

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candygarnet  asked:

wait, your last artblog got locked? how did that happen?

My previous art blog was separate from my personal blog and the former was formerly an ask blog. After I quit the askblog I had gathered tons of followers, with whom I felt would be a waste to abandon, so I decided to turn it into an art blog. However, I wanted a personal blog too, so I made a new account separate from the askblog.

Now fast forward some years, I haven’t used that email account for ages and it was still connected to my tumblr account that had the art blog, so it had no other purpose than that. Tumblr later made an update which required everyone to “recover” their password, although without notifying us. I could not log into my email account to retrieve the recovered password because Outlook wanted me to fill in information that I no longer remembered, leaving me with virtually no more solutions to retrieve the password.

I decided to ask staff, providing them with proof regarding the ownership of the blog, but they said that there was nothing they could do despite me verifying my identity for them, so I decided to give up, haha.