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3DS Update: 11.3 Firmware Forced ACNL Update

Alright guys a new thing has occurred with the 11.3 firmware update, and that is ACNL now requires an update to even launch the game, and to even download the update, a firmware update is required first.

This JUST started within the past ten minutes, because I just loaded a town for someone, then backed out to make an edit, re-saved the file, and tried to re-launch the game and got the notification just now. The rest of you will be seeing it soon, if you haven’t already.

Meaning if you aren’t already on CFW and don’t plan to be, Nintendo is going to MAKE you update to 11.3 to play ACNL, and if you do so, or have already done so, you’re going to have to wait until 11.3 exploits are released (which could take a few months), before you will be able to convert to CFW, downgrade, edit your town, etc. Meaning you can’t play ACNL without updating, and if you update and you’re not already on CFW, then you can’t hack.

Again, to recap, if you plan on converting to CFW, DO NOT UPDATE.

If you are ALREADY on CFW, it is okay to update your system and continue about your business. Let me know if you have any issues.

And, with this new development, if you aren’t already on CFW, you will be forced to update to 11.3, rendering you unable to use Soundhax and the ACNL Save Editor. AGAIN. The 11.3 update breaks Soundhax, downgrading, etc. 

So. Pretty dick move, and I’ll update you guys as I am able.

One last time, if you want to continue hacking, do not update. If you are unable to use CFW or do not understand how to get it installed, but you want to keep playing ACNL, you’re going to have to go ahead and suck it up, update, and wait for Soundhax and the other exploits to become available for 11.3 again.

PAX East 2017 Community Q&A TL;DR

Full transcript here

Video On Demand here (panel is 00:18:45 - 01:12:30)

  • Recap of Stormblood features:
    • New story: antagonists Garlean Empire and Zenos yae Galvus
    • New areas: Ala Mhigo/Doma/Other Far Eastern Locales
    • 2 new jobs: Red Mage and Samurai
    • New level cap: 70
    • Battle system refinement
    • New gear and crafting recipes
    • Expanded exploration missions: Eureka
    • New beast tribes and primals
    • Increased inventory capacity
    • Updated PC minimum spec requirements
    • End of PS3 support
    • Swimming & Diving
    • 8-man raid: Interdimensional Rift - Omega: The Bend of Time
    • 24-man raid: Return to Ivalice
  • i280 Diadem weapon PSA:
    • TL;DR: “You all need to calm down a little bit.”
    • Getting one is like winning the jackpot in Vegas with a quarter you found on the ground outside
    • Yoshi-P still thinks Anima weapons are the best because you can customise them to your liking
    • Reiterates that he wants everyone to calm down
    • Full PSA transcript here
  • Q&A (22 questions):
    • Cleric stance: Still in Stormblood, but Yoshi-P wants healers to focus on healing first, and only DPS once all healing is taken care of.
    • Weekly item limit in Dun Scaith and Alexander Savage: Will be lifted soon.
    • Cruise Chaser mount: May possibly be looked into.
    • Doma and Ala Mhigo lost to Garleans because they only had DPS: That’s why they need Eorzeans to tank and heal for them!
    • Sharlayan aetherometer glamour item: Maybe if we actually go to Sharlayan homeland - “6.0? 7.0?”
    • Healer job balance: Question-asker said people prefer AST and SCH because of their buffs and utility. Yoshi-P wants people to trust him to balance it correctly.
      • (Q) “[AST] has the same potency as [WHM].”
      • (A) “Currently, yeah.”
    • Eternal Bonding updates: Planned for 4.1 or 4.2.
    • DoL/H in 4.0: Action skills will be adjusted for the new cap of 70. No new DoL/H classes in Stormblood.
    • Krile Mog Station outfit: Being worked on.
    • Seasonal Event Instances: Will be reprised, but not for All Saints’ Wake again.
    • Enochian Changes: Not everything about it is final, but it will be a permanent buff. Please stay tuned for more information.
    • Obscure Stormblood content: Lots of Kugane can be climbed. It’s tricky, but you should try to get up high.
    • Non-Responsive Customer Support: 
      • The question-asker’s account completely disappeared for no apparent reason
      • They couldn’t get through to support to ask about it - “no one picks up the phone”
      • Yoshi-P personally promised to talk to the community and service department heads about it, as they were at PAX East
      • Question-asker was told to come to the front at the end of the panel
    • Male Bunny Outfit Progress: Hyur and Roegadyn are finished; rest are on hold due to Stormblood. Yoshi-P thinks the Hyur one is sexy.
    • Orchestrion iPod: Good idea, but difficult technically.
    • Raid Tier Gear Set Bonuses: No plans, but they’ll consider it.
    • More Lore for Existing Clans (e.g. Duskwight): Stormblood will focus on some of the existing cultures, but can’t confirm which one(s). Mention lore team may wish to produce second lore book, but no confirmation.
    • Armour and weapon display in housing: Confirmed for 4.X series.
    • Diving log: Some “travel log” entries may or may not be underwater.
    • Greater amount of challenging content: Not really possible unless they doubled the development team in size. But they’ll try to produce more for people who clear the raids and are bored.
    • Mentor programme expansion in Stormblood: Easy to do technically. They’ll look into it.
    • New Tank Job in Stormblood: Hard no - “I’m gonna die!” Play Stormblood first, then ask about new jobs.
  • North America data centre upgrade
    • Since launch of ARR, Square Enix took on challenge of overseas data centres
    • Want to provide best service possible with increase of inventory and armoury chest
    • North America data centres will be moved to “facility that has the latest equipment”
    • Planned for middle of May, before Stormblood release
    • Watch official forums for more details such as what kind of preparation is required, what the actual dates are going to be, and why they had to do this

[ more panel transcripts ]

Eat all my food while I fix your phone? Have fun explaining this one...

I used to work for the largest company in the world (by market cap) and know quite a bit about their electronic gadgets. This has earned me the unfortunate family title as tech support for all things Fruit related.

Last week, I received a call from my brother asking if I could fix his friend’s phone as it was acting weirdly. I told him to come by my place and I would get it sorted out. Well, this friend of my brothers is 16, and kind of a little douche (LD). He also smokes far too much weed to ever be healthy (nothing against the stuff, but seriously… Too much is too much). Anyways, they come by stoned out of their mind right as I finish making myself some delicious baked spaghetti for dinner.

I proceed to update his phone to the new OS and fix his issues (which was an app that required an update to the latest OS version to work properly) and all is ready to go. I come back to find my baked spaghetti completely devoured by LD while my brother was playing video games in the living room.
You motherfucker.

So I went into the settings and now his phone autocorrects ‘tired’ to 'high’ every time he types it in. That way, every time he types “I am too tired” it becomes “I am too high” etc. Give him the phone back and say all is fixed.
Two days later I get a text message asking wtf, because his friend is grounded for telling his parents he was too high to go to a family dinner.
Never. Eat. My. Goddamn. Spaghetti.

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Harry Potter books if McGonangall was headmaster instead of Dumbledore

Year 1- “We are NOT hiding a magical item that powerful in a school! This is what Gringotts is for.”

Year 2- “Children are being petrified left and right? We send them home. Immediately. And get me the Aurors on the line. How is this even a debate.”

Year 3- “There are Dementors on the grounds? Yep, children are sent home again. And Severus, stop being racist against werewolves.”

Year 4- “Potter, don’t be ridiculous, this is obviously a plot against you. Sit down, you are not entering this tournament. You are only fourteen, for Merlin’s sake.”

Year 5- “Eat a centaur dick, Dolores.”

Year 6- “Severus, why haven’t you updated your potion textbooks requirements, this was already old when you studied here.”

Year 7- “There’s a war? Children are sent home, obviously. All of them. Yes, you too, Mister Weasley.”

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To The Survivors, How would you feel if someone in the Future Foundation was a member of Ultimate Despair?

“Me, Makoto, and Kyoko have been investigating into just about everybody’s backgrounds, none of them could be Ultimate Despair…! I don’t even want to think about the possibility, to be frank with you, I don’t want to doubt anybody ever again…”

“We already had to deal with one betrayal back in Hope’s Peak…”

i added fancy lil icons to my descriptions for some mains!!!!! ft. @basedmercury / @valeurr / @ceasepain / @bloomess / @blxckandbruises <3

they were originally gonna be floating bubble thingies but i wanted to put more people and that would have been toO MANY BUBBLES BOUNCING AROUND

You’re invited!

To celebrate hitting 1,500 followers and Neon’s upcoming birthday, Lilyfeather is throwing a surprise garden party and you’re all invited!

The rules!

  • You must be following this blog! 
  • Reblog with a reference of ONE oc you’d like to attend!
  • Name your oc’s favorite flower!

Winners will not be randomly generated, each oc will be hand selected!

Mod is going away for a week and will be back this Friday, August 12th, so the party will take place after that!

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I married Sumia n Nowi in the gay fea hack, but when I make cynthia a manakete the game decides to glitch her a little. Her map icon turns into tikis map icon and it uses tikis transformed dragon model and doesnt play any voice clips. i dunno if thats fixable or not but i thought id give ya a headsup

We are aware of this! The Map Sprite issue will be fixed in a future update, though it’ll require making custom map sprites for each potential Manakete girl. The transformed dragon model isn’t likely to be changed by us, however, making new dragon models would be extremely difficult for us.. The Voice Clips are potentially fixable but I don’t believe we’re at the point we can fix that yet.
- Mod GF

The Slytherin Common Room is partly under the lake which gives a greenish-blue tinge to part of the common areas, as there are giant glass panels lining one part of the wall allowing one to see the merfolk, giant squid, and a number of different sea creatures, magical and muggle. The common room is often updated as the moistness requires it to be, thusly it’s the most extravagant of all the common rooms. There are plush white sofas and black desks along with silver chandeliers. Natural stone lines most of the common room and years ago a part of the common area continually flooded until they resigned to creating a pool, the Slytherin headmaster at the time considered it fitting since Slytherin is the house associated with water. Soft moss grows on some of the walls and the grand stairs leading up to the dorms are lit by silver candles. The dorms are grand, with domed canopies and flowing velvet draperies. 


Updating the Eldar [closed with farseersaeralyhn]


It had been a while since Astrid last met that Eldar Farseer who dropped by.  A lot had happened to Terra Hope in the time past then, most notably them becoming their own galactic power.

When the Farseer had returned, she was witness to a surprisingly large fleet of highly advanced warships, of designs not before seen in the galaxy, and of sizes of surprising bulk.  One of the larger warships was 19 kilometers in length, a size far greater than even the largest Battleships employed by the others in the galaxy.

One of these massive warships hailed the Farseer.  “This is Fleet Admiral Serma of the Empress’ Wrath,” came the message.  “Welcome to Terra Hope.  Your ship seems to be registered in our files, though you haven’t returned here for some time.  Do you require an update on what has transpired here, or shall I simply grant you passage to the planet?”

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Maybe because she never talks about her husband except when they got married way back when but seems like you're the light of her life?

Let me make some things clear.

1) It is none of your business. To assume anything otherwise is incorrect.
2) All you are seeing on tumblr is what she, and I, wish for you to see. M is not required to publish a daily report on her married life. She is not required to update you on her relationship status. She is not required to tell you what she ate for breakfast, dinner, and how many times she kissed her husband that day. To assume that we are here on this website to indulge your every curiosity is incorrect.
3) I have a tumblr. M has a tumblr. Her husband does not have a tumblr. It makes sense, then, that she and I are going to have a combined presence and tag one another in things, post about one another, and spread our love.
4) I have a good relationship with her husband. In fact, I woke up to a text message from him. 
6) Get. Over. It. 
7) Just to repeat: It is no one’s business but our own!!!!!!!!!! No one is entitled to hear about any facet of our lives we do not wish to share! 

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The game keeps telling me to update it but I already did. Idk what to do ;n;

I don’t know if you have Android or iOS, but the latest update is required for Android users because version 3.1.2 had a bug in it and the latest update, 3.1.3, fixes that bug. Have you updated from the store/QooApp? Get back to me with what version you’re using and where you’ve updated from so I know how to help you.

- Mod Ichi-nya ☆

Aether Experiment Verse Bio

Subject X - Charlie Moore

Employee Status:  Terminated

As the designer of the infamous Aether Paradise, Charlie was asked to stay on board for any continuation of design.  Because the conservation area was in constant need of updates to meet the requirements for it’s various residents, her job was constant and she relished in the influx of work and steady job security that was so rare in the design field.  They gave her a permanent residence on the campus, and she customized it to her liking, making it her home away from home.  The rest of her things remained in storage for the time being, until she would eventually grow weary of living at the facility and find somewhere more secluded on one of the islands.  

Ever the night owl, when without work, Charlie liked to roam the building, checking up on the status of some of the less crucial equipment and looking for and even making small repairs.  It was a need, a fidget, an ache to be doing something productive while she was wide awake while the rest of the world seemed to happily slumber.  Late one night, she wandered into the sub basements, intent on checking up on the larger mechanical equipment that supported the facility’s infrastructure.  An odd sound caught her attention and she wandered around, trying to locate the source as it reverberated off of the steel below.  Only after clambering around some tightly packed mechanical ducts, did she find a lengthy catwalk that seemed to tunnel off into a darker corner of the basement.  Curious - she thought - that wasn’t something she had incorporated in the design.  She goes exploring though, to see what odd thing the contractor must have thought necessary, only to find a door with a keypad, oddly white and clean in the drab basements.  After wrangling with the keypad’s wiring, she finds her way inside, and to her horror finds a hallway full of rooms.  Laboratories.  Cages.  The sad cries of pokemon echo through the halls and send chills racing up her spine.  Her face pales as she walks along, eyes meeting sad gazes from within the confines of what can only be decorated cells.  The further from the entrance she walks, the more hellish the sights become, leading her into another turning hall, a labyrinth of horror until she finds humans.  They’re not entirely human though, they look wrong, she thinks, feeling her stomach turn as she spies bits of pokemon anatomy mixed in.  These creatures don’t look at her, don’t register her presence like the pokemon did, and she guesses the reinforced glass between them is mirrored.  

As she pauses at once room, eyes locked on the blonde woman curled away on a cot with ears that are surely from an Eeveelution.  She’s mesmerized by the sheer horror of it, and doesn’t hear the man approaching her from behind.  She only catches sight of his face in the reflection of the glass as his hand wraps around her face, covering her mouth and nose, and then everything goes black.

Age: 27

Height: 5′10
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown

DNA splice:  Houndoom
Status: Active
Date of initial splice:  ██ /  ██ /  2017


• Subject is very hostile, proceed with caution.  
• Subject showed little initial progress.  Few physical changes upon splicing.
• Progress will be encouraged with low level radiation   ██ /  ██ /  2017
• Subject is particular protective of other subjects.
• Subject is manipulative and must be closely monitored because of her knowledge of the facility.  
• Subject is a containment issue.


██ /  ██ /  2017
      • Body temperature failing to stabilize.  Fluctuating between normal subject temperature and temperatures elevated beyond that which can kill an ordinary human.  
██ /  ██ /  2017
     • Subject seems further agitated.  Mood swings and sudden outbursts and attacks of a more physical nature.

Future Effects for verse information:

██ /  ██ /  2017
     • Subjects fingernails and toenails have hardened and darkened in color.  Rapid growth and thickening is occurring to create what appear to be claws reminiscent of the DNA splice. 
██ /  ██ /  2017
     • Subject appears to have incredible itchiness around her forehead just within hairline.  Might be future growth of horns.  To be further observed and documented.  Suspected heightened senses re: smell and hearing.  Seems to be suffering from headaches, likely both due to horn growth and the heightened hearing.  Subject is primarily nocturnal with emphasis on crepuscular activity as corresponds with the splice.  Subject appears to have developed tapetum lucidum on both eyes allowing for advanced vision at night and in darkness, to be tested.
██ /  ██ /  2017
     • Small nubs of horn have erupted from subjects skull.  Chemical composition tests confirm that it is neither standard bone nor keratin and matches composition of Houndoom horn, nearly weightless and indestructable.  Growth is exponential.  See photographs documenting size.  Markings reminiscent of the bone like growths on Houndoom backs and ribcage have appeared on subject’s skin in similar areas.  No sign of growth or protrusion.  Only markings on flesh.
██ /  ██ /  2017
     • Skin around hands and feet has darkened to a charcoal gray almost black tone.  It appears to have ceased expanding just above wrists and ankles.  Will be monitored for future growth.  Body temperature appears to have stabilized, only increasing when subject is highly agitated.  Take precautions in case of fire.  Horn growth seems to have ceased below ears.
██ /  ██ /  2017
     • Subject is currently under sedation after having bitten an employee.  The bite will be documented as it seems to contain a toxin and has left an odd burn.  It does not correlate with a burn left from a Houdoom’s flame, but the toxin appears to be similar.  Teeth have apparently grown and reshaped to a more predatory status.  To be later documented.
██ /  ██ /  2017
     • Toxin has spread into employees arm, prompting removal of the limb at closest joint.  Subject is still sedated for time being.  Fire suppression systems to be installed within her containment unit as a precaution.  Still unsure as to when and if fire will be a problem.  

sooo I just checked the updated migrationsverket requirements 

there is basically no point in me applying for anything because I will never be able to meet all the retroactive stuff, so it looks like I’m pretty much done.