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Writer says: So I had this crazy idea one day and I just had to work on it. Here ya go!

Writer means: So I had this crazy idea either right before getting in the shower or right before falling asleep so I grabbed my fucking laptop and shat all over it to create the steaming pile of crap that I now lay before you. I don’t even know if it’s good anymore. I haven’t slept in two days.

Writer says: Wow, real life’s getting busy! Sorry on the slow updates.

Writer means: My life is a literal storm of shit at the moment. Why did I decide to do this. Why am I still doing this. Everything around me is spinning out of control and I am staying up ‘til 5:30 in the morning every night to create a piece of work that will only get two comments and 12 demands for quicker updates. I hope no one’s mad at me, all I wanted to do was write.

Writer says: Wow! Would you look at that! I updated on time! Please enjoy!


Writer says: This chapter was a toughie. Glad it’s finally done!

Writer means: I don’t know if this is good or not. I honestly don’t fucking know. I’ve read the same words over and over and over again and I just couldn’t look at it anymore. My beta said it was ok but I’m not confident but HOLY SHIT I JUST NEED TO STOP WRITING THIS FUCKIGN CHAPTER.

Writer says: Thanks for reading!

Writer means: Please, oh please oh please oh please leave me a review. A comment. Anything. Please tell me you’re out there. Please tell me someone is reading this.

Writer says: I just want to say that real life is getting pretty hectic right now. Please try to be patient with me, I know you guys want updates. Thanks! :)

Writer means: FUCK. YOU. Who the fuck do you think you are, demanding shit from me?! You don’t know my life! I have a very busy life! I create shit for free, you entitled son of a pig-fucker! STOP LEAVING ME COMMENTS TELLING ME TO UPDATE SOON OR I SWEAR TO GOD I’LL PUKE ALL OVER MY COMPUTER 

Writer says: What’s gonna happen next? Who knows? Hee hee ;)

Writer means: I have no fucking clue what the next chapter is going to look like. What’s my plot? I don’t know. I feel no emotion.

Writer says: Please leave a comment! It helps me write!

Writer means: I am begging you to leave me a comment because I swear it’s the only thing that’s keeping me motivated right now, I hate the work I put out and I need reassurance that people are actually enjoying this.

Writer says: I hope you enjoyed that chapter, big things are coming up! ;)

Writer means: Buckle up bitches, someone’s gonna die.

Writer says: I know I’ve missed a few updates, but I swear I plan on finishing this story! 

Writer means: *high pitched eternal screeching*

Writer says: Here we are at long last! This has been one wild ride. I want to thank you all so much for your support and love, I adore each and every one of you. I am so happy to say that this story has come to a wonderful close.

Writer means: My body is numb. Voices call out to me from the void, but I can no longer hear them over the beating of my racing heart. I am stressed to the point where I feel no relief. The story is done. It’s fucking DONE. I loved it, I hated it, it was a fucking storm of horror and pain. I can no longer see color. Now I can at last relax and…wait……wait a second………..holy shit I just thought of the best idea for a one-shot that’s totally gonna turn into a 50 chapter slow burn AU fic leT’S FUCKING DO THIS

[Miraculous Ladybug]: It’s a Match!

life and secret santa drama kept me away from this for a few days. sorry about that! good news is that this is the result of me chopping a chapter in two, so next update should come quicker. 

continuation of my Secret Santa gift for @neverbetheexpectation  (i guess it’s turning into a New Years’ fic? lol)

[Chapter 1]  [Chapter 2]

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

Title: It’s a Match!

Summary: “Oh my God, I just matched with Adrien Agreste, oh my freaking God! Chat!! Chat, come come come! Look look!”

But Chat Noir wasn’t paying her any mind. Because the moment she started screaming about her new match, Chat Noir tried to quickly exit out of his matches page so that he wouldn’t see who popped up. But it was far too late, because right when he blinked, his phone buzzed with an excited message about his new match.

He was not expecting it to be Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

Chapter 3: Impulsive

Marinette’s phone slipped from her hand and clattered to the floor.

Adrien really wasn’t sure whether that was a good or bad sign, but Marinette was definitely not saying anything, and she was staring at him like he had just sacrificed an infant in front of her.

He was afraid he might’ve broken her.

A laugh came bubbling from the kitchen and Adrien’s eyes widened in horror when he realized that Marinette’s father was still in the kitchen and had likely heard his entire outburst. He immediately clamped a hand over his mouth and watched Tom quickly push all the dishes into the sink and tighten the sash on the back of his baking apron. He didn’t look angry so Adrien supposed that was a good sign, but he realized that asking out someone’s daughter in front of them was probably in poor taste and grounds to potentially get him killed . Adrien stood up straight, clasped his hands behind his back, and muttered. “Uh….h-hello. Sir. Um. I wasn’t — I mean I was just.” He cleared his throat. “H-Hi.”

Tom chuckled to himself, walked around the island and patted Adrien on the head. “I think I’ll leave the two of you alone and help Sabine downstairs. Enjoy your lunches.” He confused Adrien further by sending him a little wink before he scurried down to the bakery and left him alone with Marinette.

Who still….wasn’t moving.

Okay, so he anticipated this would go a heck of a lot differently. Oh well.

Marinette’s mouth was moving, but words weren’t coming out, and Adrien was really hoping that this was a normal reaction to asking a girl out, otherwise he was ready to just bolt out of the bakery and jump into the Seine to spare himself the shame.

Adrien’s smile came out more pained than he meant for it to. “Um….so this is usually the part where you say yes or no.”

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A/N: Day Six was always intended to be a bit of an opus, and I was sort of grappling with how to present it. So in an attempt not to make it 20,000 words and a bit all over the place, I’m going with a beginning, middle, end break-down (which also allows for quicker updates, huzzah hurrah!). (I’m also just arbitrarily increasing total part numbers as this goes on. Don’t mind me…) Onward, the beginning. =)

Link to: PART 1 + PART 2 + PART 3 + PART 4

+ + +

DAY SIX (Beginning)

James wakes up the morning of Day Six disoriented, hungover, and with a general sense of delayed reality.

It takes a moment to piece it all together. Ugh. Ah. Several moments. What…he thinks at nearly the same time as Please do not vomit in your mouth. There’s a noise, a call. (A voice?) He will open his eyes in a second, he’s sure. As soon as his head quits spinning.

Spinning and spinning, from the sleep, the drink (he needs to quit drinking)… but mostly from all the questions, questions, questions.

They are a plague. A menace.

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Pleasure Seeker- Part Two (Bucky Barnes x O/C)

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A/N: I’m so glad you guys are liking my weird experiment of sorts. I promise to try and update quicker next time! Please let me know if you’d like to be tagged!

Warnings: Smut. 

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feather-heavy, a playlist by balaclaia on Spotify
a playlist dedicated to Sasuke Uchiha and Hinata Hyuga, in their good and bad days. for SasuHina month.

feather-heavy || in honor of SasuHina month, i decided to create a playlist of tunes that defined their relationship and their character, one way or another. Enjoy~

Moonlight night got dark // July || Do You Need My Love // Weyes Blood || Hey Moon // John Maus || Poacher’s Pride // Nicole Dollanganger || This Is How We Walk On the Moon // Geographer || Nightingale // Graveyard Club || Some things Cosmic // Angel Olsen || Yellow Light // Of Monsters and Men || Chapel // Nicole Dollanganger || Less Than Human // The Chameleons || With Or Without You // U2 || Love Is A Laserquest // Arctic Monkeys || i was all over her // salvia plath || Opus 36 // Dustin O’Halloran || Firefly // gobbinjr || The Woman That Loves You // Japanese Breakfast || Porcelain // Skott || Go! // M83 feat. Mai Lan || Needle // Born Ruffians || Raised By Wolves // Voxtrot || Need You // Royal Headache || Wicked Game // Chris Isaak || Make This Go On Forever // Snow Patrol || Past Lives // Local Natives || Love Vigilantes // New Order || Best Friend // Smith Westerns || Stop The World I Wanna Get Off With You // Arctic Monkeys  

suited jobs for each type
  • INTJ: Surgeon, microbiologist, software designer, judge
  • INTP: Psychiatrist, college professor, medical scientist, mathematician
  • ENTP: Director, reporter, entrepreneur, real estate agent
  • ENTJ: Physician, engineer, executive, attorney,
  • ENFJ: Teacher, minister, public relations specialist, health educator
  • INFJ: School counselor, writer, pediatrician, veterinarian
  • INFP: Psychologist, librarian, author, fine artist
  • ENFP: Travel writer, preschool teacher, landscape artist, recreational therapist
  • ESFP: Receptionist, bartender, customer service rep, recreation director
  • ISFP: Jeweler, equipment repairer, veterinary technician, surveyor
  • ISFJ: Social worker, kindergarten teacher, bookkeeper, executive assistant
  • ESFJ: Registered nurse, cosmetologist, elementary teacher, nutritionist
  • ESTJ: Chef, Insurance Agent, school administrator, general manager
  • ISTJ: Accountant, systems administrator, accountant, systems analyst
  • ISTP: Computer hardware engineer, mechanic, police officer, operations analyst
  • ESTP: Military officer, financial adviser, police detective, building contractor
Charm Me (Hogwarts!AU)

pairing: nalu

summary: hogwarts!au where every so often Hogwarts calls for a “house swap” where basically one student from each House is randomly selected to spend a month amongst new housemates. Lucy Heartfilia, star pupil of Ravenclaw, has been selected to spend her time with Gryffindor, which would have been okay (bearable, at least) had it not been for one boy in particular… and what is it about the way he sneaks around like he does?

Part I, II, III

FF link here

It was a common misconception that in a classroom full of students, the Ravenclaw would be the quickest to pick up on the material. While everyone else would be struggling with rolling their tongue over the pronunciation of a new spell, or attempting a new wrist technique on how to properly flick one’s wand, it was pretty much a given that the kid in blue and silver robes would happily be sitting in their seat awaiting praise for their perfectly executed technique.

But with this assumption brought on a negative stigma unfairly put on the children placed in Ravenclaw. While it was true that they were sorted there based on their wit and presumedly high intelligence, it wasn’t necessarily fair to put such a high pressure on their shoulders to perform well. They were put in their House first and foremost for their thirst of knowledge and their drive to find the solution to a problem. However, this didn’t necessarily always transfer well into the classroom.

A student of Hogwarts would think that a Ravenclaw wouldn’t take long to learn something, but one would just as quickly argue in a well-thought out essay that it depended solely on the material and the student itself and not necessarily which common room the student resided in.

However, in Lucy’s case, it was an entirely reasonable assumption to make.

Lucy found herself really wishing that she would start being a little more aware that karma was only too real a thing, and that her ill-thinking of any professor was going to come around and bite her in the ass at first chance–especially when she went to a magic school where she could only assume that the walls were always listening.

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krla-krdoza  asked:

Hello! first, I want to say that I really love your work! It makes me laugh a lot an it's beautiful, so, thank you for all your effort and talent destined for the SasuNaru, hehe. My question -that's more a question than a request- is: what can you tell us about Kurama and Tomoe's relation? how is it? or what think Kurama about this cute and crazy 'product' from two dorks? Sorry if I'm too annoying and thank you very much for accepting my question

Thank you so much! Super happy that you’re enjoying my work! 

Tomoe first met Kurama after she acquired her sharingan. It was during the time she refused to speak to Sasuke because he had “assassinated” her pet turtle. In order to cheer her up, Naruto invited her to meet Kurama and Tomoe was absolutely blown away by the amount of fluff. She was quite a pest really and constantly wanted to visit him. After a while Naruto had enough and declined her requests to wander into his subconscious, so Tomoe came up with a plan. She sneaked up on Naruto while he was sleeping, poked his eye open and forcefully used her sharingan on him in order to visit Kurama. She was caught in the act though and got a severe scolding. 
Tomoe still visits Kurama rather often and there are some things that she can’t tell anyone but him. (Naruto has agreed to not eavesdrop on their conversations.)
In the beginning Kurama was pretty annoyed by her. He found her obnoxious but after a while he warmed up to her. Apart from Naruto, she’s the only one who actually tried to befriend him and although he’d never admit it, he’s become quite fond of her company. 
I have headcanons about teenage Tomoe sitting in front of him, complaining about teenage stuff and Kurama getting all riled up with her. 

Philinda Fanfic: Behind the Scenes, Chapter 6


SPOILER: This is set in a Universe where Phil quit his Tony Stark babysitting duties after the first gig and returned to active field work. So, basically their backstories stay the same until after the first Iron Man Movie.

SUMMARY: After her former partner Phil Coulson almost got killed in action, the traumatized SHIELD agent Melinda May returns to duty. She and Phil  go undercover as contestants of the celebrated TV show “Forever Love” to catch a stalker and to trip a traitor.

NOTES: See Chapter 1.
Again, I’m sorry this update took two weeks. Life’s still crazy and I don’t see it calm down soon, but i hope to get you the next update a bit quicker. But for now I hope you enjoy this! THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT! You guys are just AMAZING!



Chapter 6: Boundaries
in which Maggie gets more chemistry

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Not A Spy (Tokugawa Ieyasu daddy fic) 5

Words: 1,224

Genre: idk man i guess it’s fluff

A/N: Hey guys look, I got it up in less than forever. I have a clearer plot direction now so maybe updates will happen quicker. I dunno. Not related but I low key hate how I can write this but I can’t get past 200 words when I try to write a paper for school. I’m honestly so out of it right now and there are just so many complications in my life right know. You guys aren’t here for me to complain to though, so without further ado, I PRESENT TO YOU PART 5 OF THIS TERRIBLE FIC.

Not A Spy |Part 1|Part 2|Part 3|Part 4|Part 5

@liebengirl, @therosettewolf if you want me to stop tagging you let me know and if anyone else wants to be tagged let me know

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Reuniclus x Gen3(3)

Really enjoyed this set of 6! The Probo kind of reminds me of Mr.Potato head as alwayss which makes it auto love for me P: 

Which is your fav from this set?

Sorry for not posting in a while everyone! I generally post on Instagram almost daily if you want quicker updates.

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There that should do it! Hmm…

Sorry I couldn’t resist choco! It’s Easter after all ^^ Been meaning to reply to this one for awhile but felt this would be the perfect time for it!

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I suddenly got a burst of inspiration and finished up the remaining requests I’ve received while requests were still open, which means…


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anonymous asked:

Honestly, this series is the best I've read. I just love your writing. You just know when to hit someone in the feels. I want more updates quicker. I can't wait every Saturday 😭😭😭 LOOL

There’s 2 chapters left… and here I was thinking I’d skip next week for you all to process chapter 13.

bright-mouthfull  asked:

Do you see the journalism profession adapting to the rapid technology advances for obtaining information (quicker updates, short videos, less reading)? Do you think this effects the form of telling the story ?

I believe media is struggling with adapting to technology. There are some cool sites, apps and video driven mobile sites that are being innovative. It don’t think is hinders the storytelling as much as is about re-imaging the story telling. 


The human warned me that I should not tell anything about souls to the other humans down there.

I’ll listen to him, he IS a very honest looking person.

*Asriel CLEARS HIS MIND and lets the voices back in again.*

((VERY LONG DUE UPDATE. I’m very sorry everyone, today was a very busy day for me. Hopefully I can update quicker tomorrow.))

(((I was actually thinking on making some sort of vote for people to decide on a name for Clyde, but that would take a long time as well. I just wanna update more or less.

Collection of work in progress pics I’ve taken over the last couple weeks!

Got ramen bowls, cardinals & crows, harp seals, pork cutlet bowls and doughnuts!

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Will P.O.V
I decided to bring Nico some lunch. I kinda felt bad for locking him up in the infirmary. But at the same time I liked having him there.

I walked through the infirmary doors greeted by the patience and my siblings alike. I walked down the hall to the room Nico was staying in. He was sitting in bed reading a book.

“Hey” I called, he looked up from his book “hey” he replied putting down his book. He looked adorable with his messy black hair, I just wanted to hug him. But I knew that if I did I’d probably get a one way ticket to the underworld.

“Thought I’d get us some lunch” I smiled. Nico sighed “Will…” He started before I cut him off

“No, no arguments… Doctors orders” a cheeky grin spread across me lips. I handed him his plate, and I could’ve sworn I saw a slight smile grace his lips.

The smile immediately faded as he picked up an apple from the plate. He scowled at the fruit as if it had just offended him.

“What’s wrong, do you not like apples?” He looked back up at me almost like he forgot I was there. “No it’s just…” He started

“Just what?” I was curious as to what an apple could’ve done to earn a scowl from the Ghost King. “You know the phrase ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’?” He asked.

“Yeah” I replied. He paused “What if I don’t want him to?”

My heart beat picked up. Did he just say what I thought he said. Omg. That was so poetic. And I thought he was a son of Hades. Suddenly I couldn’t control my self I tackled Nico in to a huge bear hug.

“Ugh… Will get off of me” he whined face beet red. I stopped hugging him.

“I’ll never leave you death boy.” And then Nico did something amazing, he smiled. Like actual smile. I hugged him once more, and ate our food.

And the whole time I was thinking to myself ‘I’ll never leave you death boy, Never’
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Anima is coming!

Hello everybody! How’s doing? I’M SUPER EXITED RIGHT NOW!!!

Finally the project I’ve been working on for years has landed on Kicksarter!!!
My feelings are like a roller coster ‘cause this is a very important step for me and I can’t wait to share more with you!

The Anima project is born with the intent of finding my identity, my style, my very own and unique tipe of comunication. Now, after years of work I can finally say I found something, something that makes a lot of sense to me and I want to share it with you. You’re all my precious supporters and I made this far because of you, so I want you to participate in the creation of it. You had faith in me, now is my turn to have faith entrusting you this project.

You can find the campaign here or you can follow us on Facebook for quicker updates.

Thanks for all the support up till now, love you guys <3