update macros

UPDATE: I reached 150 lbs today! That’s 90lbs lost thanks to ketosis!!! Shifted my myfitnesspal goal to 140 lbs… moving that benchmark… raising that ceiling. I’ve only lost 1 lb in the last month. I know it seems slow compared to my previous progress, but I’m not worried. Still staying keto… it’s been 401 days without cheating! I’m strong, I’m confident, and I’m kicking some major ass in the gym in the laziest way possible - one hour of medium effort, 3x a week since January.

Current Macro Settings: Between 1200-1600 Calories

<15% Carbs

20% Protein

65% Fat

<20g Sugar

genderdeath replied to your post “am I the only one who thinks trans folks putting the date that they…”

but also like dont the old ladies on susans have these weird updating image macro timelines

oh yeah, I’ve even seen bitches list their E levels on places like that.

idk, transition timelines gross me out too, so does people unpromptedly telling me their surgical status.

maybe I’m just bitter af about my own “transition”


i came back to my computer to see a pesterchum window open and i had this intense moment of confusion as i was like “what the absolute fuck???? how did this pop up, who is messaging me on pesterchum, i dont even have that installed anymore” until i realised and remembered this PICTURE of a pesterchum window is one of my homestuck update notifier macros lmao