update humor

Let’s try all of the fonts, shall we?

Of course, you have the starndard

And now we’re just gonna make it bigger

Why tf not, just make it EXTRA LARGE and bold everything

Ahh, the classic Times New Roman™

Oh god no, this looks like it belongs in an old fashion newspaper

Oh fuck, here comes the fancy af shit, hells yeah

  • Bullets, I guess??
  1. Lemme get yo numba, gurl
You know what? I don’t want to say ‘Merry Christmas’ anymore. Because I don’t like that Trump supporters always want us to be specific when it’s about stuff that’s important to them.

You know: it can’t be ‘Happy Holidays,’ it’s gotta be ‘Merry Christmas.’ It can’t be ‘Save the Planet,’ it’s gotta be, ‘America First.’ But then when somebody wants to stand up for Black people, or gays, or women, they’re like, ‘Hey wait a minute, what about everybody else?’

So you know what? Don’t think of it as me saying, ‘Happy Holidays’ anymore, think of it as me saying: ‘All Holidays Matter.’
  • Me to Me: You need to get that chapter done. Your readers deserve an update.
  • Other Me: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.
  • Me: *Spends three hours writing 14 words*
  • Me: Writing is hard.