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Kitashi Updates: 4/27 - Ending Hiatus

So I lasted less than a week. And came back to my fandom in turmoil, misery, & general chaos. I read the Overdrive chapters, & I loved them. I was really excited last night, & felt like I could be excited for Tuesday again. And then I saw a specific spoiler that some people are discussing, but I won’t go into detail here because I promised no blatant spoilers & I meant it (though most people who follow me & know some of what I post can likely hazard a guess), & honestly, I didn’t think it was possible, but ACOWAR may end up on my Most Hated Books list. (I’m still putting it under a cut, because the spoiler is implied).

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Final Update! (Temp Hiatus OVER!)

// FINALLY DONE! Now that all our orders were accomplished from the State of Texas and the Department of Defense, I can FINALLY get back to what I enjoy doing most. Though first I’d like to get some rest first since everyday for about a month and a half I’ve been staying up more and sleeping less I’d like to get my sleep schedule up to date. It’s been a long while since I’ve had a full 8 hours of sleep. The most I’ve gotten since these orders came up was about 4 hours of sleep. Things have been rough for me but overall that paycheck at the end of the month is in the ten thousands. In total I think I’ve put in more than 400+ hours just in one month which is a lot.

Still though the payout was totally worth in and my CO has told me to take two weeks off. I also bought myself a new truck! still gotta make some adjustments to it and tinker around with it since its not like a 2017 or 2018 model. It’s a 2010 but it’s a hell of a lot newer than the older vehicle I had, so all in all it was a good upgrade. Plus with mother’s day around the corner I might spend some time with family. Still though I’d like to make time to RP before that happens.

So as far as the Hiatus goes, IT’S OVER but like I said before I’d like to rest here and there to get my sleep schedule “up to date”. So I was thinking of doing replies come May 12th. So if ANYONE would like to send some fan art, replies, starters, messages, etc. By all means GO FOR IT!

Also since I promised her I’d promote her NEW Overwatch RP blog, Go and follow @candieezthebun ‘s side blog for Reaper, @talons-wraith. She’s my favorite RPer to RP with and we’ve been doing so for awhile and I have to say, experience counts. Her way of RPing is phenomenal and the way she portrays her OC/Muse’s emotions is professional to say the least. So go check her out!

By the way @candieezthebun , I still cannot get over how ACCURATE this is lmao holy crap my sides!

Any way, I’m back so please be patient for a bit longer!

hi guys i think i owe you an explanation/update on my hiatus. If you haven’t noticed i haven’t been posting alot on tumblr, it’s weird because I almost post daily on Instagram. i will always cherish tumblr for all of its aesthetic, indie and hipster art but i haven’t been using it that often. maybe when it’s summer again I’ll start posting regularly but for now I’m on a break. See you soon (and thanks for 45k)

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1D Hiatus: Day 468

* Liam and Cheryl both post the same picture on Instagram, the captions announcing that Cheryl’s given birth to their son

* Louis performs ‘Just Hold On’ with Steve at Ultra Music Festival

* Harry posts three blank pictures on Instagram, changes his Instagram, Twitter and Facebook icons and headers into blank pictures as well

* An advert announcing Harry’s solo music coming out April 7th airs in the UK

* #congratsLiamandCheryl, #HS1isComing and #ProudOfLouis trend on Twitter

* Pictures and videos of Louis and Steve at the Dimmak event in Miami last night come out

* Louis wishes Jay happy birthday via Twitter

* It’s been two years since Zayn left the band and One Direction became a fourpiece

It’s Mar 25th, 2017.

On this day a year ago: #103

I’m back. 

I was visiting my girlfriend @bearproblem so I was pretty busy over the past 3 weeks :p but im back !

I’m currently working on something special since it’s her birthday soon so expect to have my queue going on and to entertain you.

If you send me asks it may take a while ‘till I reply.

It’s been exactly three weeks since I vowed to effectively quit* social media.

As a reminder, I say effectively because I am not getting rid of my accounts. But I am trimming my social media use to such an extent that, to a good approximation, I am not using them at all. So no, I have not quit this blog and I will not quit this blog. At least not anytime in the near future.

Thanks to those who have stayed along for the ride. Immediately after I made my last post three weeks ago I lost a handful of followers. But I just checked my activity feed and my follower count has apparently still been growing in my absence haha. It hasn’t gone down at all (though the slope has decreased slightly). Which is interesting. My content has a life of its own on this site, I suppose. That’s great.

But anyway. Let’s get to the good stuff, here.

My good friend @rudescience and I just Skyped after a small while. I Skyped him a couple times and we sent each other emails about once a week. Which was a huge change because, for over two years, he and I used to text/snap almost all day long, every single day. No exaggeration. It was hard to get used to, for both of us, but we actually prefer it this way. We’ve each become less dependent on each other and more present in the everyday life in front of us. But I mentioned him because he just reminded me during our conversation that I really did accomplish a lot over my three-week hiatus.

Obviously, quitting* social media was a big part of this. You might be surprised to know that such a seemingly small gesture had such an impact on my life, in only a few weeks.

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Hiatus Update

With good news and bad news


Bad news…
Another user is using my name on the UT Amino…

Yep… another user is using ‘7goodangel’ on the Undertale Amino - and this person is active (last person who used my name wasn’t active). They post mostly items of daring PJ to do stuff (which is against the UT Amino rules anyway) and repost other artworks. Including doing items close to NSFW. I have reported the NSFW one as well as asked them in a comment to change their username. 

I just want people to know that it is very easy to impersonate someone on Amino. Please be aware of who you are following and know that if they are claiming to be someone, that they verify that they are them. 

If you are on Amino - DO NOT GO TO THIS ACCOUNT to tell them to change their name or harass them. I am going to handle this in a more professional and clam manner. If they do not wish to change their name, then I will consult with the leaders of the app to figure out what to do from here. 

Anyway - My hiatus is still scheduled to end in May so yeah. Just wanted to notify this issue as well as say that I am one step closer to graduating - which is exciting! ^^

Anyway! See you all soon! 

New theme, bio description and sidebar is up! You can expect several links to be added in the coming months, including a list of charities I am affiliated with/supporting and the various different stores and art/writing of friends as well.

Including my own links to recipes, projects I’m working on and some other fun things as well which I’m not inclined to divulge anything about just now :p

I’m also attempting to add a working search bar (hahahaha) but in the meantime you’ll just have to use the url function, so for example


Let me know if anything is broken. Hopefully the new link system at the side is easier to use than my old theme <3

1D Hiatus: Day 430

* Niall attends the Genesis Open in LA

* Justin Rose posts a picture with Niall on Instagram

* Nick Grimshaw talks about Harry and his album on the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show

* Niall posts a picture and a video on Snapchat

It’s Feb 15th, 2017.

Tumblr Hiatus!

Hey everybody!!  I firstly want to apologize for being MIA for so long without a word!  I completely forgot that I hadn’t left an update or a warning here letting you all know what was going on, so better late than never?

I’m not really on Tumblr at all at the moment and won’t be until further notice.  It’s nothing serious, but I’m focusing more of my efforts on school and my personal life at the moment and am limiting myself to only certain social media in order to minimize distractions.

So until I say I’m back, I won’t really be here answering asks, reblogging things, etc.  However, I’m still active on YouTube (Uptown Cosplay) and Instagram (uptown.cosplay), so you can still interact with me and see updates from me on those platforms!

Thank you all so much for your continued support and patience–you mean the world to me.  I do have a lot of exciting updates coming up in the future, so you’ll most likely hear about them on my Instagram first, followed by YouTube!  Love you all!

1D Hiatus: Day 447

* A video of Louis defending himself and Eleanor from paparazzi and stalkers at LAX last night is released

* The Sun’s EXCLUSIVE articles about Louis being arrested after the incident at the airport are published, not describing what actually happened at all

* Steve Aoki stands up for Louis via Twitter

* #WeSupportLouis and #WeStandByLouis trend on Twitter

* Harry meets a fan in London

* You can now vote Niall, the boys and Louis and Steve for ‘Best Male Artist’, ‘Best Group’ and ‘Best Collaboration’ at Radio Disney Music Awards

* Nicki Minaj quotes two of Liam’s tweets

* Niall attends the Haye vs. Bellew fight at the O2 in London

* Niall posts two videos on Snapchat, three videos and two pictures on his Instagram account and story

It’s Mar 4th, 2017.

attack! devil-ish style tl

Siralos: I’ll be leaving this place, then.

Siralos: If anything happens, please don’t hesitate to call me.
Siralos: I’d like to be kind to my comrades.
Etihw: Th-thanks.

Siralos: Let’s meet again then, Etihw.
Kcalb: AAAAAH!!!

Siralos: Well then, I’ll be going~
Kcalb: HEY!!!

Kcalb: E…Eti!
Kcalb: You can’t just recklessly get close to guys you don’t know!
Etihw: I-I get it…

Satanick: Ah, he’s seriously crying…