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Hey! So I made an updated commissions post because the old one was art from a while ago. My contact email is iotademon@gmail.com please feel free to contact me there or on here for any questions.

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wow, finally some actual wip updates. the nonny from a while ago made me think about this one and i really wanted to finish it so i finally started working on it again! i made the mesh a bit chunkier, so it’s more ea like and i have started redoing the complete texture. i’m rlly proud of the way the wooden top turned out, it almost looks like a real ea floor lmao. only need to add highlights to the rest of the object and then it’s time for some colour swatches! from a new palette oo

i still want to add some other stuff to this like a little dresser and maybe some coat hanger thingy or idk. 

when will people stop “calling people out” for things they said years ago and understand that /people change/


I got Photoshop back! I’m so happy!! I can sprite edit again, but before I do more, I wanted to update those daughter edits from a while ago. As much as I love making them look more like their variable moms to differentiate them all, I want to be more a little subtle about it and not change every genetic feature. Hope you enjoy!

I’m sorry to inform you that Mr Hamlet is currently very poorly. I’m doing everything I can to pull him through and keep him comfortable, but due to his old age and how poorly he is there is a possibility he might not be with us much longer. The blog may be quiet for a bit as I’m focusing on the little man, but I will try and keep you updated. (Picture is one from a while ago) 

Streaming Anon.... Again lol

Alright guys…. 😫😫 he kills me! Obvi in the best & worst ways lol! So everything from the first update a while ago still applies, we gotta focus on SH to get that BB top 10! But even more so- WE NEED EVERY SINGLE STREAM W/ A US IP WE CAN GET BEFORE TOM!!!!! Until 9am PT/11am CT/12 pm ET we need to GO SO FUCKING HARD FOR SH!!!! We only have until tom. night at midnight to rise on BB for SH! So before everyone gets distracted w/ the new video STREAM SH NON-STOP! As for TMTA I’m positive once it drops njhnews will make a new YouTube playlist for the official vid & I’ll share that with you guys once they do!

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Hi. :) I just wanted to say don't worry about the delays in the updates. Your personal life/health is more important. Tbh, while it's fantastic that you actually take time to give us weekly detailed updates (I feel kind of spoiled :P), I would've been satisfied if you just dropped a "still alive, game's not dead" message every once in a while. :) I've experienced too many times, developement blogs suddenly going completely silent/dead (for between 6-22 months), so any kind of update is nice. :)

Ahh <3 This ask was from a little while ago, I’m sorry I am slow to responding; chaos, chaos!

Thank you so much for the encouragement and concern, it’s really heartwarming. Ha, there’s been a few times when I feel that has been, more or less, the update ;)

Lots of indie game projects fall through, sadly… I don’t know why exactly… perhaps because people get in over their head, they want to work on something else that they think will be more successful, they woke up and decided they hate video games… It’s a shame when you’re looking forward to them! But some big ‘triple A’ games, millions of dollars later, get canceled as well, come to think of it. Games are quite the fickle and time consuming beast!

I got so excited at the demo reel yesterday that I thought HEY HO LET’S UPDATE AND COLOUR THAT SKETCH FROM A WHILE AGO :U (seriously, how cool was that demo reel?? music?? 3d model turnarounds?? christmas came three quarters of a year early this year)

he’s pointing to a display board of vital information, NOT flippin’ any birds to anyone.

((Mod: While updates are going slow, have a show style (?!) Billie! Found this while going through some very old updates from far ago on my old computer when i first tried to make an askblog for her))

((Fun fact: I planned on going with the show’s style for this blog (which i did the first 2 times i tried to start it lol), I even rigged puppets in SAI so it’d be smoother to work with. But then I managed to come up with my own style while I was doodling some future updates and I went with that instead! thank god ))

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Hiiiii! Do you know any good fics for Suga? Where the team comforts their team mom, Daisuga, etc? Thank you!! 😘 xx

I know some fluffy fics ! *\( ‘ω’ )/*҉  

♡  Short  ♡ tea, truffles, and snuggles ♡ Sweet Tooth ♡ Feverish ♡ “I’ll tell you what”  ♡  cold syrup and an excuse to see you  ♡  Spotless  ♡

and here’s a list of Dai.Suga fics from while ago! (I have to update it♡)