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Maybe he shouldn’t have trapped Daughter of Mine in every mirror…

Credit for the idea behind this, with Martha watching the Doctor slowly growing a beard and yelling at reflective objects because of the stalking, goes to the brilliant littlewhomouse :D

Free! and Kagerou Project (aka Mekakucity Actors) are both spring/summer anime from 2013 and 2014, respectively, that are getting new anime, newly announced within days of each other this summer of 2k16. You know what else is a summer anime from 2012 that needs new anime? Tsuritama

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send in one of these for my muse’s reaction to your muse resting their hand on mine’s leg or the small of their back while they’re sitting standing beside each other. 

 When first confessing to Kishou all those weeks ago, the social gatherings he would have to partake in - a situation he now finds himself caught within  - had certainly not been something reflected upon prior. Encircled by ghouls he doesn’t know, wouldn’t want to under normal circumstances, Hirako has stood calmly by his partner’s right side all evening without departing from it once { He’d far rather be at home, tucked away with both Arima and his dog }. Laughter echoes ‘round room, wine and blood-soaked meat belonging to once breathing humans consumed by those who chattered away as though nothing outside mattered. And in a way, it didn’t. Investigators would not invade this space, would stay well away so long as the Bureau Chief willed it { Should he grow bored, they would swiftly come to regret it }. He can feel Kishou’s hand resting on the small of his back, inches closer to his comforting presence in response. They’ve got their sights on him, he knows. The one-eyed ghoul whom was turned before he could knock at death’s door and succumb to injuries inflicted during a misfortunate accident at the hands of Aogiri? Such a rarity! An excitement! Surely different from the entertainment they customarily received here { Far too many had asked to see his singular kakugan }. Yet they also whisper amongst themselves with poisoned tongues. Whisper that such a man wouldn’t bring anything to the Washuu clan, should be discarded and thrown aside like mere trash. Someone from a working-class background with someone of his beloved partner’s stature? A preposterous fantasy that would soon crash and burn { Did they not see the devotion shared? Or did they merely blind themselves in the hopes he’d vanish? }. It’s ludicrous, though he’s never truly understood the hierarchy that arose with these families. They were far too convoluted for his liking, and he finds himself wholly uninterested in it. 

 Ah. But what’s this? A youthful group of women observe from afar, gossiping away. Their bodies tremble with odd bouts of giggling, smiles brightening faces. Gaze next picks up on just whom they’re staring at and narrows imperceptively, displeased. They’re akin to vultures, swarming around their prey in the hopes to finally take a bite. “Kishou…” He can’t help himself. Can’t help the way arm snakes around Arima’s waist and pull him close till narrow hips bump together, nor the way his head tilts up to press a soft rush of proprietorial kisses upon defined jawline { He’s not yielding him to anyone, least of all those who gawk with open mouths }. Guests oppose the show of affection, he can detect it through the mutters of discontent they let loose upon them. Yet if anything is to be gained from expressions worn by the two lovers, then it’s that they simply can’t bring themselves to care { Have either of them ever though? }. Their thoughts and utterances play no real part in their lives, hold no sway over their actions when it came to one another. It would be laughable for them to dare presume so. Thus let them. Let them witness an individual considered beneath them claim someone they could only envisage holding and loving in their dreams. Soft lips brush over the shell of his ear, words murmured in a lowered tone. “Can we leave soon? I want to spend time with you away from here.” 

Holy moly. A co-worker from my old job posted a group photo from their August meeting and NOW I AM RUBBERNECKING LIKE CRAZY BECAUSE CLEARLY SHIT WENT DOWN SINCE I LAST PAID ATTENTION TO THEM.

Kylux Fic Recs

As usual with my recs I included a few standout warnings for potentially triggery content, but just as a general warning (and as you might expect), most of the fics listed below contain sex or sexual situations with at least some degree of animosity/nastiness. If you’re not down with that, well, I don’t even know why you’re here.

EDIT: Updated to include some other tags mixed in with the warnings to make sorting through it a little more manageable since this list has gotten ridiculously long and unwieldy and the excerpts alone often don’t tell you enough about the content of the fic.

Programmed Through by reserve
Words: 3560

Hux has his own command for a grand total of three weeks before he’s saddled with Kylo Ren. He is quietly seething, nails digging into his palms, when he receives the curt missive from their Supreme Leader to “play nice.” It’s followed by the more expected, “and report back.”

Ah, Hux thinks. And now I’m to be a babysitter too.

Life Sentence, No Cellmate by hollycomb
Words: 30150
Tags/warnings: dubcon (at least at first), references to past rape

Hux follows orders and loses his way.

Choke On It by Salmon_Pink
Words: 1270
Tags/warnings: breathplay

Hux has long since suspected Ren would one day try to choke him like this, an invisible grip tightening around his throat. He has not, however, anticipated his own reaction to such an assault.

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Vanity Fair: Our 49 Favorite Things About Taylor Swift’s 1989

Taylor Swift’s fifth album—which, as has been (very) widely reported and commented upon, marks her first full-fledged “pop album”—is now upon us. And now that we’ve listened to 1989 in its entirety (three bonus tracks and three voice memos, included) many, many times, we have compiled the following list of our favorite moments, themes, lyrics, and other related material from this latest chapter of The Taylor Swift Story. 

— The pen-clicking sound at the end of the chorus of “Blank Space.”

— None of the songs, seemingly, are about John Mayer, meaning we don’t have to again contemplate the Mayer-Swift “relationship.”

— The chorus of “How You Get the Girl” is going to sound really good scoring some inescapable makeup commercial this winter.

— “Wildest Dreams” sounds like the song version of a Lana Del Rey spec script, but, somehow, this is more endearing than anything else, coming from Swift (in the way most artists attempt, at one time or another, to mimic/emulate their slightly older idols/contemporaries).

— Despite initial skepticism, “Welcome to New York” has grown on us significantly. (Full disclosure: we were out of the state for the past 10 days, and found ourselves responding much more favorably to the song’s weirdly sanitized, easy-breezy depiction of the city when we were not within it ourselves. By the time we got off our flight late Sunday night, bleary-eyed, greeted with some large red-block “WELCOME TO NEW YORK” signage at J.F.K., it took pretty much all our remaining strength to not Instagram a picture of it captioned, “It’s been waiting for me,” with an un-ironic smiley-face emoji.)

— “ARE WE IN THE CLEAR YET GOOD” (from the end of the chorus of “Out of the Woods”).

— We can report from personal experience that “Shake It Off” is an almost criminally good wedding party song.

— “Bad Blood” makes us want to run through the streets knocking over trash cans (in a (very) good way).

— The repeated, yelped “stay” in “All You Had to Do Was Stay.”

— The way she pronounces “white T-shirt” and “tight little skirt” in the chorus of “Style.”

— The way she pronounces “tall” and “hell” in “Wildest Dreams.”

— The album is extremely cohesive: all the songs are clearly of a piece. It’s almost like she wrote a thesis statement on a whiteboard (you know she has a whiteboard) two years ago (“I moved to New York and I’m single and I like to work out and crop tops are cool!”) and derived all of the songs from there.

— That we are pretty sure she started consistently wearing a red lip this summer only so the “red lip” lyric in “Style” would track.

— The way she dressed the entire summer, and during the promotion of this album, was also extremely consistent and appealing—it always looked like she had put some thought into what she was wearing, but less in a “try hard” way, and more in the manner of the coolest senior girl, when you were a freshman in high school, who always appeared immaculately put-together.

— The lyric “the monsters turned out to be just trees,” from “Out of the Woods” (which, we would feel confident betting, at least 50 people have already gotten tattooed on their bodies).

— That we now have Gchat fodder for the next three weeks, at a minimum

— That we imagine Lorde emailed Taylor something like, “Hey tay, do you think I could get I Know Places for the hunger games soundtrack I’m putting together???,” and Taylor wrote back a super-thoughtful e-mail, declining, which Lorde never responded to, but which she couldn’t even be mad about because Taylor’s e-mail was really on point and courteous and prompt.

— The use of the unusual “ex-man” and “ex-lover” in “Shake It Off” and “Blank Space,” respectively, which makes us never want to use the word “ex-boyfriend” again.

— The spoken-word “hella good hair” from “Shake It Off” (we can’t help it, it charms us).

— That everyone we have spoken with thought she was singing “Starbucks lovers” in the chorus of “Blank Space,” before realizing it’s “long list of ex-lovers.”

— That everyone we’ve spoken with seems to have a different list of “fave songs.”

— The self-awareness/wit of “Blank Space” (a lot of these are about “Blank Space,” huh? Well, it’s really good!).

— That Harry Styles (the ostensible subject of a lot of these songs) seems like the kind of dude who probably doesn’t even realize this album has been released.

— That one of the bonus tracks is titled “Wonderland,” which means that—let this sink in—there has never, in fact, been a Taylor Swift song called “Wonderland” before this point, which is very hard to believe and reminds us all to never make assumptions about anything.

— That this promo cycle has led Swift to create, and consistently update, her (truly amusing) Tumblr.

— That she decided to share three voice memos from the recording process of the album.

— That the memos indicate that, when she initially floated the ideas for these songs to producers, they were very (to a semi-shocking extent) close to what would end up being their final forms.

— The Nelly joke she makes on the “Blank Space” voice memo.

— That—whereas most people spend the weeks after a breakup turning off their phones and mainlining television shows they don’t even like—Swift spent the immediate aftermath of the Styles breakup writing and recording the winning “All You Had to Do Was Stay.”

— This Kelly Clarkson cover of “Shake It Off.” 

— That you can tell she actually had fun filming the “Shake It Off” music video(this can not be said about a lot of recent pop-music videos).

— The way she touches her head while singing “I remember” at the 3:14 minute mark of this performance.

— The way she peers out at her fans from inside her shower at the 1:46 minute mark of this video.

— That “New Romantics” would be track No. 4, rather than a bonus track, on pretty much any other 2014 pop star’s album.

— The lyric “Boys and boys and girls and girls” from “Welcome to New York.”

— The lyric “Cause you know I love the players / and you love the game” from “Blank Space.”

— That there is at least someone out there who thinks she is talking about James Deen, the porn star, not James Dean, in the chorus of “Style.”

— That we are incapable of not singing along to the beginning of the chorus of “This Love” (“This love is good / this love is bad”) and its nursery rhyme-ocity makes us smirk every time.

— That the “move the furniture so we could dance” line from “Out of the Woods” reminds us of the transcendent “we’re dancing around the kitchen in the refrigerator light” section of Red’s “All Too Well.”

— That the “foxes” reference in “I Know Places” makes us think of the fox sweater she wore when she was dating Styles, hands down the best thing to come out of that relationship.

— That the album isn’t on Spotify (yes, this is definitely frustrating, in a logistical sense, but isn’t the fact that Beyoncé and Swift are powerful enough to shun Spotify sort of über-glamorous?).

— That, somehow, “Bad Blood,” which is (almost definitely) about a very unrelatable, specific situation related to Katy Perry (Perry stole her dancers for her arena tour!) is perhaps the most wholly relatable track here.

— That Katy Perry is almost definitely going to tweet an awkward response to “Bad Blood” within the next week.

— That, for a fun game, you can imagine that any (or all) of the songs on this album are about Karlie Kloss.

— That the (non-deluxe) album ends with a song called “Clean,” which just seems so Swift it hurts.

— That we feel very confident Imogen Heap and Swift had a seven- to nine-minute discussion about scented candles during the recording of “Clean.”

— That, for the rest of our lives, no one will have to use their phones to look up how old Taylor Swift is, when someone asks at a dinner party.

— That the foreward in the liner notes ends with the phrasing, “From the girl who said she would never cut her hair or move to New York or find happiness in a world where she is not in love … ,” which makes us want to start over Sex and the City from the beginning.

— That it would no doubt annoy Swift that this list includes 49 items, instead of 13 or 89, and that we, somehow, never having, you know, actually met her in person, feel we “know her” well enough to know this.


Safety First

- an AU where Killian is a famous singer and Emma is his bodyguard. a smuff experimental fic.

Rated M, I suppose…


Millions of flashing lights began to go into a frenzy as Killian Jones stepped out of Gold’s Record Studios, walking past at least a hundred squealing girls and double the amount of reporters and interviewers. They all called his name, desperate to get his attention in some way or form. One young girl with an “I heart Killian Jones” t-shirt had broken out of the line, sliding beneath the arms of the secondary guards that were trying to keep the fans corralled. The girl bounded over to Jones as if she were ready to pounce on him, but she was stopped when a firm arm sprung out and blocked the path.

“Sorry. You can’t be here,” Emma Swan stated, not sounding sorry at all. She quickly handed off the crazed fan-girl over to one of the other guards before returning to her position beside Killian. In her peripheral vision she saw his head turn towards her slightly and a shit-eating grin was plastered on his face. It took everything she had to keep herself from smacking his arm.

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