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Destiel and Cockles Fic List

Copper Park

(Words: 9843) - Audio Version Attached

(AU) The world isn’t fair– Dean has known that for a long time; but when he finds himself out on the streets, that’s when he realizes just how cruel the world can actually be, and, how beautiful.

In the Spine

(Words: 5467) - Audio Version Attached

Cas reads a letter from Dean.

The Perfect Gift

(Words: 2368)

Castiel has a big problem concerning Dean … thankfully, Sam is always around to help

Can’t Stop

(Words: 5863)

He needs to get out of his own head, so what better way to do that than to read? That’s how Dean end up reading “Twist and Shout”.

High Rise / Hard Fall

(Words: 17, 376)

(NSFW) Castiel Novak lives a simple life. He has his simple car, his simple apartment, his simple clothes and his amazing, astounding, wonderful pet cat, James. What more could he possibly need?

A Beast’s Perspective

(Words: 2508) - Audio Version Attached

Benny remembers purgatory– Benny remembers everything.

The Book

(Words: 1884) - Audio Version Attached

Dean finds something in Cas’s jacket pocket

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36 Part 3 (Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader)

A/N: Well here it is! This part was a lot longer than I was expecting it to be but I’m super excited for everyone to read it :) If you have any feedback or more requests, please let me know! :) I will try to get through more writing but with school picking up I make no promises, except to do my best :)

Part 1  Part 2 


After you had left, Lin looked at the time to see that it was barely 6:30am. Not knowing what else to do, he hopped in the shower to try and clear his foggy mind. A few hours ago he was certain that he had ruined everything. He had wanted to call you immediately and apologize, knowing that it would be more effective than running out after you and trying to find you by sheer will. It was then that he had noticed that you had left your phone behind, and there was no way to contact you. Lin panicked, and he prayed with everything he had that you wouldn’t get hurt. Well, more hurt than what he had already caused.

He mentally kicked himself for not realizing sooner what he was doing. Of course this musical was incredibly important to him, and Alex and Tommy were getting on his case now more than ever to finish writing, but he had let you slip through his fingers as a result. He had neglected you, and you had blamed yourself. He couldn’t help but remember your last words to him before you left.

“Well then please forgive me for wanting to be enough for my husband.”

In his eyes, you were more than enough. God you were everything. But his ignorance had made you believe that you weren’t as incredible as he knew you were.

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Week 36 (almost): April 12 - April 18

The closer and closer the due date gets, the more anxious I have become. I still have to pack my birthing bag and I have no idea what I’m supposed to put in it. I’ve read countless lists of what to do and how to do it on Pinterest but I still feel like it’s not enough. 

How far along - 36 Weeks (Due May 10th)
Stretch marks - I have a lot more than what I started with.
Sleep - Hardly any. 
Food craving - Lobster, that I cant have.
What I’m looking forward to - Finally seeing and holding my baby, I know once they are here all of the stress and panic will be worth it.
Baby in veggie/fruit terms - Papaya 
Happy or moody most of the time - Panic is setting in.

Light Stalking


Jon, 5:46 AM: she’s back

Jon, 5:46 AM: i mean, it’s only been two days that she missed but still

Jon, 5:46 AM: maybe i should wave

Jon, 5:46 AM: no, that’s stupid

Sam, 5:46 AM: do you know what time it is? some of us don’t have to get up before the sun to run with our dogs

Jon, 5:47 AM: did i not tell you i got moved to a later shift? bc i have that night class now, Mormont said i could stop working so early

Sam, 5:47 AM: if you got moved to a later shift then why are you still going to the park before 6 am?

Sam, 5:47 AM: wait

Sam, 5:47 AM: seven hells

Sam, 5:47 AM: you pathetic git

Jon, 5:47 AM: if i don’t come this early, i won’t see her


Sam, 5:48 AM: Gilly says “grow a pair and talk to her or leave the poor girl alone before you scare her”

Jon, 5:48 AM: i’m not stalking her! i just like seeing her. i’m not scaring her

Sam, 5:49 AM: a big, well-muscled, dark, male stranger with a dog the size of a wolf staring at her is going to scare her sooner or later. even if she doesn’t find you intimidating, she probably WILL find Ghost intimidating

Jon, 5:50 AM: you think i’m well muscled, do you

Sam, 5:50 AM: stop avoiding the point

Jon, 5:50 AM: her dog’s as big as Ghost, she’s not going to find him scary

Jon, 5:50 AM: in fact, Lady is the one that growled at Ghost a couple of days ago for getting too close

Jon, 5:50 AM: so if anything, i should be scared of Lady

Sam, 5:51 AM: so you have talked to her before

Jon, 5:51 AM: no, why?

Sam, 5:51 AM: then how do you know her dog’s name is Lady?

Jon, 5:52 AM: i overheard her calling for her when Lady jumped in the stream about two miles in on the trail

Sam, 5:52 AM: …

Sam, 5:52 AM: so you follow her on her run with her dog now, too

Sam, 5:52 AM: JON

Sam, 5:52 AM: AGAIN


Jon, 5:54 AM: you are being dramatic

Sam, 5:54 AM: no, i am not. you’ve been ass over tit for this girl for weeks now, but you’ve never said a word to her

Sam, 5:54 AM: given how much you talk about her (which is all the time), i can only imagine how much you STARE at her while you are FOLLOWING her along the trails close enough to LISTEN to her every word

Sam, 5:54 AM: she’s a woman alone on a hiking path with a big man and his big dog following her for weeks and NEVER SAYING A WORD

Jon, 5:59 AM: when you put it that way, it does sound bad

Sam, 6:00 AM: it is BAD so talk to her and fix it

Jon, 6:04 AM: gods

Jon, 6:04 AM:  i’ve been stalking her

Jon, 6:04 AM: i didn’t mean to. i just…

Jon, 6:04 AM: seeing her smile in the morning made the rest of my day brighter. i just liked starting my day with her smile

Sam, 6:05 AM: then talk to her! tell her that!

Sam, 6:05 AM:  gilly says that was right romantic

Jon 6:06 AM: i can’t talk to her

Jon, 6:06 AM: that would probably make her so uncomfortable at this point

Jon, 6:06 AM: bc i have apparently been stalking her like a creepy idiot

Sam, 6:06 AM: what no

Sam, 6:06 AM: tell her what you just told me, it’ll be fine

Jon, 6:07 AM: i already left the park

Jon, 6:07 AM: i’m not going back

Sam, 6:08 AM: GO BACK

Sam, 6:08 AM: you like this girl. i haven’t seen you this gone since ygritte and YOU HAVEN’T EVEN TALKED TO HER YET

Sam, 6:08 AM: don’t throw this away, it’s worth giving it a shot

Jon, 6:09 AM: i’m not going to be that guy that follows her around and then forces her to talk to me

Jon, 6:09 AM: i didn’t even realize how i was acting or how it must have looked to her

Jon, 6:09 AM: i’m not that guy. i won’t be that guy

Sam, 6:10 AM: you are not that guy. you said you kept coming back for her smiles. if she was smiling, then she can’t have found you scary

Sam, 6:10 AM: you’re not a guy like Theon who wouldn’t notice when a girl was scared, Jon

Jon, 6:11 AM: leave it, Sam. it’s done

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16.08.28 BTS fancafe update

Jin - 



ISAC.. ha……


여러분 저 축구 잘함!! 
초 6때 메이플 한다고 관뒀지만 ㅎㅎ

관둔지 12년 되었네

Guys i’m good at football!!
Even though I quit it in 6th grade to play maple haha
It has been 12 years since I quit it 


오해가 있는데
메이플 접었습니다

There’s a misunderstanding
I quit maple

© letmesuga
please take out with full credits

April 7, 2017

36 Weeks + 3 Days

My hospital bag is now officially packed. I feel relieved about that. I was worried I wouldn’t have everything I needed in time, but I did it! And now I’m just waiting to actually need to use it. Everything is coming together so nicely. The only things I’m still missing are small and I could literally pick them up on the way home from the hospital if I absolutely needed to. Mainly bath related stuff and things like bottles and pacifiers. Nothing huge.

I got a package today from a friend I’ve known since elementary school stuffed full with baby clothes. She has a 1 year old son, so she sent me a bunch of 0-3 month stuff. Needless to say, little man is set for the first few months of his life. Haha. I literally don’t have any newborn size stuff, though. I’m kind of just banking on the thought that he’ll be too big for it. But, if he is small I will just send my dad to get a few things to put him in. No big deal. The joys of having my parents around.

My pelvic pain is a lot better today. It’s not nearly as hard to get around. Hopefully it stays mild. I don’t know if taking a bath yesterday helped or not, but it felt nice regardless. I can see the appeal of wanting a water birth for sure. I’m glad it’s eased up because we are going out tomorrow to try to get a few maternity type pictures and I’ll be on my feet for a while, and I’d hate to be miserable the whole time. But I also know I’d regret it if I didn’t get some nice pictures with my pregnant belly to look back on.

Doctor’s appointment on Monday. I’ll probably do another update after that. I’ll practically be 37 weeks at that point. It’s going by so quickly. I can’t wait to meet my son. I hope he doesn’t stay in past his due date. I’m already so impatient.

Day 1- Reviewing a WIP


Oh, it’s You by loveadoodle  6 chapters, started 36/36/415 updates last on 4/58/17

Honestly, I just picked on at random from AO3 and this one came up.  After reading all 6 chapters, i’m glad it did.  It hits another thing on the list:  A troupe I don’t usually read.  In this case, it’s soulmate AU  (but I will be fair and pic another one for day 7.)

I wasn’t sure what to expect after the first chapter; the couple of soulmate fics I have read in other fandoms usually involve a word or phrase imprinted on the person’s body so the idea of what was essentially a birthmark that is registered and matched with someone else’s birthmark not unlike a puzzle piece is a clever idea.  

The oneupmanship between Sherlock and Molly with it comes to the dates is, quite frankly, ingenious and amusing.  Also, payback is a huge bitch.  I wasn’t surprised when Sherlock’s second idea and their third date backfired spectacularly on him and led into one of my favorite troupes:  we have to share a bed.  I honestly adore this troupe and was giggling when they had to.  The way this author ended their chapters had me clicking to the next one to see what was coming next.

The final chapter(so far)  involved Rosie the toddler matchmaker, another thing I find adorable.

So far, this story is a cute as a button and I did put it in my bookmarks so I can see how it ends.  My only complaint, (and it really isn’t)  is that there’s 6 chapters for 2 years.  But real life gets in the way and I once waited 8 years for a fic to finally finish so I can wait for this.  

If you don’t mind WIP’s, give this one a read!

April 9, 2017

36 Weeks + 5 Days

Yesterday we took a trip down to Salem, about a 3 hour drive both ways from where we live. It was a nice enough day, pretty warm, but incredibly windy. My parents needed to get some pictures, so I dressed up and got my dad to take a few pictures of me as well, since I don’t have any cute maternity pictures. I ended up with 3 or 4 good ones, but I probably shouldn’t have waited so long because I am so big now. It doesn’t matter, though. It’s a good reminder of when I carried my baby boy, and that’s all that matters.

However, upon planning this trip earlier in the week I expressed worry about having to walk a lot, considering I was already having pelvic discomfort, and sometimes pain. I was assured there wouldn’t be a lot of walking, that we would drive to the places we would take pictures, and so on and so forth. Guess who walked a couple of miles through Salem yesterday? Needless to say… I am very sore today, and I don’t feel very good. I almost feel like I’m coming down with a cold as well. My eyes and head feel heavy, and I just want to sleep some more. I’ve been having stomach issues as well, the bathroom has become my best friend.

I have my next checkup tomorrow, and I’ve decided I won’t be going anywhere besides the hospital for the remainder of this pregnancy. I just can’t do it. It’s too miserable. I wanted to cry yesterday while walking around, it was awful. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed spending time with my family in Salem, but I look forward to doing it again when I can carry Kyler on the outside of my body. That will be a million times better. I think I may take a bath later and try my best to relax, and tomorrow I will get up and go see the doctor to see how everything is going.

Just three weeks and two days until my due date.

I can do this.

~Hanyu ‘kabedon’ Nobunari! The yearned-for scene makes skate fans scream~  (my translation from Yahoo News Japan, 27 May 2015)

Choreographer and former figure skater Kenji Miyamoto (36) updated his blog. He posted a picture of skater Yuzuru Hanyu (20) doing the 'kabedon’.

In the picture, Hanyu is at a skating rink.  Girls who want to be 'kabedon-ed’ by Hanyu, who is also called Prince On Ice, are as many as you want. But the one who is in this extremely enviable position is pro figure skater Nobunari Oda (28). In contrast to Hanyu who has a serious face, Oda is staring at him with a comical expression.

In addition, skater Akiko Suzuki (30) is standing behind watching them. Skating fans have made comments like “It’s a little drama by everyone!! (laugh)”, “Oda ku~n, please swop places~~”, “Fantasy… to reality….”.

Original article: x  ; pic from Kenji Miyamoto’s ameblo
[Translated this cos I found it quite amusing.^^]

Fic Master Post

Ao3 account

School AU:

Notes: (1/2/3/??)

Story: (1/2/3/4/5/6/??)

Drabble (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13/??)

Mairin’s Backstory (1/??)



Reunion (1 2 3/??) 

If You Don’t Win (1/??)


Need To Protect (1/??)

Dragon!Alain (1 2 3 4 5/??) 

Forget Me 

Headcanon (1 2 /??)

Sun and Moon (1/??)

Keystone (1/??)


Panic (1/??)

Alain One-shots (1 2 3 4 5/??)

Sneak Peaks (1/??)

Dark Fire

Marissonshipping in Alola (1 2 3/??) (??)

Role swap (Manon version 1 2 3) (League 1/??) (Origin) (Mega Evolution Training 1/??)

Wild Boy (Syca version Pre-origin Post Origin 1/??) (Lys version Marisson meeting

Gladion Origin 

Soulmate AU’s (Scars)

A smut?!

April 10, 2017

36 Weeks + 6 Days

Early Monday morning doctor appointment, woo. The rest are all scheduled at a similar time, because Mondays are easiest for my dad to take me over there. I’m sure they love seeing me bright and early every week! Well, every week from now until he’s born!

So everything still looks good. The doctor had a student with him today so I got to help someone learn a little. Kyler is still head down. He’s measuring perfectly. His heart rate was 137. My blood pressure and weight gain are both good to go. And this ob happens to have been a chiropractor so I got a little lesson about my pelvis and why I’m uncomfortable and how I could see someone to help it. I probably won’t, but it’s nice to know the option is there.

I also had my group b swab today. Not the most comfortable thing but at least it’s quick. So I’ll know soon if I need antibiotics during labor or not. I’m allergic to penicillin though, so I’m not sure what they’ll give me if I test positive. With the way this pregnancy is going I’m tempted to expect a negative result, but that would be silly. We’ll see when the results are in!

For some reason I have a whole new energy after my appointment. I don’t feel so worn down, like this is taking forever, like I’ll never reach the end. He’s due in 3 weeks and I kind of feel determined to make it to his due date. (May 2nd happens to be the day my parents met.) I know I can get through the discomfort and pain and funny walking for 3 more weeks. But I’m so impatient and I just want to meet him and have him here with me. I’ll just have to get over it, though. He will come in his own time, when he’s ready.

We’ll start worrying about being impatient if I reach 40 weeks and he’s still snuggled up in there and refusing to come out!