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Clay Hair Recolors Updated

New haircolor palette because I finally wanted to make my own without using mostly Pooklet’s colors. It’s still very similar to the old palette but a lot of the colors are not so shiny anymore. Also I got rid of a few colors, but I added some new ones. :)
My old alpha hair retextures probably won’t be updated to this palette, cause there are just too many. Sorry about that, but I hope you’ll understand! ._.

Here are the links to all updated hairs. They all have my new 65 colors and also new file names - so please make sure to remove the old files if you redownload them. :)

Things that should not be debatable.
  • Even loves Isak.
  • Even would never do anything to deliberately hurt Isak.

  • Even would do everything to protect Isak, but we know his way of doing so is not always the best.

  • Even trusts Isak.

  • Even would rather keep a burden to himself than make it Isak’s burden too.

  • Even does not want Isak to think less of him.

  • Even is probably still deep down afraid Isak would leave him because of his bipolar.

  • Even loves Isak.
The hateful messages sent to Sana.

Don’t pick up phone

Do you get acid (thrown) in your face if you don’t wear hijab?

Sana are you circumcised

Hope you get forcibly married… sent to Africa so we wont have you at Urra (Some words missing)

Why do you wear that shit on your head? It is fucking ugly. Want me to pull it off you in the big break? (some words missing)

The skam fandom right now:
  • Even: Take desperate to a whole new level.
  • The skam fandom: -season three entirely in gifs
  • -overanalysing every scene
  • -about 1000 different theories
  • -every evak kiss ever as a wallpaper, gif, drawing or compilation