Starting August 25th, I’m going to be doing livestreams every other Friday from 5:00pm-8:00pm Mountain Standard! Additionally, I’ll also using your input to decide what/how things are drawn every stream by hosting a poll over on my Patreon every other Thursday, or, as I like to call it:


Every other Thursday I’ll post a poll question with 3-5 options for you guys to vote on, and whichever option gets the most votes will be the theme of the stream two weeks from then. (The starting week is going to be a little different, but I’m just going to be taking polls on Friday instead, and it’ll be open to the public.)

I’m gonna be honest with you guys, this is going to be the easiest way for me to get the support I need to pay for my basic needs every month, have time to draw, and be a full time student. I really need your support, even if it’s not financially. If you can’t become a backer, give this post a reblog! Get the word out!


Heyyyy everybody! Just wanted to update you lovelies on whats goin on<3

☆Aghhhh as much as i wanted to do all the prompts for shallura week, i just dont have the energy ymy ( i might just do my faves??)
Actually, besides shallura week i don’t have any energy to finish anything?? ( im atleast trying to doodle a little even if its just lines and shapes and doobles of people
I’ve been working fulltime ( if not a little overtime??) at work lately, so when i get home im just really tired X’D
I will also be starting college on the 30th. It will be part time, but i’m sure it will be just as tiring during the day, plus homework and my job (;;xㅅx)ノ”

☆not that important but i deleted my sideblog and miraculous moves blog, please don’t get the wrong idea!! I love love LOVE what you guys have done from cosplays to fanart to fanfiction for my AU ymy♡♡♡ i still cant believe your kindness, and how much it affected a whole fandom???? Like wow!!! So please i really do treasure everything you’ve made, and as long as you tag me in the stuff i’ll always be able to look around and admire your work♡

☆ special reminder to check out the Harvest crusade at the Angel’s stadium

☆ holy cR A P THERE ARE 22,000 OF YOU LOVLIES FOLLOWING ME HEY HI HELLO THANK YOU???? TELL ME BOUT YOSELVES SORRY IF I EVER COME ACROSS AS COLD IM ACTUALLY A HUGE TEDDY BEAR ( well a silly pug but people call me marebear lol) i’ve fantasized over having a lot of followers but i cant believe it actually happened ;;;v;;;<3<3 thanks you guys<3

✧・゚:*☆Thanks for reading!!☆*:・゚✧


Patient update!
The flat tawny owl that was brought into us recently is not flat any more! It is very bright and flying well and it won’t be long before it can be released back into the wild!
Make sure you get your last views of this beautiful bird over on our webcams - it won’t be here for long!

An update of sorts

Hey there Gang,

Been a little while huh? Sorry for the lack of updating, this year has been very busy and weird for me. For those who may or may not know, I recently moved back to my home country after being overseas for 5 months and went straight back into university so, unfortunately, my time is still a bit limited.

I can’t promise any pages soon. I’d rather get a stock pile of them done and release on a weekly basis like I did with the last batch, rather than release one and never hear from me again until months later. But thanks if you have been sticking around. Even if all of you left, I will still finish this cruddy comic. One day. When? No clue.

But, in honour of it being my Birthday tomorrow, have a panel from the next page.

So, I did get through the concert. I meant to just go to sleep after, but the pain in my throat was so acute that I couldn’t even sleep through it. So after awhile of lying in bed all feverish and sweating and suffering, I got up to look at my throat and discovered it was swollen almost closed. So I went to a hospital. Turns out I have tonsillitis. I just sang a whole solo concert with tonsillitis! I’m an idiot. I’m also kind of impressed with myself, lol. I’m not going to be doing that again, though! Ugh. Bed for me. Drugs tomorrow, plus, since I can’t talk, staying at home and hopefully writing! The violin fic is just at a good place now! :)