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Troubled teenager Lomax longed for his life to be different, but becoming a pink-haired magical fighter wasn’t what he’d planned! With the help of his new teacher he now has to protect Silverdalen from strange monsters, and hopefully get a passing grade in physics.

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How to access the Canvas Annotations in every version of MediBang Paint

Here’s how to create your own group so you can use them.

Download links to the newest versions of MediBang Paint


Check out our new Canvas Annotation feature in our latest update. You can use it to leave comments on your cloud saved art. If you form a Group on MediBang your group members can view the comments and leave their own. This is very useful if you’re collaborating with several people.

Here’s a tutorial on creating your own Group

Links for the latest versions of MediBang Paint



Trial of Leaves returns with the first of a special three-parter!

Out Of Control- Chapter 24

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FACT: I know like nothing about self-defense so just roll with whatever is said in this chapter. I don’t need any know-it-alls okay thank you.


The next day I was in much better spirits than the day before. I felt like I was a lot more collected and less frustrated with life. I felt like I was getting back to myself. I was no longer feeling upset about Vic. I guess a night sleeping with him, innocently, of course, made me feel a lot better, even if I wasn’t sure where we stood now.

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Where in the world was Carmen San Diego?

Wow I’m cheesy lol

I’ve been getting a lot of asks and messages asking where I have gone and that I’m missed. That alone makes me feel so loved despite no longer having interest in being part of the sugar baby community. Actually even the term “sugar baby” makes me cringe at this point. Idk, I find something really demeaning in the term sugar baby, I prefer sex worker or gold digger honestly lol

But I digress. I decided that I wanted to start 2016 with a fresh slate and new state of mind. That meant not being an active member of tumblr. Since December I’ve realized how much energy and time I have to do things. It’s crazy to think how much my life revolved around tumblr. Not only that but there was just so much negativity on my page that it started to effect my own life.

After this break I’ve decided to unfollow a lot of blogs (some mutuals) who just cause unnecessary drama on tumblr. I want this space to be an outlet from my outside life where I can connect with like minded women. Sadly I’ve realized that I’ve been following people out of convenience because once upon a time ago they posted something interesting. Now my newsfeed consisted of the same fucking picture or text post reblogged 7x…so fucking annoying.

Idk why I writing this lol I don’t owe anyone an explanation, I guess this is more for me. A reminder as to why I’m coming back lol I do want to share my story and I’m still interesting in many lives of sex workers here. I just really don’t want to be apart of the drama anymore lol


Embers of Magic is a short, adventure visual novel that tells the story of Liana the witch. It is set a few hundred years before Brilliant Shadows in the same universe. Liana takes an airship down to the surface of the dangerous and corrupt earth beneath her flying-city home. 

It is set in the same world as Brilliant Shadows, but happens 300 years beforehand.

All spoken lines are fully voiced and it’s about 30 minutes long. 

Grab it for free here!

Enjoy! :D

Life Is Strange in Sims 4 - Screenshots Update

As I said before, I’ll just post these screenshots every wednesday and sunday in order not to spam anyone. Since I’m not sure I’ll be able to post this later, I’ll do it now. Kind of early wednesday here in Argentina (00:23 hs) lol, anyways, see below!


When you’re used to the friendzone. Poor Warren. 

Girls, it’s fine in front of Warren, but not in front of Kate please!

Max has her own photography studio now. Congratulations!

“Ready for the mosh pit, shaka brah” - Max Caulfield

“No one is good enough for Max besides me!” - Chloe to Warren

Woke up like this.

Someone made Maxine bluuush.

Dana knows how to dance… I guess.

Queen of the dancefloor!

“HEY! I WANT YOU IN MY DARK ROOM!!!” - Mark Jefferson from the distance.


When people keep saying you’re priceless.

“Honey, I’m back!” - William to Joyce (Yes, I made the Price’s house)

When you come to see your daughter in the wrong moment.

When your ghost dad asks you if you’re still friends with Max.

“WWWWWEEEEEELLL…… Something like that!”

Yeah, still friends with Max *Stares at boobs*

That’s all! See you soon!