Pushing Boundaries

Hello Weasyl users! Hopefully those of you in the USA have enjoyed your 4th of July weekend. Since we’re turning things upside down and folks around here can’t resist a good cliché, it’s the Aussie’s turn for announcement duty.

Since Weasyl went public, there has been one issue above all that we’ve heard needs to be addressed: thumbnail images. “Why are they square? Why are they so small? How are we meant to get a reasonable preview from this tiny space?” Our response, broadly, has been “We’re aware. We’re sorry. We want to make it better.” You’ve been extremely patient with us, and we can’t be thankful enough for that.

Within the next 48 hours, we will be switching Weasyl over to a new thumbnail scheme. It will better display the full content of submissions while making full use of the space in your browser, and offer a good experience for both mobile and desktop users. Check out the following previews:

All existing visual submissions will have their thumbnails converted to full-preview thumbnails that are generated automatically. You won’t have to do anything or change how you use the site.

We also know that some of you have already put effort into creating custom thumbnails for your works, and repeating that work for all your submissions would be tedious. Don’t worry: Your thumbnails have not been lost. We’ve made a tool that will permit you to restore your old thumbnails for some or all of your submissions. Expect a link and details on how to use it at launch.

We’re excited to take this step forward. We’ve made a thread on our forums for discussing the new changes - if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please let us know!

Artwork by Fiz

  • I love Tavvy
  • I love how both Jake and Tavros are just like “what’s the deal with analyzing things and opinions? Let’s just assume everything is the way it seems instead so we can avoid addressing our insecurities as things that could be improved upon”
  • I love the way Jake English speaks, like this is nothing short of perfect:

And as foretold for so long, the era of Nepeta is upon us. We’re entering a new phase 


Kapwa Magazine: Our Stories. Our Voices. Our People. Our Culture. 

 First issue is almost here! Any time now the magazine will be up and ready to be read by our kapwa in the diaspora. Within sometime tonight to Tuesday at the very latest, Kapwa Magazine’s first issue will be published. Here are the front and back covers of the July/August issue.

Submissions for the second issue for September/October are now being accepted! Deadline for submissions will be Monday, August 3, 2015.

If you have an article you want to write, a story to share, a creative writing piece to contribute, etc. feel free to submit them! Please send any submissions to submissions@kapwamagazine.com

Remember to follow these guidelines when submitting. 

  1. It must be a minimum length of one page (meaning one side of a double sided standard computer sheet of paper) using Times New Roman, 12 pt font, no double spacing. There is no maximum length for the article.
  2. You can write about anything as long as it involves the Pilipinx diaspora and/or the Philippines and can be read by all ages. The following are the main topics the magazine will be covering: Community, Culture, Health & Beauty, Fashion, Travel, Arts & Music, and Home & Lifestyle. So say if you want to submit any creative stories or poems or artwork they will fall under Arts & Music. If it’s about food it will fall under Home & Lifestyle, personal stories under Community, and so on.
  3. You are encouraged to provide a photo/s or artwork to go along with your submissions. Any photos, artwork that go along with your submission, poems, creative stories, etc. must be your own and not someone else or found on the internet. If they were taken by a friend, family member, etc. of you, your group performing, etc. that has given permission for us to use you must note it in your submission.
  4. Remember to include the title of your article/submission, your name, the name of the person who took the photo/s, and a short bio and photo of yourself for the contributors page.

One of the featured highlights for the second issue will be on Kapit Bisig, so if you are participating in the relief missions this summer feel free to submit your stories and experiences whether you are participating this year or even if you did last year. 

Don’t forget to follow our Facebook page for more updates!

The Kapwa Magazine team are looking forward to presenting you our first issue.

Editor in Chief
Ligaya Caballes