LITTLE UPDATE! ₍ᐢ•ﻌ•ᐢ₎*・゚。

I just got Lolo from the vet, and she is feeling much better, but is very tired too. The vet said that she cannot eat many times a day, and has to maintain a diet that doesn’t hurt her stomach. She’s taking medicine for nausea and to protect her stomach, and in a week she can return to normal diet.

Thanks for helping me guys, I am eternally grateful.

Based on the intrepid investigation of one of my followers, I think I may have located a small Ginkgo tree in my town. I can’t tell for certain but I’m about 80% sure.

I was directed to the archive of a local newspaper from 1963 in which a small article was written about two Ginkgo donated to the town in November, 1963, the day after Kennedy’s assassination in remembrance of his death, planted on the corner of the lawn of the now abandoned town armory.

I did a slow drive by of it today on my way back from the meadow and am pretty sure it’s a Ginkgo tree, albeit small.

So, assuming I can get permission from whoever it is I need permission from (which I’m pretty sure is just the town, as the property it’s on is now abandoned), I should be able to have Ginkgo leaves in my shop soon! It’s been an interesting experience locating them!

Where'd you go?

Ok, so I sort of vanished, I’m sorry! I haven’t quite worked out the social life/work/rest balance since starting work again and my simblr is suffering! I’m so sorry guys! 

I’m also going away from Tuesday until the following Thursday, and then away again the Friday to the Sunday! I was hoping to have time to play tonight, but it hasn’t happened. I did manage to organise the Sim-Self CAS thing that I’ve seen going about, so that will be posting once a day from tomorrow until the following Thursday (over the course of my first trip!) and I’m hoping to squeeze in some simming before I go away again, although I may just end up sleeping! I’m so sorry guys! I’ll try and get back into a routine of things as soon as I can! Need to stop saying yes to every single thing that’s happening!

Hey Everyone!

Well, i’m slowly running out of ideas so I was thinking about sticking to the plan and doing a time jump at the end of the month, that means Probably on Wednesday after Teddy’s birthday. I will still write as Remus but I will try to include Teddy’s life more as a Hogwarts student. Sirius and Remus would recieve letters from Teddy while he’s at Hogwarts and in the middle of june, he’ll come back home. They will both have to deal with his love stories, his problems and everything that involves Teddy’s teenage years! Are you all okay with this plan? If you have any questions, Send them in! I’ll answer them for you guys:) i hope you’re all having a good day and thank you for suporting me❤️


Ps: also what should I do when we hit 5 000? Maybe a writer tag? Tell me your ideas:)

Update 5/29

Kono Sora no Shita added!

A song from the second anime season has been added to the game! You can find it in the jukebox, like the other anime songs. I expect we’ll see more second season songs too!

Nocturne returns

The last token event song, “Nocturne” has been added back into the game. Find it with your permanent songs and get the event stories and voiced previews with memory keys.

Mouretsu★Yonaoshi Guilty results

The event has ended and the results are out. Go to the event page to see how you did and collect your rewards from your present box.

  • tumblr staff: hmm what arbitrary thing should we change
  • users: well actually there are a few things that we--
  • staff: WE??? shit, they TALK to each other?
  • users: it is social media isnt that the point of--
  • staff: quick, take away the blue shading in notifications that tells them they follow the blog who is reblogging them
  • users: wait but--
  • staff: IT IS DONE
Just updated: My Favorite Mistake, Chapter 4 -Things I Know

Banner by the amazing @akai-echo

Summary:  They begin as simple acquaintances who quickly become confidantes. When Katniss Everdeen’s friendship with a very-married Peeta Mellark morphs into something deeper, mistakes are made that will change their lives forever.

Thank you so much for your patience with this fic! And extra special thanks to @akai-echo, for the new banner (she made me several - all wonderful!) and for inspiring me to write this story.  Also, to my betas, @eala-musings and @akai-echo, who do such great work, reading the mush that my brain produces.

Now on AO3/ffnet