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Short Update on Stuff

+ I am behind on mailing and doing art for other people. If I owe you something yell at me about it my memory is a trash can.

+if you sent an ask about whether you could use my art for your avatar/video/tumblr bg/etc I am 100% cool with it so go for it.

+I want to do more sketch diaries but I have said that in the past and not done it but it’s always in the back of my mind.

+there’s a chance Magic Forest will be 100% free and if you want to monetarily support it there will be merchandise you could get.

+I want to stream more but see #3 in this list.

+ (added this one after posting) I have no problem with people sending me requests just keep in mind there’s a long long list but if there’s something you want to see send it to me

+have a toothless

Get Ready to Unleash Your Dark Side with Lofty: Wanderer & Apostasia!

Heya adventurers! Whaccha up to this week? We hope you’re having a fantastic week and let’s just jump right into it. Do see that dark and brooding person at that corner over there? Well, that’s Ain in the corner, that’s Ain in the spotlight losing his religion~. Ok, that’s enough with the songs, but those lyrics sing true about Ain’s state of mind in this 3rd path. Fans of the dark side will rejoice at the epic transformation and even if you’re not a big fan of people going dark, Ain’s story will at least get some emotions out of you. Rejoice or protest, Ain the Lofty: Wanderer and Ain the Apostasia comes out tomorrow! We’ve got a couple of Ice Burners returning to give you a chance to complete those awesome sets and we also have new stuff at the Item Mall coming tomorrow so don’t forget to check those out!

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3k followers on Tapastic ;w; <3 

I’ll take this time to update ya’ll on the comic and life atm. So, there’s a good chance Sabers may not update in early March. Mostly because I’ve recently landed a job, so my time is gonna be fucked for a while. I’m currently inking ch. 5, and that’s taking me quite a while due to more panels and a variety of backgrounds since there’s more than just the rooms in this chapter (IT’S ONLY 28 PGS TOO). It’s been a full week since ch. 4 ended and I feel like I’m super behind!! 

But even so, I’ll do my best to get as much done before I start working and we’ll see what happens from there QvQ There might be a small hiatus till I get the chapter all finished, and even when it updates, I may have to slow the updates to once a week. So, there’s a lot that may change and I heavily apologize for that! But still your support, whether on here, Twitter or Tapastic, all counts and I am insanely thankful for all of you! 

Thanks everyone for reading Sabers / w \ 

So I’ve added a commission page to the main blog :o

it’ll always be there for commission info at easy access and have a link to a form to fill out when commissions open

…if I can get the links to work reliably :v

EDIT: The form is working fine (yes, it’s supposed to say it’s not collecting responses) but the details document is still messin w/ me

oky i’ve realised an issue

for me,recently,i have been stressing myself about mental issues and how i shouldn’t have breakdowns IN WHICH  CAUSE THEM but also i ‘ve been more into a special interest / old fandom i’ve been in for 7 years,that being the resident evil fandom

i’ve been really focused on it cause i have many memories and i find a lot of joy in it,jojo as well,but after re7 came out and i saw the ending (s/o to my boy CHRIS REDFEILD) i got RLLY HYPE and now i’m playing code veronica and i’m crying abt my husband alfred (whom i;ve not seen yET LOL)

BUT my point is,i might not post too much hcs,i;ll still do them,but i’m just gonna try and burn myself out on resident evil

dearly sorry all :C

500 Followers Update

Hey! So after about six months of this blog being, we hit 500 followers, which is quite a large milestone if you think about it, esp. in terms of the deduction community.

Obviously there’s no special event planned for this, however if there’s anything you’d like any of the members to post, send us an ask, or message the blogs directly.

Speaking of, in the past few months a few people have left and lots have joined, so I’ll be trying to make an update post in the coming weeks so you can all go follow the members.

Enjoy your day

- Xavier

Hello friends Tiny Kylo is back!

We had a really nice time in Chicago and now we’re getting back to answering posts and tags and getting pictures up!

Thanks so much for all of the love while we’ve been away! <3

Update 2/21

New Idol Topics

New idol topics and rumors have been added for the rest of our February birthdays! The included idols are Mahiro Kitagawa, Kozue Yusa, Miku Maekawa, Tsukasa Kiryu, Miyu Mifune, and Chiaki Kurokawa. Look for them during loading!

Three new Commus

New commu chapters have been added for Saori Okuyama, Chinatsu Aikawa, and Tomoka Wakabayashi. Increase their fan counts to unlock them.

Some new room items have been added to celebrate Hinamatsuri. These holiday items will only be available until Mar. 3 @ 11:59 PM JST (9:59 AM EST)

  • Hinamatsuri Table
  • Hinamatsuri Cabinet
  • Hinamatsuri Dresser
  • Hinamatsuri Doll Set
  • Peach Vase
  • Tachibana Vase
  • Dumpling Cushion
  • Hinamatsuri Screen
  • Hinamatsuri-themed Wallpaper 2
  • All of last year’s limited items

These items below will be available after Hinamatsuri

  • Pink Floor Cushion
  • Japanese-themed Background - Peach Blossoms

• 02 / 21 / 17 •

1:23 pm

This is pretty much my life right now
also cap & gown day is tomorrow and i still can’t believe it even tho i won’t be graduating until the Fall since i have to make up some art classes

also in less than two weeks is Spring Break

I have an interview at my neighbor’s restaurant for a summer job and I get to do a phone interview with Post Animal over Spring Break! I can’t believe i’ll be interviewing a band who is playing SXSW this year!

I gotta go and study now for two possible exams this week. Bye xoxo 😘

Can I Be Her…

Chapter 10

Luke’s Pov

“You are the captain of this team but lately i’m not seeing the effort and if that keeps going on i will cut you from this team” Coach said angrily then he walked off.

fuck i am in shit.

i know my parents will kill me especially my dad if i told them i got kicked off the team.

I’m Luke Hemmings son of Andy Hemmings who was captain of this team before me when he went to this school, my whole life has been built up to this.

i don’t want to let them down but i just don’t want to do football anymore.

i sat down on the bench with my head in my hands

“What’s going on with you lately man?” i heard Jake say

i lifted my head to see him standing looking at me, honestly i didn’t know what to say to him

“I’m just not feeling it anymore man” i said back honestly..

it was the only thing i could think of saying.

“That sucks man but you know us lads would not be this team without you, we need you man” Jake said and then he patted my back.

i gave him a sad smile and he walked away joining the others on the field.

i saw coach looking at me

i have to do this, i can’t be selfish. These guys count on me.

i need to be the captain i use to be.

i picked myself of the bench and ran to join the boys on the field.

School is almost over and so is practice, that’s the good thing about being apart of this team..

You get to skip classes and the teachers don’t mind.

we were all calming down and trying to catch our breathes because coach made us do laps around the field.

that is the down side from being apart of this team.

my mind kept going to Hailey, i hope she’s okay.

then i came up with something that i hope will make her talk to me.

i told the guys i was going to the bathroom and then i went inside to make this idea work.

i just hope it does.

Hailey’s Pov

What the hell do i do with this?

i don’t know what to feel, but looking at the flowers makes me so happy.

i drove home with the biggest smile on my face and now i’m sat outside my house, do i bring them inside?

or do i keep them in here?

I don’t want them to die, i picked them up and smelled them.

god they smell so nice.

“Where did you get them from?” was the first thing i got asked when i walked inside.

of course my dad was waiting by the door for me.

i bet he was watching for my car, he was nervous for me this morning about the test.

“Peter got me them for doing so well on the test” i said to him smiling..

i could see the relief release of him and then he smiled and said “ I’m so proud of you, i’ll put these in water”


it worked,i’m getting good at this whole lying thing.

i ran up to my room so happy.

i cannot believe Luke bought me flowers.

i texted Sarah right away and she phoned as soon as i sent the message.

“Hey WHAT?” She said as soon as i answered

i sat up and said “ He sent me flowers,well he put them in my car”

she was silent for a minute and then she spoke

“ Wow Hals” was all she said

“I know i can’t believe it either and then the note he wrote as well..” i said to her

“Wait? there was a note? what did it say?” Sarah said quickly

i had to stop myself from laughing

“It said.. i can’t stop thinking about last night” i said to Sarah

“IT ACTUALLY SAYS THAT?” Sarah shouts over the phone

i had to hold the phone away from my ear

“Yeah it does, can you believe it” i said to her

she was silent for a minute and then she spoke “ Shit Hals he really does like you”

i feel like screaming, finally she is on my side.

and then i remembered last night

“But he said that what happened was a mistake and it shouldn’t have happened” i said sadly down the phone to Sarah

“He’s probably confused, he does have a girlfriend Hals” Sarah said

yeah a girlfriend that is cheating on him.

“Serena? you know they don’t even belong together, they are both as bad as each other” i said angrily

shit i shouldn’t have said that

“What do you mean? what do you know that i don’t Hals?” Sarah said


“Sorry that was just me going crazy, i’ll call you later” i said to her quickly

i ended the call with Sarah trying to talk but i didn’t listen i hung up on her so i would get out of that conversation.

i promised Serena i wouldn’t say anything and i won’t.

I have a teachers job on the line if i spoke about what happened, but i do need to talk to Serena.

I thought she was going to dump Luke?

“Honey Dinner time” i heard my mum say

good , i am starving.

I have been working on homework since i got off the phone with Sarah because i haven’t actually sat down and done any lately.

i was almost finished eating dinner when Jake came home but he wasn’t alone.

i almost chocked on my food when i saw Luke behind him.

we made eye contact and he smiled at me, i didn’t know what to do or where to look.

he broke eye contact first and looked at the flowers he bought me that are sitting in the middle of the table in a vase.

“About time you came home” Mum said to Jake

he laughed and said “ Sorry practice ran later than it should have”

we all rolled our eyes at him, football is Jake’s life it’s becoming an obsession lately

“Luke nice to see you again, would you like to stay for dinner” my mum said sweetly to Luke

oh god.

how awkward would that be.

“No thank you mam,i just need a word with Hailey before i head home” Luke said

my eyes widened at his words, he want’s to talk?

Yes we need to talk.

“Who gave you flowers mum?” Jake asked just as he sat down, i made eye contact with Luke but of course my dad had to open his mouth.

“Peter bought them for your sister” my dad said

i wanted to be anywhere else but right where i was sitting right now.

Luke looked sad and then i got up from the table so we could talk.

Mum and dad didn’t question it when i left the room with Luke, which i was happy about.

I think they like having Luke around, not as much as me though.

i told Luke that we should talk outside so no one can hear us.

i closed the door behind me and Luke was staring at the ground, the ground must be very interesting.

“So you wanted to talk?” i said casually as i stood in front of Luke but not too close.

“Why did you tell them Peter got you those flowers?” Luke said looking at me straight

“i couldn’t have said they were from you, my dad would go nuts” i said to him

his face softened and he smiled then he said “ did you like them?”

it was my time to smile at him now..

“They’re beautiful,thank you” i said to him

he smirked at me and then he came closer to me which made me nervous and i walked back until my back hit the wall and Luke stood in front of me

i could feel his breath on my face, was he going to kiss me again?

oh my god, suddenly i am roasting but i know it’s freezing outside but i don’t feel the cold, especially right now.

his hands moved from his side to the wall beside my head, we were so close

my parent’s and my brother aka his best friend are inside they could come out any minute, my dad especially.

but this is kind of exciting.

“I meant what i said on the card” Luke said quietly

his face was so close to mine, i looked up from his lips to his eyes.. They were shining.

it all happened so fast, his hands were on my face and then his lips pressed against mine.

Hands were everywhere just like last night. Luke’s tongue was licking my bottom lip so i opened my mouth and his tongue slipped in, i felt him smirked against me.

His hands tightened around my waist and then suddenly he lifted me up and his hands tightened around my thighs and i wrapped my arms around his neck, kissing him deeper..pulling him closer.

the kiss was getting heated but i had to pull away before we get caught.

i leaned my head against the wall behind me and Luke leaned his head on my chest then he looked up and smiled at me

“do you think you can come with me?” he asked

i looked at him confused still in his arms pressed up against the wall beside my living room window

“Where too?” i asked him

he let me down slowly, thankfully without dropping me. i unwrapped my arms from his neck but i felt sad inside with the loss of contact with him, i liked being in his arms.

he smirked at me and he pulled me closer and wrapped his arms around me and said

“You’ll just have to trust me” he said smirking at me.

i smiled back at him and told him to wait outside while i told my parents i was going to Sarah’s house to help her study.

i ran quickly upstairs to grab my bag, i had no idea where Luke is taking me but i can’t control my excitement.

this is the first time i will be alone with him.. at night.


just me and him.

What could go wrong?

What could we do? or what will we do?

So guys what did you think of this chapter?

let me know what you thought!

i love hearing what you guys think of each chapter!

Where do you think Luke is taking Hailey?

What exactly do you think will happen??

check out my new story idea! i want as much people to read it, if i do then i will start writing it!

i think you will love it!

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thank you


quick ttfou update!

im currently going through my TTFOU master list naming my chapters like yall said and i’m getting so emo looking back on everything i’ve written omfg????? i don’t think i’ve been so proud of anything aaaaa and i’ve never stuck with a story for this long :-)))))) also hopefully the next part will be up tonight!!!

Milan Fashion Week is from the 22nd-27th and she’s in Milan now! I’m sure she’ll walk Fendi and Moschino again, it looks like she’s at Moschino now so hopefully it’s for fittings! I would love to see her open or close for them this season!

I’m having a scrapbooking party on Saturday and of course that means I NEEDED new stuff, ok, maybe I didn’t NEED it, but it was on Super Sale at Joanns, plus my BFF got me a 20% employee discount, so it’s all gravy!!! Soooo excited to scrap on Saturday with @aywaitforitla

Tonight I’m cleaning and organizing scrapbook stuff in my craft room (look for pics later!).

Dinner time (leftovers!!!).