Vriska is unnecessarily bitchy, cont.

Alright so in the recent update, Jake really needed a hug, and Tavros was willing to give him one. He was stopped, of course

We all remember that.

HOWEVER, Vriska’s caution was not only unnecessarily rude, but ENTIRELY UNNECESSARY in the first place! Why, you ask?

Because John has touched his sprite just fine without being prototyped. Now, of course, people CAN be prototyped

Just as easily as THINGS can. However, the person has to be WILLINGLY prototyped, like Davesprite. Dave jumped into the sprite with EVERY INTENTION of becoming prototyped. Objects, inanimate things, have no sense of will or willingness, so when they get dumped into a sprite the game automatically assumes that THINGS are meant to be prototyped. PEOPLE, on the other hand, can either intentionally touch to be prototyped, or touch just in general.

Jake needs a hug,

And Vriska needs to stop.

Update reaction:

… Huh. Terezi feels weird, huh? She’s certainly acting weird; I wonder how much of this is a reference to how she’s acting compared to her younger and alt selves, and how much is a hint that some larger thing (like the timeline itself) isn’t right.

Although, to be fair, I’d be acting weird too if I had to keep Vriska under control for three years! Maybe it’s just exhaustion. :P

People failing to realize that Vriska’s attitude in the latest update is nothing new at all.

Vriska has ALWAYS been harsh towards what she believes is just fanciful bullshit. That’s why she hated fairies so much, and why she she was constantly berating Tavros in act 5. And while, yeah, her methods are pretty terrible and none effective, she does have their best interests in mind, she wanted to make Tavros stronger, and she tells Jake that “he will thank her later.” From her perspective, she believes she is doing the right thing.

The way Vriska probably sees it, is that given what she has been through, having to kill other trolls to live, and having to claw her way to where she is now, hearing people say that the only way to make things better is to “Beleive” and “hope” probably sounds downright absurd to her. Again, that doesn’t make her correct, but it definetly makes her very complex and interesting, and I’m also glad to see that she didn’t have ALL of her character development off screen. Vriska still has some learning to do. Nonetheless, I’m sure whatever consequences she suffers or lessons she learns from her actions will be very entertaining.

And who knows, maybe this is what Jake needs to finally begin to stand his ground, which is something he’s struggled with a lot. Maybe Vriska knows that. Shrug. It’s a mystery!

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