upd8 words

Meenah… you think YOU’RE 8ad?
Don’t you have 8ny 8dea who the FUCK you’re t8lking too????????

for all of you upset about the upd8/ homestuck ending: i used to be a really avid homestuck fic writer. two of my most well-known works are all kats are grey in the dark and i can make you love me. im currently open for commission, and would be more than willing to write anything homestuck related! i really need the money for school fees and am willing to write in any other verse/fandom/genre too. my commission info is here and my other posted ao3 works are here. thank you for your consideration!

Bojack horseman and the word fuck

The show makes a point of only dropping one f bomb a season. both times it’s used a sign that he has damaged a friendship beyond repair. It carries such a weight and is a great example of wonderful forthought in the writing process. Season one has “now get the fuck out of my house” and season two has “if you ever contact me or come near my family again ill fucking kill you”. and they both hurt so much more because of the word.